DR-HO’S® Circulation Promoter | Instructional Video

DR-HO’S® Circulation Promoter | Instructional Video

Hi The circulation promoter is fantastic for treating anyone with foot pain, any kind of problems with your lower limb. In fact, for your entire body. But for the lower limb, this is especially an excellent device for treating yourself If you suffer with poor circulation or nerve damage from diabetic neuropathy if you have polio if you had a stroke if you have sciatic nerve problem from the herniated disc from your lower back that causes pain down your leg, this device is fantastic. But for those of who got bad circulation, this is a must-have. Especially if you suffer from diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy can be fatal because loss of sensation in your legs, and any kind of cut in your feet, as a result of not knowing what you’re stepping on can cause infection and obviously very serious problems So it’s very important to use this on a regular basis to keep the circulation flowing in your limb. Not only that, to wake up the nerves to activate the nerves, so that the sensation comes back So that your motor functions like the muscle functions becomes normalized so that you have the power so you can have the coordination so that you can live a healthy life. By using this, I believe it can keep you functioning better, so that you can stay active. And that is very important. Now, my circulation promoter is very different than others The main reasons are the following. One, it is powered by the technology of the pain therapy machine. This device is known, and scientifically proven to help relax your muscles, relieve your pain, and promote circulation. We have clinical studies that proves it. There may be devices out there that mimic our type of stimulation but they do not have the proof that it really works. So I urge you, stick to things that are really proven. This is important for your health. Now, another thing that is special about this is, it’s much more powerful. Because the power that comes from this unit, there’s nothing else. This little device can be more powerful than the plug in units we use in the hospital. And the fact that using this unit allows this entire system to be totally portable because it operates on batteries. There’s a little box in here that holds, that houses the batteries. Because this operated in batteries, you can use this anywhere. You can use it in your house; any room in your house you can use it in your car, when you’re traveling you can bring this with you, you don’t have to worry about finding the right plug. This just makes it much more practical and much more effective because of that. Now, traditionally, a lot of foot massagers and stimulators are not powerful enough they don’t give you the stimulation you need to actually wake the nerve up to activate the function again. I have done a couple of things here. We have increased the power for this device just for this. Not only that, I have developed some new, super conducting electros Those electros have a special coding on it that can give you much better conduction Now what you do is, you just put some water on this and activate the conduction property So I put it in the key area, in the mid-arch, and in the heel area. And the fact that you can take it out, you can wash it if you need to; just run some water over it Very, very simple, very effective. Now to start using this, there’s basically a wire inside here. Now this wire can be removed, but you never really need to remove it You have a different type of end here that it designed to fit just this machine. So you just take that out. At first what you do, you just, there’s a little plug here, you just push it in, and push it all the way And make sure you insert the batteries here. And I recommend you use alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries will give you better treatment because you’ll have a nice steady power until it’s all gone and then it stops. If you use a rechargeable or regular batteries the power dwindles overtime, so your fair piece is not very good. So get yourself alkaline batteries. It will make your device work much better. So that’s the basic setup. This device is very easy to use To turn on the power, there’s a little dial here, you just click it on, and that turns on the power. And you have 3 different modes. Mode A, B and C. Each mode, we give you different types of stimulation. Basically, generally, it relaxes your muscles, and help to relieve the pain, and improve circulation. For those of who with very bad nerve damage, I suggest using mode B. Because this one is a very strong, very powerful stimulation that just wakes up your nerves much faster So mode B for the very serious problems that you may have And timer you set for 10, 20, or 40 minutes. And the device will do, is it will turn itself off within the time. So you can be getting a foot massage, or using this on different body parts, and the device will shut itself off. If you have trouble sleeping, use this before you go to bed, and you will help you to sleep much better. So that’s the basic instructions for using this. Now, what you find in your package, you have other wires that allow you to use this device, on its own, seperately, for other body parts So you’ll find a package of wire. Now this wire is different from the one in the machine. Let me open and let me show you Now this wire, has a different plug that’ll allow you to plug it into this machine here. And then on the other end, you have this which allow you to plug in the body pads. So you have one pair of the large flextone pads. This is good for any larger body parts; your lower back, your hip, your knees, rotator cuff, different areas The larger pads are fantastic for that. And you can refer to the other portion of this video/DVD to know how to use on different body parts. See just like that, we can hook it up and now this device can be used for treating other different conditions like back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc. So, very handy Now you’ll also get a pair of the smaller sized pads. And those smaller pads are fantastic for treating neck pain, headaches, any kind of like TMJ, jaw problems, if you have facial paralysis, facial toning, you can use this. So smaller pads, and big pads, this is basically how you connect. And again, refer to the instructional DVD to learn how to use it for treating other conditions Okay, so now I’ll go ahead and show you how to treat your feet. So we’ll plug this back in to the original wire. And you’re going to put this on the floor. Now your system comes with a little bottle, and you can put water in it. What you’re going to do, first thing, is spray the foot pads, especially over the special conducting red electros, I’ve put extra water. And spray some on the bottom of your feet, on both sides, just like that okay Just put your feet on, and turn it on Again, there’s a dial here, I click it on. Keep turning it up, until I feel the stimulation Now, for those of you with nerve damage, you may not feel anything. For someone with normal functioning nerves, usually you start to feel it around 2 on the intensity dial. The intensity dial goes from 1 to 5. So for most people with normal nerve function, you should start to feel something at around 2. If you don’t feel it that means your nerve is damaged So, basically, what you do is you keep turning it up, and turn it up, and even if you go full maximum to the level 5, even though you don’t feel it, don’t worry, just keep it on. Keep it on. What I find is, in practice customers and patients that some of you will actually take 20 to 40 minutes, and some of you, even one hour, before we can wake the nerves up If you have diabetic neuropathy for a long time, if you have sciatic nerve disc problem for a long time The nerves, they becomes numb and basically almost dead, if I would use that word. But, we can wake it up with this device. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people with numbness, no sensation in their feet for years, 10 years, 12 years; after one hour use, everything starts to work again So don’t give up So I say if you have more severe nerve damage, I would use B Because this really gives a good stimulation, it just wakes the nerve up. Just keep using it, until you feel the sensation. And once the nerve wakes up, you’re going to see something different, something really nice and surprising. The power starts to come back, you’re going to feel more and more. As the nerves and muscles start to work again. Then you can actually turn it down, to the point where you’re comfortable and just use it like that. Now how often should you use it? I would recommend you use it, keep it on until you feel the stimulation From the point where you feel the stimulation, continue to use it for at least 20 minutes. That way you actually train the nerve and muscles to work properly again. Very simple, very effective. Now there are some things you should be aware of if you’re diabetic, if you suffer from nerve damage. You should use this every day. I recommend you use this first thing in the morning, use it before you go to bed, even when you come home from a long day; you’re feeling sore, and numb, painful, use it again There’s no worry about over-using it. There’s no drugs involved, safe practically for everyone. If you’re pregnant, you should not use it. If you have a heart-pace maker, do not use it But generally, it’s very safe. If you got a metal implant, you can still use it. Now here are some other uses for this device If you suffer with pain in your foot, if you have what they call heel spurs, a painful spot right here, it’s actually a hardening of the attachment of the ligament, you can use it. If you have plantar fasciitis, which is a pain across the arch of your foot especially first thing in the morning, when you put weight on it, use this, this is very good for that. If you have any kind of joints pain, arthritic joint pain in your toes if what we call bunion, under your big toe, you can use this. Any kind of arthritic pain in your foot, Morton’s neuroma, a really sensitive spot underneath the front pad of your foot, you can use this Now for those for you who are athletic, if you have a history of sprained ankles, this is fantastic. If you sprain on the outside or the inside; most people get it on the outside, this is very good for stimulating healing So if you have any type of injury in your leg, this is fantastic. Those of you who get restless leg syndrome, there’s numbness of feeling up your leg, use this again before you go to bed Those of you who get swelling, water accumulation in your ankles because either your blood vessels aren’t very healthy, or your lymphatics are not very healthy this is an absolutely must for you Because you don’t want all that water accumulating in your legs. That’s very hard for your entire body. So use this to help pump the fluid because when you use this device, you’ll see that it actually helps to pump the fluid that’s been sitting in your ankle, sitting in your lower limb. Because it activates, what we call the second heart. The calf muscle will start to contract, relax, in different rhythms. And that’s the unique thing about the machine It has many different type of stimulations constantly changing. Not like other devices out there, this really works much better, because of our unique auto modulating, pain relieving waves that also activate the pumping of the muscles inside the remove the fluids. So if you have water accumulation, please use this, and use it regularly and you’ll find that you feel healthier and just function better Some of you who travel a lot, you may actually want to use this on the airplane Because by keeping the blood flowing, it may help to prevent blood clotting, which happens a lot to people who fly. Those are all the basic uses. So, again, if you are using this to treat your knee, you can use the big pads. Put them over your knees and it’s fantastic. Like those large flextone pads, you can use them on your knee, for your back, for your hip, different body areas Again, watch the other portion of this instructional DVD, and you will learn how to use it to its full advantage. So enjoy, and please, tell others. So many people out there suffer from similar conditions as yours, or things that you have learned from watching this DVD. But they have no help. They do all the wrong things. And they’re getting worse with time. You need to help them. My purpose in life is to allow you to live a more active, a healthier life with less pain. I want to allow you to do that in the comfort of your own home So you can have it regularly, you get treatment when you need. And that’s very important. I want you to stop relying on taking a pill or having to run to appointment every day. I want to give you something that is easy, very safe, and very effective, and very affordable. And I want you to help others that you know. Please, enjoy this, and have a good health.

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