EPIC 5,000 Bullets in Epoxy & 20′ Live Edge Slab Table Build!

EPIC 5,000 Bullets in Epoxy & 20′ Live Edge Slab Table Build!

Oh! Hold Up Buddy, John what’s up? Heard from a little
birdie that yinz guys are looking for some stuff for the new office yes we just moved to Texas I need something totally unique special so what’re you thinking some coffee tables for a coffee company no I don’t
take a coffee table I want something bigger so it’s a little bit more online
with black rifle coffee brand ah so you’re thinking more like a
conference table or some desks or something (EXPLOSION) you guys on the range yeah of
course we’re at the range oh nice I think I got an idea. Why don’t you guys
send me some of those casings and that brass huh I love it yes we’ll shoot a
bunch of brass that won’t be an issue all right guys let’s load up the mags
we’re gonna be here a little bit longer let’s go make some coffee good coffee
drink coffee let’s do it so black rifle signed off on an insanely sick
conference table concept that I came up with so we’re going to need to go get
some slabs the baby alright those are about ten so when you have slabs this big you’re
gonna want to get them in the shop and let them acclimate for at least a week
and then get yourself some big sturdy saw horses because we’re mimicking the Vulcan
turret we want to create those muzzle brakes for that kind of have like the
slots in them so we’re take we’re just gonna sleeve
them instead of cutting them in it should get a little bit of depth Sam cut
these all down to six inches now we got to clean them up and I got kerf all of
these in I’ll see you guys in a week we need to build a huge ring so we’re
gonna make this just like a big old segmented bowl Mails here! oh yes well because I don’t do anything like
normal people I hope this is enough watch yourself we’re going stallone on this one. over the top that is incredible but no way we’re
gonna need all of this Mother of God! it’s time to de-mold pray for me oh by the way it’s not light whoa
Does it look awesome on its slab home? mother who goes there okay so in order to create a perfect fit
what I did was you saw me trim up the outside of the circle well I need to
make the matching circle cut into the slab so we’ve rigged up this jig the
math should work pray for me well it’s game day let’s go hey she’s done boys ready (Its so smooth) Like a baby’s bottom
so much room for activities this bus thing it’s awesome I haven’t kept
working on it unlikely craft for you to pursue yeah even professional athlete
yes I think that’s inspirational because people realize I can actually go do
something it has nothing you know in association with being a professional
athlete yep now you’re making some awesome tables and whatever else you’re
doing thank you guys awesome opportunity
hopefully you guys use it use it wisely and use it well and are there any steeler fans in here ? yeah what are you gonna make me I want can
you make me something epic like obviously this won’t fit in my house
well if I do this so I’m thinking okay we would dump some casings in a guitar
yes then all the free s what if we put something cool you know how they make
the fretboard yes so all of that there’s always like indicators as far as where
you’re up and down on the fret anymore get the ticket what’s your favorite
caliber what the here caliber yeah yeah well then we’ll do we’ll do a 5.56 the but in the fret markers yes yeah cool
have you well I’m in thankfully one of us will play guitar

100 thoughts on “EPIC 5,000 Bullets in Epoxy & 20′ Live Edge Slab Table Build!

  1. Awesome. I wish I was close to you and you’d hire me haha. I got my welder based off you and plan to copy some of your projects for my new house. Was happy to see you with off the ranch. You could make some awesome stuff for that house

  2. Starting the video now… Just wanted to say it was awesome seeing you over on Matt's "Renovation Ranch" channel! So cool seeing you guys work together on some content. Looking to do the same in the future with some content creators I know. And of course BRCC… Y'all are my kinda people. Ok, back to birch wood and bullets….

  3. Not only is table epic, but top notch editing my friend ::two thumbs up:: btw, thats a neat little side tool pouch you got there, link?

  4. Well done John. My personal best video to date. You solved a ton of problems, delivered a solid table that any company would be proud to own…..but I'm glad it was BRCC….

  5. I actually like the project but I do question putting out the video one week after the mass shootings the country just went through. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t always mean that it is appropriate to do so

  6. This.Is.Awesome!! Creative, great content, comedy. Love this. Your table is spectacular!! Love the big beautiful American flag in your shop, and the Marine Corps flag ?????

  7. Now I want to make one with all my brass. I don't mind alot of work, but this will take forever in my shop. Great job, great work of art John.

  8. Badass! I actually want to make one now shit is badass! Do u have a video on how to use epoxy do's and don'ts

  9. Great build!! I really enjoyed the whole process. But the only thing I could keep thinking after you showed the table to the Black Rifle Co crew. Who was going to be the first to score on the conference table? I really hope the guitar build is a real thing. Good job again!

  10. Awesome build! – Blowing a hole right through the defense! – can tell this is really in your wheelhouse. 🙂

  11. Amazing work John, and great video with appearances by the Beard and the BRCC staff. Once I am out of FaceBook jail for expressing my freedom of speech this is going on my page. Keep em coming.

  12. When are all of you morons going to stop calling them bullet casings?
    There is no such thing as a bullet casing.
    The "bullet" is the layman's term for the the projectile.
    When combined with a primer, a casing and propellant, they are called CARTRIDGES!!!
    And you claim to be gun guys, SMH.

  13. From Demolition Ranch to Black Rifle Coffee… you sir, have Won the internet!

    I gotta go order me some more BRCC right now in fact.

  14. Absolutely epic man. For some reason my subscription to you channel and a few more where unclicked and I dont remember doing it but am glad I noticed it and resubcribed

  15. Dear God, I don't know who you are or how you came up with the idea, but it's beyond cool!!!!!!!!! & I sure hope you charged enough for your time and materials. That's a 8-$10,000 table, minimum!!!!!! Great job dude, way to think out of the box!

  16. Sick table build right there!!! Where did you get these live edge slabs from? Do you recommend a company/website? Thank you

  17. Did I time travel because I swear I watched this video like 2 weeks ago but this video was posted 6 days ago. Anyone else?

  18. I am a machinist and not a termite, but I do appreciate perfection in any craft and John you are a perfectionist and I appreciate the work you do…BRAVO

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