Fire Basket | Making an Outdoor Grill for the Patio

Fire Basket | Making an Outdoor Grill for the Patio

Click [CC] To turn off captions… Now that the weather is finally turning, it is time to consider how best to go about cooking sausages outside! I designed a fire basket out of simple angle iron. What I came up with would be very time consuming to layout considering all of the intersecting angles. I decided to try an alternative method… [ Music ] The next step was to nest these patterns on the actual material. Here I am using Super 77 to temporarily affix them to the steel angle. Now it is just a matter of cutting it all out! [Music] Here I am setting up a jig using these magnets. This way all of the welded parts should be fairly consistent. I am mostly relying on the cut angles of the pieces and a couple critical dimensions. I will simply tack everything until I am confident about the overall assembly. Then I will go back and finish all of the welds. After I have one of the legs done, I can use it as an armature for the other three legs. This way I can be sure all of the angles are consistent. The grill top is 17” in diameter. The outside of this steel hoop needs to be basically the same diameter. Here I am using the geometry of the grill top to locate the legs. I will be filling these lower openings with expanded steel. I am using blue tape to make a simple pattern. Rather than simply crease the metal, I decided to cut the expanded steel in a way that will give me a pattern that goes with the overall aesthetic of the rest of the fire basket. To get ready for paint, I wiped everything down with a Scotch-Brite and denatured alcohol. For the final finish I am using flat black, high temp, BBQ paint. Best of all, requires no priming. Now it is time to try out the Fire-Basket! [Crackling fire…] [Spring peepers…] [sizzling sausages…] Thanks for watching!!!

100 thoughts on “Fire Basket | Making an Outdoor Grill for the Patio

  1. Can you just build me one?
    Mine wouldn't come out this way i know that?
    How much for one like that and what's your website?
    Thanks and fantastic work and design

  2. Hey Brian, I have been studying pizza for years and I have never found a efficient one and well designed. when I watched your video abut the beer keg foundry, I thought this was the way to go. do yiu accept the challenge to make one gas beer keg pizza oven?

  3. Hey I was just curious, how did you learn how to do all these things. I really want to learn. Like where did you learn how to build your own CNC machine? That's crazy

  4. Love the style. a mix between a dwarven/orchish from LotR and the columns of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

  5. VERY impressive. Especially the way you set up the building of it. I subscribed because I like it when someone else works the way I do. Good job.

  6. Throw another prawn on the barbie Luv. I've just ordered the plans. Brian, what do you plan for catching ashes and hot coals? A small hang-down dish?

  7. Could you make a vid on how you developed your skills and expertise and what your background training is? I'm a welder looking to branch out into other "making methods" and would appreciate any insight you can provide.

  8. That would be GREAT for warming your deck on cold days, you could even throw some hot dogs on it, but for serious grilling you'd burn your balls off.

  9. would it handle the heat if i make one out of aluminum to keep it light and polish the aluminum would be cool too I really like your videos good job very creative

  10. Muito bonito seu trabalho,mas não funcionou perfeitamente.suas linguiças estão queimadas, fagulhas de cinzas e brasas espalhados ao redor.

  11. Tell me, do you seek inspiration in French and Italian industrial design? Your designs are amazing! I could not help but gasp at the beauty and simplicity of the cast drawer handles. I hoped you would turn to a more fuel efficient design with the grill, but it simply looks amazing!

  12. I love the color by numbers style of creating something complex. How did you come up with the paper template idea? So cool

  13. What is the welder you are using? I'm looking to buy one and want to get something decent, but not break the bank as I'm a beginner. Is that a mig welder?

  14. love your work! beautiful! what did you use to make the templates? and is there an option to do that with a model i build in solidworks? im new to 3d modeling…

  15. Love your ability to design. Hope I'm not too forward; where did you go to school for this fine workmanship or trade school or design school? You are quite inspirational, love also the Foundery and the Fuel gun apparatus also your specially designed tongs w/hinging mechanism for the crucible. Oh yeah love this grill as well! All bad ass!

  16. Maybe it's a patio grill. But I think it's more like a piece of art worthy of a museum display. Outstanding job of precision cutting and welding.

  17. I`m amazed at how you solve complex geometry welding problems and other issues in a simple way.
    Did you get the flat patterns using the Unroll developable surface in Rhino?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  18. Hey do you have any videos on how you went about the measurements or getting it on to that paper where you just cut it and glued to the metal cuz when I made a bumper for my truck it was a pain in the ass that's you use to make sure you get all the angles cut correctly would make my life so much easier


  20. I now want to use my everlast welder and make one for my family. Watch those embers falling on your wood deck though.

  21. That's badass very nice job totally awesome but I don't know if I actually used it on my back porch seems a bit dangerous but that being said very nice work

  22. Your design, technique and fabrication skills are excellent. You get a big thumbs up from me. Thank you.?

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