Factory to Forecourt – Weld Shop

I’ve messed around with cars all my life, basically since fifteen or sixteen. I like looking at cars, I like to hear the engines. My name is Dwane Hovell, my job description is a welder. I’ve worked at Toyota for nearly three years now. I build rear doors, weld them, braze them, seal doors. There’s four types of different welds. There is a PSW which is a personal spot welder. There’s spot welds, which the robot does, applying two different panels together. There is the MIG welding which is applying gas and copper wire to make the MIG weld. Or there is brazing, we apply acetylene which after you apply the braze rod, liquifies the braze, after that it solidifies and you’ve got a solid braze. The robots differ from us humans, we’ve got the skill to apply the certain amount of brazer or the certain amount of MIG weld. Where as the robot can’t really do that. Robots do stuff quick. At Toyota we’re based on quality, safety. I’m trying to make the quality the best that I can. Hopefully down the line, it’s making someone else’s job easier. And in the end, Toyota’s looking good, so it makes me look good. It’s quite a proud moment seeing a car that you’ve built. It’s nice to see british built cars helping our economy.

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