Drilling Through Plate Stainless Steel – Xtorque Tested

Today we’re looking at these four drill
bits from Xtourque and we are going to be putting them to the test by drilling unassisted
into six and a half millimeter stainless steel plate. This bit is made from M2
role forged steel it is suitable for your common drilling needs from metal to
plastic to timber. Sadly it really struggled in our six and a half
millimeter steel only managing two and a half holes. The second piece we’re testing
is made from fully ground titanium coated high speed steel the titanium
coating gives it a much longer life expectancy than the M2 roll forged steel
which makes a better suited for your hardened and stainless steels. This drill
bit was noticeably better drilling that stainless steel plate managing 32 holes.
This bit is made from the M35 high speed steel which utilizes the atomic 27
Formula. Atomic 27 dramatically increases the drill heat resistance and
abrasiveness so it’s even more suited to your hardened stainless steels like this
stainless steel plate. In my test today this drill bit man is 70 and a half
holes. The last drill bit we tested today was made from M42 high speed steel which
contains Atomic 27 plus, further increasing the drills heat resistance and
abrasiveness. This drill was in a league of its own today drilling a 102 and a half
holes in that stainless steel plate. All these drills can be used on site and in
handheld cordless drills it is worth noting however that the inclusion of Atomic 27 makes the drill bits harder and tougher hence why they perform better in
our tests while the M2 material is a little more flexible. If you have any
questions at all about any of the Xtorque drill bits I tested today hit me up in that
comment section below and until next time, I’m Tim and you’re watching Sydney
Tools TV

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