Engine Cooling, Leaning TIG, Bart’s Trailer Fire

hi i’m doug and behind me a sailing
vessel seeker she’s gonna be a free research vessel on the ocean once we get
her built she’s a sail boat but she also has
engines and she needs to cool those engines so at the back of the boat here
where the rudder and the propeller will go into this shroud there’s this thing
was called a skeg and it’s actually quite thick and that’ll be filled with
engine coolant just like your radiator is in a car and that means that the
water flows back in here from the engines and it can transfer the heat
from inside through the coolant into the ocean water outside of it and liquid to
liquid transfer of heat it’s much more efficient than liquid to air like what
happens in a radiator so essentially we have a huge radiator back here now we’re
in the aft cabin of the boat which is directly above that skin and most of
this video is about installing this pipeline so that’s the top end of the
scale that’s where the hot water goes in from the engines and then it has to move
through baffles or actually frames underneath this piece of steel and this
piece of steel there steel it goes down through the stack and stabilize it so
you imagine it has to go down come back up go over this one back down there’s
actually another franklin’s to come back up and it comes out this pipe right here
and that’s a cold water delivery forward into the engine room so what you’ll see
us doing in this video is building this pipeline going all the way up and feets
not just the main engine it feeds these others as well so the main engines down
there the main engine works pretty much like it always does when the thermostat
opens up the hot water comes out there goes into our hot water pipe by hose and
the cold comes back in through the bottom of the yellow part is that’s a
10k generator up there diesel this is a V Mac which is a generator and a
multi-function machine it’s a welder and all kinds of stuff
and we may or may not put these generators up it kind of depends on
where we are and how much heat we got to get rid of but if we want to we can we
have ports already in these lines the hot and the cold line below we also are
going to use it to run through the heat exchanger here
which is for the transmission and this heat exchanger has its own pump so we
can circulate its own water off the cold line through the heat exchanger and back
into the hot line and then finally back toward the back here there is this
gadget which is a hundred stat variable pitch control unit it actually changes
the pitch of the blades and there’s a little pump there little draw water off
the cold line and put it back into the hot line so it’s kind of a long video
shot over a lot of days with multiple crew and there’s some other stuff we
throw in too like these three holes so enjoy we’re going to put vowels in here
to some stainless steel ones we’re gonna go around the front of the engine up
there that just keeps it out of the way turbo and everything else so that is the
plan if it’s wrong it’s his fault okay not mine so I’ll give you his email
address and I’m not doing any of plumbing work that’s left of Michael
this is John say howdy John is sin from where you caught yourself for like a
from Tennessee Oregon I mean what organ not Louisiana anymore
no John and I are gonna be cutting rope cuz it’s time to go back to figure
winters got to be coming sometime it’s gonna get horrible weather today it’s
gonna be 60 not today but we’re getting started Peter a story’s coming back in
town too and so these are the guys that had the patience to so rope onto the
edge of a sail Michael’s hands first lesson and
threading pipe 2-inch you don’t want thread two inch pirates
it’s that’s a workout all right you got it
yeah now you say you have to bend it yeah just want to see if it’s the right
length right there we got our Harbor Freight bender out and we didn’t want to
mess with a hole through there they’re trying to fit the pipe through since
we’re bending it so we cut a big hole then what we’ll do is we’ll fill in once
we know where the pipes really gonna be something like that much fun well no
wonder Santa is it never bends the last six inches out here what about the sand
oh my god all right before you say use sand in it
we know that trick it works great it really does but it’s for things like car
frames and that sort of thing a little bit of water from a coolant system it’s
not gonna care that Mike has a little kink in it remember he’s gonna back off
a little bit that doesn’t look like it’s been hardly at all yeah yeah it’s too
much oh yeah so this one might be good for the hot maybe it’s not all mounted
over my bed right you mean one fondest memory of this memory oh I tell you what you’re not using
enough fuel to make the people on YouTube happy yeah that’s right they
want to see it pour off onto the ground there you go
I got the camera on so look look like you’re doing a good job maybe they’re heavily on there you go that’s what we’re going for
forfeit no this is called scratch start so it’s it’s is the welders on its
running it’s all connected up it’ll throw uh sparks all you do is just like
striking a match meet your hood down it’ll blind you like nothing else okay
but you got a scratch so you gotta have a little bit of momentum in it so you
can carry it away but you gotta keep the tip close to hold the arcs it’s simply
done I mean Dave just does it like this every time maybe he maybe magic what you
have to turn it on that’s not an automatic either you turn the little
knob and it starts flowing gas all right I got you now you can turn the knob now
you don’t have to see them I’ll go turn that down this morning yeah and then you just exactly just pull
it away beautiful gasps you didn’t turn your gas on well let me regrow in this
straighten it again okay so the plant with our heat exchanger here was to make
the steel adapter so we could just run hose from there to there across those
put the hose clamps on and they put a hose barb you know tapped into this but
then the pump we found was this pump came off the school bus
lovely little pump I mean it’s much better than the ones I bought even it’s
bigger discharged and so that’s a one inch discharge so I had some one inch
nipples that we will it into the top of the boat to collect water see that’s a
nice fit for that hose but man look at that and that would work but we’d have
to drill this huge hole so then we got to thinking well hey why can’t we just
weld this into there you know forget that it even has threads so we’re
working on a shift to using silicon bronze and try this that’s a lot better than heaviness drill
that out 10 that gorgeous NASA’s not gonna hire us but it’ll work for a boat a lot of sparks but it’s just rubber
hose that has a wire reinforcement in it’s mainly used for exhaust it doesn’t
do Bend radius as well but it’s got the two inch ID that I need easy but it’ll
go on there yeah it doesn’t make any claims about how much water it moves 3 3
2 or 3 gallons per day so this came off our engine there and why need to do it
that either get it out into the end of this pipe here so I’m going to put an IV
up there around the front and then warm it right past that exhaust pipe there
and underneath the alternator the idea is to keep this the engine as clear as
possible because is where the turbo is the air intake oil filter oil drain all
that stuff is dead in there now we gotta get down from our 2 inch water pipe to
our actual 2 inch pipe that’s used for the the heater hose and I could almost
just still put a piece of hose between there you know better is real tempting
to put that in the lathe and just turn it down got to take that Rays numbering
off I could do with a final hell why not ain’t that a gorgeous sight they’re called hammer reunions and you
can see why and this one actually actually has an o-ring incorporated in
it – this is what the surfaces normally look like but we actually have a couple
that have these o-rings in also even easier to seal up you would need to put
a lot of pressure on them but I’m doing my best to make sure that the alignment
is good also they don’t come into each other from a little bit of an angle if
they’re trying you know dead-on and if you know me I have a thing for
submarines and I’ll tell you what that is looking so submarine and in there it
also looks like just every War to ship I’ve been on it’s a maze of pipes cool
but I love the way it’s going in because everything has just enough room to get
around it you know as we build this thing organically we put in the things
that have to go in first a harder stakes first the easier things come next and
the easiest will come last so it starts off with exhaust and then coolant and
then fuel you know so you can work these things around and get them in there but
get him in there were even more home to originally murder from these fire side
by side of the stack works a lot better because of the warmer over to storage go
down in here to sign them the diamond plan holes really tight okay
Bangalore looking for you’re right there okay yeah let’s go a little bit more
just so good it’s not flashback I think we’re going to need an option that co2
is certainly that right there oh yeah eight and a half to two evening
term that that frame in there now we may have to just take it out and thread it
again maybe we made too much smoke man I’m just here for a tour we’re showing
through housewive against what might have been
the hammer cover will never still have a way of spinning this in so but this has
to be able to spin okay that over the inner cover hair over there yeah four-year-old you go around five more
times or that isn’t barely clears and you can
volunteer right there now we just need a piece to just try this piece going on
back now the plan is to bend this right in
here so it comes up and fits there and this whole pipe can still move in just a
little bit so if we’re short it’s okay well that’s got some fresh running let’s
just deal with it see what happens wonderful job right there let’s take the jack you can always tell
when Doug’s thinking hard look at that steam holy cow think that’s funny huh no
shit attempt to just pull the trigger and see if it takes the shirt off or
removes UX Raticate loosen the blade we’ll have to do that no I’m between the blade in the bearing
yeah crap and then I got a good shirt oh my god shit I didn’t realize it it’s off
yeah yeah I heard you come to a stop real quick yeah I ran around she goes all right that’s okay on the land the
way you gonna know where you need to get to – I like that that keeps all the
storage on this side clean you know then this hotline will be up here where
to put it right above it would be to know the hotline I’m just going to be
under there right here yeah put it up there there’d be a way up here matching
right yeah we could go right here okie dokie I either TIG get our ticket Wells and
then I’m gonna put a cover pass as a MIG which is a lot faster in fact I could
have done the whole thing in MIG but there’s a little bit better chance of
getting the leaks plugged up and I need to practice my teague so four ports on
this is the cold line the hot line will have force in the same location just
about five inches above it now if you’re gonna do a lot of mig welding consider
using a hundred percent co2 cutter gas it’s a lot cheaper than the 70/30 mix I
never even used it 70/30 mix so I can’t tell you how to compares untold how to
percent co2 is a lot hotter and you get a little better penetration but you get
more spatter with it just wipe clean nozzles probably more
often than other people but for the savings on this vessel this size hundred
percent co2 it’s great to this liquid it’s all liquid in the gas your bottom
basically the and the cylinder okay I’ll give you ten seconds to figure out what
the problem is now I won’t give you ten thanks Chris
profits let’s do them obvious that goes here yeah mm-hmm and no it won’t do that
here so we get to do it again saved got another one Richard day or report you
fat found these in a scrapyard for me a buck apiece so at this point the the
weld that put on there for the one-inch threads is a lot more expensive than
another one of these now what we have to do is yeah that’s why so we use the Harbor
Freight hand threader for two-inch which is a challenge but if you put a bevel on
the end of the pipe that’ll help you out a lot started there it’s building an
airplane now Kember the model number rv-8 it’s an RV
12 RV 12 yes and he has a cursory popper his Chris able to keep some gorgeous my
plane doesn’t have attics and everything but he goes to Harbor Freight to get on
this tool series you know you can get the really expensive ones
yeah paying a lot of money for him but if you’re gonna use them like this like
this we got two more of these to do and I think I’m done for the boat with this
size just don’t break both up and break this one’s about the second one so
that’s will and this is Bill and their father son up from Houston Texas with us
this weekend we’re gonna start off by trying to finish up some of the welding
here I’ve never get anybody a quick class and TIG because I just barely know
it myself but we’re gonna try that out see how these guys can do that is called a bent tip nobody’s ever
done bad there you go well that’s that is hot
all right so we got holes in it and I think the problem is too much rod and
not quite enough heat so too much rod too soon I think we trapped air in there now that’s much better there was no rod
added to that just he pushed around he right there I think it’s gonna be this
because it’s not feathered in to the seismic honor but this looks much better how to do I didn’t punch it into the
pipe on this side here but I think I’m getting yeah we think we got to figure
it out it’s just too much weld going in it’s been our problem that makes it
bubble up so grind out where that happens and redo it so there’s a little
bit of bubbling right there so I stopped short of putting in less material this
filler rod this is why it’s so nice to have a warm dry shop I went to bed last
night and bill learned to TIG weld look at that he’s grounded down but there’s
no holes through there at all so our next step is put a mig wool over the top
of this oh and he switched to silicon bronze wire kind of by accident but it
works great too it actually flows in a little bit better so that may have
helped some here yeah it’s really that easy go ahead drive slow down slow down
go back and do it again bit a lot slower watch the puddle puddle watch the Paul there you go there you go Joe yeah stop
yes yeah that’s what we’re talking about
that’s a good weld okay that sounds good oh yeah yeah that’s beautiful
compare mega aluminum to take for me TIG is the love more challenging I think
a lot more rewarding maybe it’s what certainly pretty easy compared to two
they have switched over to steal from aluminum same machine and there’s always
a little chart inside these two boxes it’ll give you an idea what to do so
like quarter-inch steel oh three five wires tested on 434 which is the power
and the wire speed setting and then wants you to use your machine a while
you figure out that that’s not really what you want to do and do what you like
so you’ll learn a lot from the sound of the well whether the wires a little too
fast or slow but that’s beautiful is that your first big will first move
oh yeah these are my lousy ones over here that’s that’s the doctors right
there burger and you’re not gonna burn through those logs on top
you’re also higher up on the pipe then you’re on the steel okay so you have a
toe in up here but you got no toe down below so try a little bit of movement
from top to bottom yeah
yeah that’s much better you can see each of those little Hills Gary move down but
that’s just fine it makes it look like you’re doing TIG welding now we’ve
turned down this bail fitting actually take a hose by just taking off the rim
and making it where it’ll be like a long bevel therefore the hose to go over this
is just a little bit under two inches but it’ll be fine for what we’re doing
here we just got some raised members that take off so that’s what we’re up to
here on the lathe today rather like running a manual lady just clicks on
ten-thousands on the step then we can push down and they’ll just drop that bit
slowly down ten thousand you make another pass across easy stuff to do so you put it in the bag the question is
what do we do when we call a finger this is for you leo sorry that your finger
leo hey he’s a doc yeah nothing better you
put it in a ziplock bag okay and then you put that ziploc bag in a bag of ice
don’t put the finger in the bad guys because then it gets all pruny and
macerated and ruined so put it in the bag put it in the back of the bet
handbag vice so you want a cold that you want to draw yes there’s no milk no milk
no milk I heard four teeth once but same thing it’s I don’t do teeth but put it
in the bag anybody bollocks you’re the bomb guys teeth in the ball right hey no
milk nothing fingers okay right I’ll stop
giving that advice okay pretty good I just ended up in the polygon we do the
mig welding on there it stopped raining look at that beautiful blue sky rather
the ground of the makeup look pretty but they look pretty
yeah and cross that in then you can pull us or a tight okay it’s their pressure test time we
got like 100 and psi on that thing that was a little war mechanical playing a
little one yeah yeah sure nough dam dam silicon bronze whose idea was that
looking bronze yeah I’m surprised the Sultan bronze is leaking so badly it
goes in so smooth well probably just cut the two silicon block bronze out almost
completely and start over with steel we’re really surprised so the bronze did
that well the mail just arrived and I have an insurance card again gotta say
thank you to everybody out there the supporting us through patreon and PayPal
and buying our stuff I’m back being human again look at that it worked
testing at 30 psi but this is only going to really have about 10 15 at the most grind often able to take the whole thing
those decide just to take them all the way off back down to bare steel and redo
them from scratch probably the best way yeah yeah let me show you what happened
here we think we know okay amongst this spaghetti down here there’s
is the plug that goes to the crane if you notice it is missing its ground
prong right so what’s happened is somewhere along this path going up there
and in these wires have been pinched together a shortage so one of the hot
lines is draining into the green ground wire but the ground wire can’t send it
back through the circuit through the plug so what it does instead it sends it
back through the ground on the crane which is into the frame and down that’s
where we see our short so that’s the reason why we see it instead of the
breaker and this cord is the reason why it shorted now this is the only reason
this was a multiplicity of problems the capacitor was one and then there was
another short in that shorter line for that so it’s just too old we’re gonna
replace our cords going to our cranes I guess we gotta get the ladder out and
redo that one bill is REE welding Bart Marquis oh my god bark can I shake the
ladder for you plug right bar okay well this was all working out of
these shorts in it but that one still has some problems we’ll take it in the
shop well we have been all day on this if you look closely there’s little holes
down the bottom there trying to get these TIG welds patched up and they have
just been giving us fits tried more heat less heat more gas less gas different
rods everything I can but I want to learn
TIG so this is the pain I go through maybe I don’t want to learn TIG I could
have had this with me a long time ago learn TIG so bill has a template here
and it’s clever the light thing he’s got this goes around two pipes but the plan
here Bill’s plan is to get it that’s a piece of steel cut so it fits the pipes
and then do the outline for cutting it out now I’ll go show you where that goes
are those two pipes come through the wall and that is the hole we’re filling
back up and there’s one more pipe in there it’s gonna be for a waste water
repels your waste water sewage for the rest of you you can talk secret and that
is a beautiful sunset got this side all right well it’s a
fight and they’re grinding away up there or something sweeps up on top of the
rags oh this comes down the letter war repeat we say goodbye to Bill and to
will tomorrow but I wanted to get your opinion on TIG welding i honest opinion
I enjoy it very much no I do I do I’m just I’m not very good
at it but it’s certainly very challenging internet it either and I
think if I have done a lot of welding it’s a meticulous I think if we’re
joined to old pieces of Steel together it’s fantastic sugar light and they’re
trying to make something watertight I’ve been done with this with mega long time
enough I wouldn’t have to take welded your hole together oh god no no not at
all so anywhere that’s our pit we share that opinion on tape we spent the entire
day working on between him and me working on three fittings that still
have holes in them and mainly trying to change a lot of things and I think
nothing has really proved to be I’m almost got that one so tomorrow I’m
going to stick with it I want to make this thing work with big thanks for
getting the camera going I thought this so I’m gonna stick with it I want to
make this thing work with dig or I’m gonna wait for the next guy is doing
better yeah maybe daddy will come back but hey we say goodbye to these guys
thanks for having us I appreciate you know you’re absolutely welcome both okay
all the leaks are taken care of in this one I still got the other one to do but
let me show you the other problem we’ve now introduced because of all the
welding on one side of a pipe with a straight edge right here on this section
and down here it looks like about three-quarters of an inch over four feet
so it’s got a significant boat to it because when you weld on one side you
can track that side so we’re gonna heat up on this side and give it a little bit
of a help with the winch and try and bend it back we use propane and oxygen
for the torch and it’s nice to have in the school bus here because they can
reach inside the boat or inside the shop got a hundred feet of hose on
she come with me I’m making progress on my Pig welding – but I’m not really sure
which pieces are contributing to make it Beth so I’m gonna keep on on the second
pipe and I got Rob coming in tomorrow he’s flying in and he knows TIG so we’ll
figure it out together I’ll let that cool down see what we get
yeah and now as it cools it’ll contract more in this area that was heated more
so it should help bend it back a little bit once you get past the fact that you’re
not going to get by doing TIG welding with just one tungsten you’re gonna need
a bunch of mass-producing produces Tungsten’s because yeah you take Walter
like the rest of us and it is a whole lot faster to do it that way
Robert Park joining us from Fort Bragg United States Army what’d you say
sixteen years not quite just twelve twelve years 12 years so if
you’re looking at starting out TIG welding this is the way to get some
practice done get some flats laid out here and we’re gonna do a bud joint
between these two plates so the first thing he’s gonna do is just go put a
tack weld and to hold the to place apart and did you use any filler rod for that
nope yeah so one little tax already starts off at two ends of the other
steel that’s not unusual you’ll stick your pumpkin down many times you’re
gonna do it without any filler there too it’s got a big crater but it’s taxed and
hit in there and then this process is called Lane wire you just literally lay
your wire down Dave showed us this – the easiest way to get started and then
he’ll just wash over them he just walks that torch from one side to the other
without touching the tungsten to the steel that’s kind of the trick it’s just
barely clearing it like there that is the art form that he’s better than
you’re gonna be when you first started out he’s certainly a lot better than I
was when I started out but that’s the process then when you’ve done this is a
scratch start torch and you just pull the torch way there’s no pedal there’s
nothing to control the heat or anything like that a little more heat sort of
washing the sides so the wire melts really quick yeah the still around it’s
not wanting to Washington really bright because it takes the heat away our
upland average strength little up only amperage well that nice sharp tungsten
yeah some more heat rounds over your tungsten but as long as it’s working for
you oh yeah that does look better turned it up to 105 yes yes but one the tricks
it was suggested that did work well which we’ll use to fix the last two
holes in the other pipe over there is stainless steel
filler rod it was kind of weird because even where
it was bubbling with the steel the 70s rod when he got the stainless steel on
it it just capped over it and even though there was a crater down below
nothing happened so it didn’t bubble backed up and open up it’s great for
filling holes and closing up for Rissa tea so that was a good suggestion right
there so drew Wallace I’m assuming you mean
the grind heiress miss y’all well I got you we can write I was
grinding on the guys after I figured out the stainless steel trick I just started
wire wheeling them the leak was on the bottom of that well I was rather than
ate that real quick right underneath the ridge let me lay mage more in there on
the bottom side right looks like that pin holder yeah it had to be leaking
through there if it wasn’t let’s cover that up anyway okay so do the same thing
stool yeah a little beat along the lock the uses don’t want to see from the top
but the thing I did wrong the other day as I cooled it down too quickly with a
pouring water over and I cracked 100 yeah yeah that’s it last leak is done
he’s just putting one on to make it look great Copeland’s are designed have a little thread that bottom and pull it towards
you yeah that’s why I want them that way we get a paintbrush down between them
and the frame yes exactly we put the space yeah so now think about what you
want to build and then let’s go eat lunch and then you come back and build
it my anything on fire
geez I promise they’ll turn up to break your giant still vote in jail
Robert is playing the jigsaw puzzle to get a place to steal in background the
pipes okay outsides done yeah can I take that one up you know we’re cheap so
we’re not buying hose barks we’re just using stainless pipe we’re gonna put a
little bead out of here that’s what Roberts can I do let’s take two clamps
here and then pop off there’s just a sewer line that’s coming through the
bulkhead so it’s gonna be tight on both sides blah instant flange nicely done
man there’s a little grease on the reason why they build them the other
direction so what we’ve done is we’ve swapped the direction of the teeth and
this thing because you can’t put it on this way I need to taste the threads
down the pipe and it hits the the weld seam at the bottom so I turn it around
so I come down like this but I’m not sure I got the alignment of the teeth
right yet we don’t stir the stainless and this worked great is the diverter by
reversing that the teeth that I had to not only turn them upside down to
reverse the order there one two three four so I went one two three four
counterclockwise and then they work do they yeah Bieber now that Lord reason is
because it was a short pipe and I couldn’t get through the other end can
you buy the base range they have okay we’re done with the coolant system well
we’re not done with it we’re done working on it so we’re now we’re working
on the other the forward through hole so it’s another hole through the side of
the boat back up in here where the head is going to be this pipe here is a water
pipe so it’s kind of in the way alright we’ll be a tank basically out where he’s
sitting there that is a nice tip for just a plasma-cut
no grinding on that at all sweet now we’re gonna use make on the
inside of the boat cuz that TIG is just doesn’t seem to have enough temperature
to get through the metal back there quickly and easily MIG does that just
fine what are you happy this is a nice table wire that uses co2 gas that has a
flux core in it so there’s a slag piece that’ll fall off there when it cools new ice so we making oh yeah then of the
base board isn’t it found my router yeah buried in the shed yeah found a cove bit this is birch tiny home that’s the
bathroom their bedroom up there kitchen through here he’s got taped off where he
wants to put things that’s a good yeah come on cover it over here on this wall
yeah where’s your baseboard oh it’s all outside well here it is to rent the
facemasks and the paintball guns better base for Borkar playful we’re making a little alteration to our
roof up there for the mizzenmast to go up through it yeah go ready get that holy fuck both of us right here started next to
the chimney yeah head of a nice day you need a fire pork I showed up this
morning with the culprit to the fire explain what you did
I had three sticks over about model three feet long and I dropped them in
the top of the chimney in the exhaust yeah this one burned off it fell out off
over the top of the chipper II on to the top of my tart yeah hanging on my
trailer and started the tarp on fire and some leaves that were piled up down
there yeah when I cleaned that I crossed nose plastic stairs and yeah and all
that started on fire and I cleaned all that up this morning I found the two of
these sticks laying on the ground right there you thought they’d burned down
I thought they’d fell they normally fall down into the chimney and burn but I
know this is the one that I stuck in there that was sticking up about a foot
above the chipper II do that here’s the rest of the story
Bart has about 20,000 rounds of ammo in that trailer
it would have been fun so I’ll close with another thank you to our patrons
and supporters and those that buy junk from us and wish you all the very best
in the new year so if you like what you see here building a big research vessel
if I can subscribe thank you

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