EXPERIMENT Arc Welding vs Sparklers

EXPERIMENT Arc Welding vs Sparklers

This is sparklers. I have an thin and thick sparklers As you can see, they are very similar to welding electrodes So why not insert the sparkler into the holder and not burn it? Take first the thinner one It’s caught fire! You can use them like a normal electrode! OOPS! It ignited the other side! Let’s now try the one that is thicker The end of the sparkler is completely covered with pyrotechnic composition. Therefore it is necessary to crush it Beautifully It starts burning on the other side! Let’s make a short circuit in order to heat the sparkler… BOOM! All the unburned part of the sparkler ignited immediately And the metal rod inside the sparkler melted…

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  1. I was just welding in my booth and just thiugh, " huh, I wonder if you could weld with a sparkler" so I searched it up and here I am

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