Eastwood MIG 135 Welder – A Must Have Welder for Your Garage!

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder – A Must Have Welder for Your Garage!

mig welding is popular because it’s so
easy as well as efficient and convenient a MIG welder will practically pay for
itself the first time you repaired or fender or weld in a patch panel not to mention the satisfaction of doing
the work yourself and doing it right this minute 135 is backed by the
eastwood three year warranty and lifetime satisfaction guarantee so not only are you getting a great
world an amazing price but also the warning you expect out of quality welder so let’s see what makes this one of our
most popular machines it has a 25 – 135 and welding range and can weld 24 gauge
the quarter inch mild and stainless steel grate for your project car or if
you just want to learn how to weld plus it can also be used as a flux core
welder if you don’t want to deal with gas tank a tank runs out or if you’re
using it where you don’t have access to a tank and as an added bonus uses tweco
consumables so when you need to replace tips or
nozzles you can find them that only these would but also in most locations
and sell welding supplies the big 135 operates on a hundred and twenty volts
household current with a duty cycle of twenty percent at 90 amps which is
plenty for that restoration or if you want to do some light metal fab it comes with a gas regulator hose
8-foot gun and ground cables and a spool adapter so you can use either 4 inch or
8 inch wire spools it has infinitely adjustable wire speed
and heat settings that allow you to perfectly tuned the machine to the
material you’re welding you can even attach a spool gun to this machine so
you can weld aluminum you’ve seen this welder many of our videos so you know
it’s a quality unit that will get the job done on that restoration or if you
want to do some general metal fab or fix stuff around the house like a mower deck
or wheelbarrow and mig welding is easy to learn and there are tons of videos on
the internet that will teach you how to well just check out our Eastwood youtube
channel the basics are turn on the gas we should
be said about 20 c fh 1 flowing turn on the welder check the chart for the proper settings
for the material you’re welding and adjust the heat wire speed to match the
chart hold the torch at a slight angle and
make little cursive ease where you loop into the puddle as you push the torch if you’re doing sheet metal remember to
jump around how to prevent warping if you’re doing
light metal fabric welding sheet metal this is the machine you need to do the
job right and remember this water will pay for itself when you install your own
floor pans or Patrick fender not to mention the satisfaction of doing
it yourself click the link to visit eastwood.com and get more information on
the eastwood mig 135 today yeah

13 thoughts on “Eastwood MIG 135 Welder – A Must Have Welder for Your Garage!

  1. Received mine today you need to know if you plan to use flux core it is not set up to do that you must buy a feed roller and flux-core wire in addition ,more money

  2. tried welding 1/16 square tubing with harbor freight for two weeks. i gave up. got one of these and after couple of minutes of practice, i finished an entire project for RC mower.on the other hand there are much better welders out there for only 100 more.

  3. I've been running the hell out of mine since last year as a flux core welder 1/4" thick no problem with multi-pass could go thicker. great machine for the $

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