Dont poison yourself with toxic anti spatter MIG welding

Dont poison yourself with toxic anti spatter MIG welding

testing anti spatter weld aid weld clean contains methylene chloride very nasty can kill you anti spatter can kill you canola is about $11 and can so you spray it on to metal and it stops spatter sticking canola oil which is safe and wont kill you you can use canola it fish and chip shop lady cologne canola is two bucks so now we will test them well go for the sure heavy duty weld aid nasty stuff canola wins and wont kill me

5 thoughts on “Dont poison yourself with toxic anti spatter MIG welding

  1. my mig toxic bugaboo is that damned halogenated cutting coolant the steel yards use. smells like an alley cat's toilet when hit with an arc, and makes your gut feel like you ate your lunch out of one. my anti-spatter is a 2 inch wood chisel which is also my gasket scraper and finger nail crud digger

  2. Noticeably more smoke came off the Canola oil than the official anti spatter……yes, Canola works, but I’m sitting on the fence on this one. Worthwhile test though.

  3. The only issue I see here is, ''run a bead, stop for bacon sandwich'', ''run another, stop for a bucket of chips''.
    Seriously, thank you for taking the time to do this. I'm about to get into some hobby welding and checking out the Bossweld 100 Amp M100 Gasless MIG Inverter Welder from Bunnings, its only $249. (Gas is not an option for me as the price for a welder then the ongoing gas cost is out of my budget). Looking for cheap anti spatter options, your video certainly helped. Thanks again.

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