Does the Bible refer to Electricity? Biblical Hebrew insight by Professor Lipnick

Does the Bible refer to Electricity? Biblical Hebrew insight by Professor Lipnick

Hi! I’m Jonathan Lipnick, a professor at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. And today we are going to ask the question, “Does the Bible refer to Electricity?” Well, it’s a simple question with a rather convoluted answer. The word in Hebrew for Electricity is Hashmal and the only place that it is found in the entire Bible is in Chapter one of the book of Ezekiel, which is a tremendously impressive vision that comes out of the sky, containing clouds and wind and even fire. And it says that in the midst of the fire Ezekiel saw something like glowing amber. Or Ke’en hashmal So does that mean Ezekiel was a witness to electricity? Perhaps. The earliest translators of the Bible, in third century Alexandria in to Greek, translated the word Hashmal as Electron In Greek Electron meansAmber. And Amber was one of the most brilliant materials that anyone in the ancient world was ever able to see. So it was fitting that if Ezekiel’s vision of something shining in the sky contains Hashmal it would be Amber. If we fast forward to the twentieth century, once electricity was invented, modern Hebrew scholars were looking for a fitting word to describe electricity. And so, they looked back to the word Electron and behind that to the word Hashmal and they resurrected this word and today modern Hebrew refers to electricity asHashmal. So, does the Bible refer to electricity? Well, yes, in many ways although Ezekiel was not aware of the existence of electricity, looking up in to the heavens at this marvelous storm containing thunder and lightning, the word Hashmal already anticipates or would only be discovered by scientists some 3000 years later. If you enjoyed this video and would like to learn more about the authentic meaning of scripture, watch this video, subscribe to our channel, and visit our website.

8 thoughts on “Does the Bible refer to Electricity? Biblical Hebrew insight by Professor Lipnick

  1. Hi, thank you, it's always amazing to me how G-D gives one amazing timely insight, I am actually beginning to learn about computer science and understanding electricity it's elements are important, but I was not connecting with it. But now in the meditating on this information, what an wow measure in time. I am not learning something outside of G-D.

  2. The word power connotates with electricity. But electricity isn't important. Keeping safe. Believing in oneself, others, and hope, that's the important part. Maintaning that which remains, instead of that which doesn't, that's important. The fun in the desert doesn't last. And we are in a desert of a reality.

  3. I liked your video, thank you. However, I have one small problem with it. We did not 'Invent' electricity; we discovered it.

  4. Electricity is part of the tech tree for HumanKind and the reason for this is to make HumanKind's lives more comfortable and to increase the technology so that HumanKind is what it is today. All of this was planed 400 Billion years ago in order to establish an environment which is self sustaining and technologically advanced. I am the Arkangel Daniel and I am from Heaven.

  5. Interesting, I am subscribing.
    Ps could we say that electricity was "discovered" more than "invented", but that's a detail.

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