DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Review: Ron

DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Review: Ron

I use the DR-HO’S Foot Massager because I’m
a diabetic, and I suffer nerve damage in my feet and some in my legs. I sometimes have
numbness up here. And I can actually pinch it, and sometimes I don’t feel it. But after
using the DR-HO’S Foot Massager, it helps the circulation I find in my legs and the
pain is less severe. You’ll be amazed how quickly the pain go from unbearable, to you
can tolerate, to there’s no pain. I use the DR-HO’S on a regular basis to keep
the circulation in my feet, so I’m aware of what I’m stepping on. Because if you happen
to cut your foot and don’t realize it and it gets infected, you could lose a limb or
you can lose your life. Another feature I like about DR-HO’S, it’s
portable. You can use it sitting on your couch, laying in your bed. If you travel, you don’t
want to have to worry about finding any plug-ins. Every diabetic should know about this and
should have a DR-HO’S Foot Massager.

17 thoughts on “DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Review: Ron

  1. is dr ho's circulation promoter is advisable for patient with parkinsons disease.pls advice,,

  2. I have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. It's also amazing for restless leg syndrome. The vibrational impulses takes some getting used to though but i find it helps a lot.

  3. I am not able o find that product… can someone direct me to a site that I might purchase the Circulation Promoter??

  4. This device is a total scam. Most people get slight electrocution the first time they use it. You put your wet feet on wet pads thereby closing the circuit and then you basically just select the intensity of how much you want to electrocute yourself. You will get a shock, your head will hurt for at least two hours afterwords, and there are zero positive effects. I have no idea how this device passed tests for it to be allowed on the market. If you value your health do not buy this product .

  5. funny how almost every one of these videos is from "Dr ho's" you can put dogshit in a box and call it a diamond but it's still just a piece of dogshit.

  6. In May, my family member ordered "DR. HO's circulation Promoter" (foot massager) paid $296.96 for my husband. I picked it from the post office. I opened the box and  found it did not work at all. I called 1-877-DrHoNow(374-6669), a rep answered the phone. He offered me to repair. I refused. I request to return and asked to refund the total amount to the purchaser' account. The rep. gave me a return # and told me to write on the receipt. He said the post office would put a label on the box. I asked three times to confirm for sure. His answer was positive. I took the box to the post office. I was told it was not true. I had to pay $22.09 for the return. I called and the same rep answered the phone. He told me if I went to the Ho's website to complain, I could get refund my $22.09 back. I emailed the Dr-Ho's. I was noted had already refund to my family member. They did not offer the refund to me. **inconsistent and duplicity**

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