what’s happening guys so today I’m gonna
be going over our trailers and how we run them we’ve been getting a lot of
questions on our live talk Tuesdays and Thursdays our setups how we run them
what type of trailers they are and we do run a little bit of a different set up
on either one of them so one trailer our Fisher trailer it’s a 20-foot trailer
all steel it’s a United trailer and then we have a
28 foot all aluminum trailer with heat AC the whole nine and here it is so
today we’re gonna be going over this and we’re gonna see what we run in them and
we’re gonna bring you guys along so before we get inside of these trailers
and we get to see what we run on the inside I want to go over some of the
similarities that we have between both of them first off they both have a V
nose on the front and the reason that that is we like the V nose because it
gives us better fuel mileage gives you better aerodynamics second thing that
they have in common they both take a 2 and 5/16 inch ball that’s a heavier duty
trailer because we tell a lot of weight you don’t want to be telling these
trailers with a Toyota Tacoma I can tell you that third thing they are both
double axle trailers there’s a lot of responsibility it comes with double axle
trailers there’s a lot of things that you got to keep in mind upkeep on a
double axle is key before you go on any road trip whatsoever you always
constantly got to make sure that your wheel bearings are greased your lug nuts
are tight and dry rot is not setting in the absolute best thing that you could
do for your trailer is get it on the road do not let it sit that is not good
for your tires one of the coolest parts about having a double axle trailer is
that if you break down on the road and one thing that we always carry on us is
the socket and an impact wrench for the lug nuts on our trailer we don’t even
need a jack with a double axle trailer and I’ll show you why it depends on what
tire you blow out if you blow out your back tire what you’ll do is you’ll take
a six by six throw it right underneath the tire and then you’ll pull the
trailer up on top of that six by six and what that causes is this back tire to
float now if your front tire blows out then you just take the six by six throw
it right behind here and then you back the trailer right up onto it and your
front tire will float and then you just break your lug nuts loose and change
your tire and you’re back on the road I mean we’ve blown so many tires that now
it’s down to an art we could change them in about five minutes it doesn’t take long
at all. lets get inside of them and see what we run we got all kinds of stuff
so we got our back door dropped let’s go ahead let’s open this up right here this
is our side door you see it’s nice and big and what’s really cool is we get
these hookups back here that way the wind don’t blow it shut on us now
whenever we open up this door what you’re gonna notice is we got two spare tires
right here we usually carry three because whenever you’re running hot on
the road I mean if you blow out tires and try to find a tire in the middle of
nowhere thats a pain in the neck you guys probably know that second thing you’ll
see is this black track we have going around the sidewall here this is just
something we picked up at Lowe’s and it’s actually quick and easy and it
slides but we screwed it into place so that it doesn’t move we can hang our
helmets on it anything we need to all of our straps keep everything organized
everything out of our way and then one of the cool parts about this trailer
that our 28 foot trailer does not have is that it has this E-Track on the
floors and it has the X-Track on the walls now the cool part about the E-
Track and the X-Track is it gives you multiple points of hookup so no matter
where you’re at you always got a spot that you can hook up so what you’ll do
is you’ll take this d-ring right here with that sweet tag hanging off the back
of it it’s all covered in mud and you’ll lift up on this lever right here throw
it straight in drop it down slide it over let her click into place and then
right there you go you got a point to hook up so one thing that you want to
keep in mind is that if your hook on your strap does not fit your d-ring or
doesn’t fit your hook or whatever there are alternatives to get the job done
what you can do is these soft straps right here these loops it’s double loop
and then what you’ll do is this right here all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
take this loop it through one time just like that and you pull it through and
then pull it tight if you run out of strap this is the way to go gives you a
little bit of an extension and then you have all this that you can hook your big
hook to offer your straps I love this X track because no matter what we’re
telling or what we’re hauling it could be anything I mean we’ve we’ve hauled all
kinds of stuff air compressors chop saws ATVs/SXSs you name it it’s been in this trailer
so this X-Track is really sweet so if you’re going up and down and you need a
strap to go up and down you can set your hook so that it does go up and down and
you can have two hooks that pull this direction or if you’re going side to
side what you can do is you just take it and flip it and then you have a strap
from side to side that you can use so there are a lot of differences between
this trailer and our 28 foot trailer one of the main differences is that if it
gets hot outside it’s hot outside because this is all we have
we got heat and AC in the other one this is just a little camper style open
it up get a little air that’s about it we have a hookup that you pop this right
here and you can run an extension cord down through there and it hook up the
generator alright guys we’re getting ready to go over and check out our 28 foot trailer now, now that I ran you through all the cool stuff it’s here in our
20-foot trailer just a quick recap steel frame it’s heavy it’s got a V nose on it
we got E-Track on the floor X-Track on the walls you guys can check that stuff
out at smart straps they have available this track right here we got that in
Lowe’s I think Kobalt makes it always carry extra tires no matter where you go
I guarantee you there’s gonna be tires strapped to the wall whenever we go into
the next trailer let’s go check it out alright alright here we are
our 28 foot rance aluminum trailer I tell you that because they don’t make
these trailers anymore that’s how long we’ve had this trailer so again 2-5/16″
ball got the V nose on the front and this is you can tell how long we’ve
had this because this is before backup cameras so what we used to do was we
would drop this down right here and then you could see your hitch that’s how long
we’ve been running this trailer is that it has that so any of you old school
guys you know about that no backup camera that’s what you need right there
again we got the dual axles double axles make sure that you take care of your
tires your wheel bearings check your lug nuts make sure your tires aren’t dry
rotted these are all very important things same thing we got the double lock on the back end of this trailer
one thing I want to hit on before we even go inside the trailer and I see
people do this all the time and they mess their trailer up if you’ll notice this is not
laying flat on the ground you see how that has that gap right here if you’re
pulling your ATV or SXS into this it’s gonna put weight on this and
twist so what you need to do is you need to support that underneath there you
need to stick a 4×4 some two by fours you need to stick something underneath
there to keep that from twisting you see it’s all diamond plated in this
trailer it is like the cat’s meow you’ll notice if we don’t have that track that
we got at Lowe’s on this one we have an awning on this trailer so this awning
actually drops out we got lights on the outside another thing on the outside
that we have on this one that we don’t on the other one is an electric hookup
so that way you know you could drop your awning have a little campfire maybe plug
in your radio or crock pot or whatever you got going on, heat and AC unit now
mind you this was an add on this did not come with this trailer if you’re
mechanically inclined you can get one and drop it in yourself or you could
take it to your RV trailer dealer or mechanic whoever and just get one and
drop it in if you do put in a heat or AC unit inside your trailer please make
sure that you check the height of your unit and you can still get inside of it
because we run lift kits on everything and big tires and you start
adding inch inch inch and eventually you can’t even get into the trailer I don’t
have this trailer plugged in right now but you will notice that we have a bunch
of lights we have a light here light there there there there there remember I
told you there would be tires look at this there’s tires right there one thing I
can’t stress enough guys if you have a trailer built similar to this we have a
cargo hold that actually is where the spare tire is supposed to go I don’t
know if there’s one in here right now let’s check Oh yep there’s a spare tire
in there it’s got a nice sheet around it one of the downfalls of that is if you
blow out a tire and that’s your only tire you’re gonna have to pull out all
your units to get to that cargo hold what we usually do is whenever we pack
our trailer full will pull that tire out and we’ll slide the tire underneath one
of the units and this door right here this is a door this actually
drops open and this is actually really cool for ATVs instead of pulling them in
straight and then sitting in here and trying to jerk them sideways and
everything that door is the absolute best so it has two opening doors and a
main door for you to get in and out of whenever you go to buy a trailer if
you’re looking to customize your trailer one thing that you absolutely need I
can’t stress enough guys get as many d-rings on the floor as you possibly can
whenever you’re setting up your trailer another thing to remember is to always
keep all your stuff right by the door we actually have everything set up so
that way all we have to do is we have to pop open that door grab what we need change
our tire hook up our sway control whatever we need to do it’s right there
make everything as easy as possible you don’t ever want to pack everything into
your trailer and not be able to get to it whenever you need it. Well guys I
showed you the inside of the trailers I showed you what we run I guess I’m
gonna go ahead and I’m gonna close these trailers up here get it wrapped up I
hope that all your questions were answered and if I raised any questions
please feel free to comment ask us we will get back to you any details any
information you’re looking for please let us know I want to give a shout out
to my man Jesse Robinson he was one that really wanted this video wanted to see
how he ran them so Jesse there it is my man a tour inside the Fisher trailers, until
next time guys peace…


  1. Nice trailers, we used Porch Paint with Anti-Skid Texture on the flooring. I will look for the X-Track, I need to add those.

  2. Good job Tyler…your a natural….do you have brakes on the trailers? If so, both axels?..Just looking at different types of trailers and brakes….Thanks

  3. Does that one a/c keep that whole trailer cool?? I have 8.5×28, 9 feet tall V nose as well, I'm in the process of making it a toy hauler/camper. I been told I would need two roof a/c

  4. Nice trailers. What is the height of your rear door opening? I have a Defender HD 10 and would Ike to put a 2” lift and 30” tires. My rear door opening is 79” with an interior height of 84”. Not sure it”ll fit…

  5. I would like to make a helpful suggestion / comment. Please take it that way, as I'm not trying to jump on you! For this type of video, we don't really need to see you all of the time. We need to see the trailers and the setups. The best part of this video was when you set the camera on the floor of the trailer and showed how the e-track works. The rest of the time, you kept swinging the camera around from your face to quick shots of what you were talking about, to the point that it was dizzying! Just hold the camera with it pointed at what you're talking about, and possibly turn it on yourself once in a while. That's my suggestion anyway, take it for what it's worth!

  6. Good job Tyler. One thing I did when I replaced the nylon bushings in my 24 foot V nose is installed a wet bolt kit and MORride suspension system.

  7. Nice Video few hints Since im older and have lots more experience.. One car ramp to drive on that will take care of any flat problem and its safer that 6 x 6 …Second Torsion axles are a better way to go but cost more money… Last You need a Tongue Scale to measure weigh going down on the truck and your hitch It sucks paying 100 dol for a hitch ball scale its a must so you keep 8% to 14% of total weight on the tongue Thats why you see folks "wiggle" down the highway example If you have Way to much weight proportioned in the front and you brake the truck tongue weight will double or triple and thats way to much on the rear tires (Can start sliding) Not Truing to be an ass But I have 2 degrees in this field and Worked for Chevy ( years Designing trailing and drive line components ) One day i would like to go over rear ends and drive numbers and what they mean why there are choices and how to choose the right one ) Thanks Zeke

  8. I like y'alls trailers they are set up great 👍🏻. I've never used an E track system and never even seen a X track that is nice there especially with it on the wall. But I sold my enclosed trailer because it wasn't long enough to fit my 2 Commanders in it. Oh Tyler, I don't know if y'all have ever had the problem of pulling up on that 6×6 block or not, I always did, so what we did was to to get a Cypress 6×6 about 3' long and took the chainsaw and cut it on one end at about a 30 degree angle so that the tire will roll up on it easier. The reason for Cypress is it is so much lighter that Oak or Pine. I usually carry a couple extra spares myself but I pull a dual tandem trailer must of the time and it uses the same lug pattern as my truck " lucky when I bought it ". But thank you again for the trailer tour and also for the shackle I won the other night on YouTube Live Talk Thursday. 👍🏻💯

  9. So what is your main cause of blowing so many tires?  Have you investigated the problem or are you just throwing money at it?  If I had just ONE blowout I'd start finding out why.

  10. At 60 years old I am "old school" as you mentioned. I think that convex drop down mirror is the shits. It is funny you said "before backup cameras", as I have a static cling "fish-eye" 8" x 8" square bezel from the 80's on the back window on my liftgate on my Tahoe. It came off a RV in a junkyard "back in the day". I have a question for you about the lights you have in the 28 footer. Do you remember or is there a sticker/logo on the light housing as to the brand of the light manufacturer? I would like to get some that mount just as your's are beveled to the wall and ceiling. Thanks for the walk through on the trailers and the ideas you have shared. I am slowly getting a 7' x 16' enclosed refitted and am always looking for ways to improve it without adding too much weight.

  11. I see 2 concerns in both trailers, looks like mold growth. Is that mold? And every part of trailer maintenance when not being towed, store on level ground with tires off ground. that why you have so many bow outs.

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