Electron welding & Laser welding EB Industries Overview

Electron welding & Laser welding   EB Industries Overview

hi I’m John DeLalio from the
EB industries we are a high-precision electron beam laser welding service
provider that really we are a partner with you in the design and fabrication
of your parts we have full engineering capabilities metallurgy know how machine
shop and all equipment and house to develop your world we weld for a
multitude of industries aerospace medical oil and gas in reality and the
industry if it is tight tolerance critical weld thats for us here’s electron beam welder we have four
of them this is in a vacuum chamber were using a CNC control table to move the
parts that process is very energy efficient so there’s minimal heat
distortion we can weld from a few thousand up to two inches in solid steel this is a pulse laser we have seven of
these each with different power and beam characteristics you can see the pulses
this is a high-powered for kilowatt laser that we are pulsing here but we can
also run this in a continuous wave mode at the application requires that where laser welding stainless steel fuel
pump coverage here for a marine application we also laser hermetically seal
electronics packages this one is going into space it needs a seal that
absolutely won’t fail we have to vacuum big the parts and then weld them in a
dried nitrogen or argon environment so we get a highly reliable part with
electronics that won’t oxidized overtime all welding only checking requires a
mil-spec ESD environment and five critical zone for both welding and leak
check we’ve been in business for over 50 years we’re on the approved supplier
list for most major OEMs and tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers and again from
aerospace to medical and because we are on those lists we can partner with smaller
manufacturers machine shops across the country and help them get into the big
guys so that EB industries in a nutshell give us a call if you want to
know more thank you very much for watching

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