Exercise Dugong 2016

Currently we’re on Exercise DUGONG 2016. We have approximately 25 American salvage divers and approximately 20 of us. We’re just doing a training exercise to enhance their skills and some tactical development between the countries. Over the last week and a half we’ve been practicing all different sorts of techniques underwater from welding to underwater chainsaws to now constructing platforms underwater together. So we got that American and Australian divers working together to construct an aluminium frame. A massive, quite a heavy complex frame, lots of moving parts, lift bags, lots of umbilicals in the water so challenging conditions but they working well together. In the environment that we’re, in the high-risk environment we’re in especially you never stop learning especially when it comes to safety. It’s incredibly valuable. I couldn’t be happier to be out here and the Australian’s are awesome and have been very accommodating and it’s amazing how similar we are.

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