Eagles of Death Metal – What’s in My Bag?

Eagles of Death Metal – What’s in My Bag?

Hi I’m Boots Electric, or also Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal and I’m at Amoeba Records, on top of the world here in beautiful downtown Hollywood and this is What’s in My Bag. The first thing I found is the Catwoman bendable. This character of Catwoman was a big influence on my developing sexuality, I think you could say. Julie Newmar of course was the queen but this is the other cat woman. Purrr-fect. That’s what I love about Amoeba is that… I mean there’s a lot of things to love about it but you’re able to really live within the eternal time frozen bubble of pop culture and experience it, if you wish to, in almost any generation. That’s what I love. The second thing I found is kind of a rolling of the dice. It’s power pop from the I guess late 70s and early 80’s. It could be awful but I don’t think that you ever win anything if you don’t dare to lose anything and the only thing you really have to lose with this is time and somebody else might like it and it could get you laid so then it can become a useful tool y’know what I mean? Artistically speaking, of course. This is an unbelievable thing, this is for a dollar, it’s in the clearance section and I don’t understand why but Jimmy Walker, who played JJ on Good Times, which was an American TV show about inner city life, I believe in the Chicago area and JJ Walker had a couple catchphrases and one of them was ‘Dyn-o-mite!’ Dyn-o-mite! I actually had the Jimmy Walker doll, it was a pull-string doll It said “dyn-o-mite” and “what’s happenin'” and this is actually a recording that’s on Buddha Records and Buddha Records was a record group that put out some pretty interesting stuff in the 60s and 70s Progress, we’re doing so good man. I was reading a paper the other day, they arrested a black brother for income tax evasion. That’s a new area for us. High-quality recordings and a lot of seminal performances of artists that went out of print quickly. So I find it very odd that it’s for a dollar, but I got it. The editor of Cosmo called me up and asked me to be in the centerfold. I had to turn her down though. No, ’cause see there’s a myth about my people and I didn’t want to spoil it so… Little caucasian lady over here is saying, ‘what myth?’ This is one of the coolest things I found today because this is one of the most influential artists on me, personally sort of in terms of the style or the attitude that I would take towards my career in show business. Falco is an Austrian legend. He was sort of a man of the people he partied, he lived, he would always hang out with his fans he made it a point to to be with his fans, in a sincere way, not like in a sort of Clash only-on-film way, y’know what I mean, or in a propaganda-style way and the video for this this particular song, ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ which was actually one of the first sort of upper level pop attempts sort of the fashioned version of hip-hop, in a way. And it had this sort of boom-boom-chk, ‘Rock Me Amadeus,’ it was rad, with samples and it was all sort of an affectation of these things, but still beautiful and sincere and the video was Mozart, so high-class Renaissance society, with bikers and Hells Angels being the bodyguards for Mozart as he comes into this theater. I just thought the idea of bikers and Mozart was so awesome and made so much sense to me when I was a kid that I remember thinking if I’m ever doing anything like this, I’m gonna be like this guy I want to I want to be able to have fun with it. Unfortunately Falco died in a car accident driving to a festival driving by himself in a convertible, as was his fashion. And I know it sounds sort of corny but I’d like to think that’s the most beautiful way for an artist to go out, on the eternal drive on the drive to Saturday night forever, do you know what I mean, which is a 50s rock and roll concept ‘Party All The Time’ by Eddie Murphy. This single was hilarious. You know Eddie Murphy, he fancies himself a singer, and he is and he got Rick James to record and produce this single and if you’re a fan of the Dave Chappelle Show, and you remember the Rick James moments of the Dave Chappelle show where Rick James and Charlie Murphy are remembering it all revolved around this particular time frame, when Eddie Murphy was making this album with Rick James that’s when they became friends and that’s when the famous muddy boots on the white couch situation went down and all of those hilarious things which I can’t say. And I also thought the single was rad, ‘my girl wants to party all the time…’ In the video you can see that Eddie really is into it and really wants you to buy into the fact that he is, no he’s a serious singer. and I think there’s something precious and adorable about that. Maybe not necessarily able to be taken seriously but adorable, and you can take that seriously. JD McPherson is one of my favorite artists that’s current. I think there’s a lot of amazing music happening right now that’s somehow managing in a world where everything’s been done and there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s a lot of bands that are managing to simulate, or at least have the appearance of pushing the envelope and doing something really cool. JD McPherson is able to currently capture the essence or the presentation of even the sonic sensation of listening to an album straight off the radio in the 50s while at the same time using language that’s very current and hip in a way that doesn’t seem cheeky or inappropriate ‘Head over Heels’ is is one of the best pop songs best rock n’ roll songs I’ve heard in a long time and it just slams. There’s a lot of magicians running around in our world here doing really amazing tricks, but there’s very few wizards and I think that JD McPherson is a wizard not in like some stupid hippy with a staff way thou shalt not pass or whatever, you know whatever it is but like in a real swinging appendage like a baby’s fist holding an apple y’know, killin’ rock n’ roll, y’know what I mean. And then I just got ‘Short Cuts.’ This is one of my favorite Robert Altman films. I appreciate what Robert Altman does and I can definitely see the brilliance and the genius that he possesses but I often find that the conclusions that he attempts to draw in his films are perfectly immoral and not necessarily tenable to me, but this movie I think is an incredible testament to his genius in a way that’s possible for anybody to get involved with, if you know what I mean. Let’s take a vote. All right by me. Fish now or deal with the body. I say fish now. Suppose the current takes it away. Then it’s not our problem. It’s dark, it’s really diabolical, it’s entertaining, it’s light-hearted it’s got beautiful performances by a menagerie of artists that cross the spectrum like my god, why am I forgetting his name right now? He’s one of my favorite artists and he plays Tom Waits? Dracula, Bram Stoker’s… Tom Waits. Thank you. What’s your birthday? What’s your sign?
You’re adorable. No one in TV land can see it but I have a connection with the man who miked me and it’s like our periods have linked up but our dude periods and now we’re finishing each other’s… Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp. sandwiches, yes. Perfect, we’re made for each other. But anyway Tom Waits is in it and he actually plays opposite of Lily Tomlin Want a cup of coffee? Oh yeah, give me some coffee. How ’bout an egg sandwich. With a broke yoke? Yeah, with a broke yoke. and it’s this incredible performance by Chris Penn there’s an amazing nudity scene with Julianne Moore pre-lame and pontificating performances. Julianne Moore is bottomless and it sort of completely and utterly destroys the preposterous notion that anyone in Hollywood does anything other than for the most base of reasons. Nobody’s really trying to save whales who stop global warming. They just want to see titties and ass, and this is a beautiful means by which to present it in an artistic manner that might even fool your parents into letting you continue watching. What are you talking about? Thank you so much. That was awesome, I had a lot of fun with that. I love you guys. I never had a dad, but now I feel like I have brothers and sisters, and it’s awesome.

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  1. 1:19 the name of the band is pearl harbor & the explosions, like holy fuck thats so wrong but so funny

  2. Jessie the world-renowned methamphetamine and female abuser n stalker and also not to mention liar
    this is the guy who said he was at a shooting in Paris that he was not at
    this is the guy who tracks hunts and stalks young females around the Hollywood in Los Angeles area this person should not be interviewed by anyone ever and should be fired from any type of entertainment job he has and not be allowed to work unless it's in the Food Service Unit at the Los Angeles County Jail
    this guy is a complete piece of shit in real life and also in music

  3. I hear Jesse can cram roughly 6 trillion cocks into his person, split between all his various, and wondrous orifices. He had been working on, and perfecting this incredible talent for many decades now, but was reported saying he felt that number to still be inadequate, and not up to his own personal standards for excellence. It is not until he can muster a cramming of 7 trillion of the longest, girthiest, most formidable cocks imaginable, that he would then be satisfied. Maybe one day, he will find it in his heart to share this incredible personal achievement with the world.

  4. Wow… OK so I'm blown away by the Falco pick. I'm not really into Rockabilly but I think I'll give these guys a strong listen.

  5. Of course Jesse is articulate, and a hell of a nice guy. Anyone that would allude to him heading for a fall need not worry, Rancho de la Luna is strong.

  6. I really dig this band and these guys but I can't for the life of me understand his mindset when it comes to guns. It's baffling to me. Oh well, just separate the art from the artist I guess!

  7. I love Jesse, but it kills me that he came down so hard on protesters of gun violence, especially considering what EODM went through in Paris.

  8. Wow Jesse Huges you are so adorable and clever. 🙂
    Thanks for all the informative details of your choices. Do you have a music podcast??

  9. Hanging out with the fans in a Clash only on film sort of way? What a douche bag and ignorant thing to say….I hung out and wasnt on film it was genuine.

  10. Joe Strummer had more integrity in his little pinky than this idiot has in his body. The Clash were the most genuine band and truly were the only band that matters and no band did more for their fans than they did.

  11. Jesse Hughes, HEY! Make some music as THOUGHTFUL as you are, seriously, you can put your beautiful brain to work on that challenge.

  12. his Clash dis is bullshit… they always let the fans in backstage after the show… I know because I was one of those that got let in to hang out with them. I bet Eagles of Death Metal do not open the backstage door and let the fans in … this guy is an idiot

  13. Madtv did a bit more directly parodying and making fun of the Eddie Murphy/Rick James collaboration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoAQz03jmgM

  14. "Nobody's really trying to save whales or stop global warming, they want to see tittes and ass." No truer words have been spoken.

  15. This video made me want to pick up an Eagles of Death Metal album. I've never heard a track of there's except what was featured here. But come Saturday ill be at my local record store to pick one up. Blind buy. I will support these chill ass dudes with my money.

  16. I'd like to recreate a comedy skit with the king of hipster artists who pick out the most funny an ridiculously obscure or weird items from the record store from a show like this and they talk about how much of an influence it was to them. Like picking out Kids Bop 83 on vinyl and the kids version of Britney Spears pops I did it again was such a musical revelation and all that…but the artist plays like death metal or thrash folk

  17. Cool dude with the worst taste in music ever… I'd love to hang with him but he's never allowed near the radio.

  18. I saw some little advert thing were somebody said the eagles of death metal looked like occultist peices of shit. Stupid people am i right?

  19. It’s really interesting what he said about Falco and his fans because that is completely what Boots Electric is like in real life. Approachable, genuine, and extremely good humored.

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