Electricity on Plane || How dose APU work on aircraft

Electricity on Plane || How dose APU work on aircraft

TO WATCH THIS VIDEO IN ENGLISH SUBSCRIBE MY NEW CHANNL ARTIST RAJU PRO The plane has 2 big jet engines. Which provides power to the plane.
And it also provides lift to the plane. (Many videos can be found like this in my new channel link is in discription) Jet engine provides not only speed to the plane, but it has a lots of works to do, Like the electricity supply, so that lightning system, air pressur air condition, and The electricity provided to the cockpit and the whole system.. But the question is that, from where did a plane get electricity? when both the jet engine is off,
When it is parked in airport, Well when plane is in ground, the electricity is provided by external source of electricity, called AGPU
Which stands for auxiliary ground power unit. But the AGPU started to create lots of problems, Like it can supply electricity, but it was unable to maintain the air pressure,the air conditioning system, and it’s cost was also very high. Now the plane required such a system which can resolve all the problems. and its could perform nicely when both jet engines were is off condition, Now in order to resolve all these problems, there is a small jet engine is installed, in tell, This small jet engine is called APU, That means Axillary ground power unit. This APU provides electricity as well as air, and because of this, air Pressure and temperature is maintained inside plane. Apu is also used as a Starter, which starts the jet engine. And when both jet engines are off, And no other ground power is connected, in such condition first of all with the help of batteries, APU is started, at the same time the red light started to blink, and all the control system in cockpit is on. The sound of APU is …….. APU also used as a starter, which starts the jet engine, As we know apu is also a small jet engine, there for also release pressurized gas like main jet engine. And this called bleed air The bleed air strikes to the Main jet engine.. And because of this strikes, the main jet engines are also started, And now the plane is ready to take off.. After take off the the apu is turned off. And when the plane is to be land, Before 10 minutes it is turned on again. And after landing the main jet engines are turned off while apu is on.. all the power system are connected to apu. The plane which have no APU system, the AGPU system is connected that planes. So Apu and AGPU work sometimes like this.. thanks 4 watching…

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    I am hitesh your subscribers. I have seen your video's it's a great.
    I request to make a video on atmosphere and it's layer to aerodynamics.
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    I have a question
    Car racing me jab car bahut high speed m run karta hai to jo driver hai wo ek special type ke cloth pahnta hai
    Or wahin pr aeroplane to racing car ke comparison me bahut jyada speed me chalti hai to passageners normal type ke kapde me kese kuch to maintain karte hain , I mean passaged Ko koi trouble Kyun nahi Hoti hai
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  7. Excellent Raju bhai i always like your vedio as well as i comments and i had been requested you to make a vedio on. Vaisor 1&2 mainly i want to know how thair. Engine work

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