Feminist Melts Down Over Elevator Joke

100 thoughts on “Feminist Melts Down Over Elevator Joke

  1. I'm strongly opposed to the exploitation, coercion and humiliation of men. When is this type of Witch Hunt going to stop? How long are women going to be allowed to choke hold men for every and anything they say and do? When are women going to stop acting like victims all the time? When are men going to have to stop living in fear that some victimized woman or perceived victimized woman is going to tear down and Destroy his life by one word from her mouth as if her words came from the Holy Grail?

  2. Hell, I kid about that everytime I have an appt at the doctor's office. I'm on the elevator and say we stop on the 6th floor, I try to make my voice sound like the way women from New York sound and say, "6th floor, housewares, accessories, and women's lingerie." Most folks just giggle and go about their merry way. Some don't say anything because they simply don't get it or don't find it funny or BOTH! I frankly don't care… It's just me being silly.

  3. Grow up and put on your big girl panties and STOP being an irrational made up victim.
    This is why your movement will go nowhere and a degree in gender studies will be useless.

  4. I would just like to pass on to her the advice one my drill instructors would have given her, just go into a corner and curl up and die, you pathetic, worthless, piece of sh!t.

  5. 0:25 is this the direction we are heading " a elevator full of humans " . If Ben would have people or men and women that would have TRIGGERED those freaks on the left . smh

  6. Gender studies can be summarized in a single line from the 1990 film "Kindergarten Cop", wherein a male kindergartner says to his substitute teacher, "boys have penises and girls have vaginas".

  7. "White men"! It's funny how it's always the one side racializing everything isn't it? Viewing the world through a lense of race.. Who are the actual racists again?

  8. I mentioned forced abortions on Quora and a leftist responder wanted 3 academic studies proving there were such things as forced abortions. They wouldn’t have cared if I gave 20 they still wouldn’t believe.

  9. I would say that woman is prejudice. Prejudice against cross-dressing men. How can she be so presumptuous as to assume that he doesn't enjoy wearing woman's underwear?

  10. Sometimes men say things that don't sound like a big deal afterwards or to other men , but they are embarrassing and humiliating if you are a woman.You need to understand that.

  11. If you taks offense to a joke, that means you believe that hoke holds truth and that you submit to their words. She isn't empowered or strong at all. She's a whiny little bitch

  12. I'm a women ok and these women provoke me to insanity, she obviously partisapated can't spell oh well in the women's March on D.C. a vulgar but honest view of these men HATERs I don't think they belong anywhere near residing in GOVERMENT or the military next to ,MEN,! IN combat it's absurd to me. I believe that women should NOT asurp authority over men period!!!! I'm done I feel better?

  13. As someone from Romania, i apologize on the behalf of my country for producing a feminist turd like this gender studies professor

  14. I wouldn’t have understood the joke; not until you explained. Only, I wouldn’t report someone I’d just think he was weird ?

  15. *Guy offers to help a women with something*
    Girl: so what u think I’m a helpless female

    *Guy doesn’t help a women with something*
    Girl: god you’re such a disrespectful selfish guy

  16. women in America have it best in the world

    Women: you’re so ignorant, we get oppressed the most out of any other country. People don’t care about women in America

  17. She is a professional useless person. Who also has professionally useless ideas. Yet she gets paid for being more useless than dirt in a desert.

  18. Since the dawn of humans: There are 2 genders, male and female, let’s keep it at that
    2014-Present tHErE aRE 76 million gEnDeRs

  19. The Feminist movement of today is rediculouse. It does women a great disservice. They don't stand for all of us!! Most of us!! I feel sorry for these women who are so brainwashed by the left & these points of view. It's acually sad if you think about it.

  20. she really got her panties in a bunch over a silly little joke

    And what the hell is women's studies? does she teach girls how to be a humorless hag who probably can't find a date because guys think she's a crazy chick? btw, not blaming the guys, if I was one, I wouldn't want to date her either

  21. Well , I feel embarrassed she was born in romania … Most women here are smart and don't fall for that pc bs, even thought there are exceptions I suppose but few and no one bothers giving them attention.

  22. Why this cunt is given a platform to come out and spew his poison. Im not a feminist but can’t stand him or the way he talks. He is cancer

  23. she is a professional useless person———–PERIOD oh booooooooy gooooodaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuummmmmm.he just said that without hesitation.

  24. Did she just assume his gender AND sexual preference. Maybe after work dudes a freak. She's out of line call the fucking police burn your bra. This means war.

  25. Thank you for keeping us updated on the things going on in the world that undermine our rights. It's crucial to beware of PC – PC is universally known as "political correctness", I personally know it as [political/propagandal/policing/punishing/pressuring/perfectionism/possibility/popular(ity)/patronizing/playing/press]-[correctness/card/call/challenge/combination/conniving/condescension/coercion/chip/cool aid]. Long definition of PC, I know, but more meaningful to the concern of free agency. PC is a major part of what I call "Satan's Cool Aid", which is anything that undermines free/individual thinking and it tends to be subtle to the perception of the drinker because of their Ophelia Syndrome. "Satan's Cool Aid" and Ophelia Syndrome are a pair. "Satan's Cool Aid" much also includes what I call UCC (Undermining Contrary Counterfeit).

  26. She is a professional useless person, the only thing she causes is friction where there is none, ideals that every little joke, insinuation, or comment has got to be met with a wall of Political correctness. Also with demands of an apology, Is just plain stupid. If you don't like what someone is saying, or a joke they told, or agree with their opinions, go stick your head in a pile of lingerie, Put on a pair of big girl panties, and swim out to the deep water. Because at the end of the day nobody cares what offends people like this, they have double standards, and noone takes a person that doesn't even know what they believe in seriously. To the woman in the elevator with no sense of humor. Wear a belt and suspenders from now on wherever you go so People can see you coming.

  27. The man should file a counter-complaint against the women's studies professor for assuming (a) his gender, (b) his sexual orientation, (c) that he was interested in seeing women's lingerie rather than men's lingerie, (d) that this had anything to do with her.

  28. Every feminist on earth should be forced to spend a week in a muslim nation , watch the servile they shout about suddenly stop , as realatily slaps them across the face ?

  29. What’s wrong with gender and women’s studies? I mean it is super helpful for men and women starting and working for nonprofits trying to empower and protect women around the world.

  30. What kind of idiot do you have to be to be offended by a joke about ladies lingerie on the second floor ! Come on ladies , get over yourselves and stop being so ridiculously sensitive

  31. Why are organizations so quick to accommodate these overly sensitive morons? Everyone in any capacity should’ve just told her to get over it

  32. just curious.. but is ben shapiro seriously talking into the end of a side-address mic while insulting peoples intelligence?

  33. Women like this are an utter embarrassment, talk about not having a worthwhile cause or satisfying personal life to spend time and energy on. "Woman-understand", priceless!

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