DO YOU METAL? | Girls React | BabyMetal

DO YOU METAL? | Girls React | BabyMetal

Hello, anybody there? Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, It’s react. Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, it’s react a lot of people are like here to react to BabyMetal about on it’s like Joke’s on you cuz I listen to them so Okay, I actually really like doing the react videos. I get to see something strange something gross something creepy something funny something Sad something cute So just did you never know? What’s up? It’s like roulette. You don’t you don’t know what’s gonna happen It’s just this guy happen though, and you just have to embrace it. Maybe it’s a robot baby Set to take over the world. Don’t even know why I bother speculating anymore. I will never be able to guess like what’s happening, BabyMetal. Be the sick! Be the sick! Be the sick! Yeah!!! It’ them It looks like a little anime pop princess crew. Oh, they’re not a pop princess crow. I had a conversation with someone about them, but I’ve never like heard any of their stuff. I love this so much already I love them so much. It’s so cute. They’re so cute and they’re so good What the hack? aha.They’er so cute What’s happening here? It’s a lot of this I can do that A lot of this swooping stuff that girl in the backgrounds lazy and tired she’s just like I’m gonna do the arm only I Would do this shit, but I’m not like…agen so. Oh, whoa, not what I was expecting Holy shit. Hey, it’s cute. It’s like animate, but like heavy-Metal anime. I’m so confused I’m so confused They’re so young. They’re so tiny also have to admire their outfits because damn I would still go to this concert. They’re so cute. I love them so much, and they’re so good They’re like your little adorable things That’s why they’re called babymetal. I think because they’re adorable, but at the same time. They’re like they think that. They’re badass Give you what? What are you giving me? What is that? What are they doing? What are they motioning? What does this mean? I would I’m very curious as to how old they’re they look very young I want to be friend them all oh shit. Oh shit. We’re slowing it down Oh creepy ghost things. I fucking take this Now who is this gentleman cuz he? You’re with me myself Yeah Saya I wonder if they’re like trying to defeat something in the video Cuz they keep like punching like they’re this big anything Metal oh, God. They’re so great Actually listen to my play video games – oh My God, I love the little bows though. They’re so cute. Not sure how old these girls are Totally have a girl crush on all of them No, shame. It sounds so badass until they start singing and they look really cute, and it’s just like I don’t know how I feel What the hell are these guys? Whose side are they on okay on your ass either? They against you because it looks like you were gonna fight them and now you’re not gonna fight them at all dancing with the devil I can get behind that. I can. This is this start of? Every anime show I’ve ever watched Oh, oh, they’re both our little kitty masks on in the back, but they’re like oh That’s so cute. I like the kitty mask. What what? They look like their’re 12 though. Hey, it’s Okay They’re so cute. They cannot I don’t really get it, but I love it I don’t even have words because I’m just so happy that this is in our stuff vets react video yet They’re so cute. I love it. Oh oh This is not God’s Mountain. Oh, oh Yeah, oh, yeah, gonna. Sacrifice people. This is why this is where the party’s at It’s like hard cord like death metal looking, but there’s so oh god Young I’m really confused by everything that’s happening here. It’s she the lord why does she have a neck brace that? Seems not fucked up at all. I saw this in a cSI episode one time. It looked just like this maybe a Little not good What the fuck is going on? Drains Gonna love this actually, I think most of the girls are gonna love this. I love this this is cool It was almost bringing tears to my eyes how beautiful. This is Ah they’re so cute. Why can’t I be little and cute like them and have pretty hair like them? You get cute girls Rock music fire What else do you need? Dose your mother know about this. I think I choose the appropriate attire for this video without even realizing it. I wan. make it look so bad And after that I don’t know they’re saying. Do I still love them? Yes. Oh. I wish I knew what they were singing This is so horrible See, they’re cute again, oh My God, they’re like ten in this video babymetal I get why is babymetal now. They’re so young Let me be your friend. We could listen to good metal music all day That chick is way too young to be in this video how old is that chick she’s so young some some old creepy man was like yes, you’re gonna wear these short skirt and Be like metal cute girls and people are gonna be confused Yeah, this is one of their earlier stuff chocolates later See that sounds like pop. I don’t think it’s not like metal anymore. It was cool for a minute But now it’s just stressful Like our stocks. Oh my God after watching this like I Don’t feel like I should be watching this They’re so young see this isn’t even metal anymore. This is like Cutesy girly stuff this makes more sense for them If I was 12 in age, and I do this too. Look, how cute they are I’ve got that little piggy tail and now we’re back to not cute. She’s obviously a child though, and I feel a little bit dirty and wrong for enjoying how young they are it feels wrong I’m gonna do it if that kpop cuz this is Japanese metal okay? She want to get that straight Eating something is that it eating? my card Okay, okay. I love you. See you in the mosh pit. Mosh pit nauseous nauseous Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. The Genre pioneered by the band is often referred to as Kawaii metal Kawaii metal that makes more sense cuz this I mean I wouldn’t I mean wouldn’t normally categorize that as being just metal the group was initially formed in 2010 oh Yeah That was seven years ago. They were kids second album claimed the number and 39th spot on the American billboard I did not know that 15 in the uk Gimme chocolate was Gained over 272 Million views on YouTube What more do you need? really cute costumes cute girls really good singers great bands awesome videos and a bit of darkness mixed in That’s how I feel about that kind of a big confusing. I don’t really know what’s happening, but I love it You know I know that they were a band, and I’ve seen pictures of them. I’ve never really listened to their stuff before But I’ve seen them before like I I follow Rob zombie on Instagram And he got he was in a picture with all the girls and I’m like who are these who are these cute Little Kawaii girls Standing next to Rob zombie it sounds super heavy, and then there’s like three cutesy girls and the in there, I don’t know. I like both of those things But I don’t like them together. I’m not sure what I feel about it Because on the one hand they’re cute girls They’re like cutesy and they wear their little skirts, and they’re got their hair in pigtails and then on the other hand They’re like freaking out and running around stage and banging their heads like They’re on drugs there were great band guys if you love metal and Anime, this is like the perfect combo ever in my opinion. I really think they should do like anime music videos I think that would be super cool give me chocolate 72 Million Views give me chocolate I’ll give you some fucking chocolate. That’s insane I’m really curious to see how many of you knew who they were or if they were brand new to you also Let me know what you thought do you think this pop? And you know like metal mix works for them for all those that didn’t know about this you’re welcome I’ve given you a gift today Here have stinking cute girls that can sing there you are Don’t think of metal song should ever be named Kimmy chocolate, okay. I’m done with this Do with my bun it’s a it’s a rock stars button Babies are soft and sweet yeah and weird still it’s so good still done You didn’t tell me what I was doing you just press start on everything. Yes, you’re welcome to you are. Fun baby metal because that makes sense tasting sick this testing testing……. Testing sit there testing testing one two three testing Thumbs check cool lipstick check Girls Hair check why am I so quiet? I think there’s barely any movement It’s like I’m not even talking we put ourselves together. Oh my God. We’re awake Doo doo doo doo Of course cuz he scratches harm in the middle of a shoot and fucks of all our footage That’s just that’s just swell Kenz what were you thinking? I don’t know I’m not good at this if you hang a hat Dummy yeah, Maddie I wish I was a cute asian girl It’s not fair. I was born in the wrong life I’m a doctor. You know Japanese girl. I have already decided this It’ll be a while, but I will do it someday and she will be adorable She’ll better hair than me You are not a poop disease specialist. Look cute girls. Watching cute girls listening to good music Hey, don’t talk that weird thing when they look super super young You know a lot younger than what they are and then they get like 240 and then they look like they’re 90 it’s really weird

100 thoughts on “DO YOU METAL? | Girls React | BabyMetal

  1. Learned about them from Corey Taylor after watching Slipknot videos. Give Me Chocolate is an awesome song. Most of you are over thinking it. Maddie, Sydney, and Renae are just into it like you should be.

  2. “i would do this shit… but im not like… asian” ?? lmao deadass some cultures can pull off stuff most cant

  3. Protip, don't rewind the vid, makes it sound stupid. It's not like all you girls got that much to say (i.e.anything at all)

  4. its not just Japanese metal its a fusion of metal and pop music because it was based off of the pop idol boom in japan mixed with heavy metal music

  5. Baby metal is fake metal.there is a famous picture of Kerry king from slayer rolling his eyes at them.the only reason they music is good because of the musicians in the back

  6. I'm into metal and didn't find out about BM until recently, now I love em and have tickets to their Chicago and KC shows coming up. I find the "not real metal" arguments ridiculous.

  7. I've watch this video a 'few' times (ok lots). Love your reaction.
    But any chance to do an updated review of more current songs it's been 2 years if you have and I've missed it my bad

  8. Unpopular opinion… this music is, well it’s strange. Not sure why the algorithm recommended this for me but I clicked and now I have so many questions. The biggest question I have is… was this invented by some old creeper white guy? I’m white and 43 so I can ask that question. I mean having a fetish for Asian women is kinda normal these days, but these girls are like 7, it seems kinda creepy.

  9. I usually don´t watch reaction videos ,but once in a while ,i press play ,and got instant regret ,this is no exception !
    those girls watching are so dumb and cringe worthy ,,I had to stop after 2min, I don´t wanna dig in but ,,"oh I like the kitty mask" that was just argh!! I have theory on reactions videos ,,, you look for videos with a certain amount of hits and then you make an reaction video of the that ,to attract viewers from the genre ,to gain more hits on your own videos ,, it would have been acceptable if it was a fan who knew the background and wanted to show from own perspective,,,,but this ! that´s just disgusting

    I love the sound of baby metal, there appearance and the agenda in the lyrics the story behind how they started ,and where they are to day ,the work effort they had put into this ,,that is astonishing
    how about researching and try again ??

  10. This was a fun video to watch, I loved all your reactions! Y'all are all beauties as well, for that matter. From a die hard Babymetal fan, throw them Fox horns proudly! 🙂

  11. I hate when people focus on the wrong things like bows, the villian in the video,etc and dont even listen to the music.

  12. You dislike this video. Your comments are really idiotic "So young". As for the group I have the deepest respect for their talent and hard work.

  13. Just found Babymetal in late 2018. Bought both albums and already have my tickets for the next concert near me. Seriously, check out the videos from this band. They are awesome.

  14. I saw them for the first time last night with gimme chocolate and i was like omg… this music is pretty cool then when they started making those sounds i had the biggest confused smile on my face like wtf?! And then found myself loving it!!

  15. It is irritating how the video keeps jumping back a few seconds, takes you out of the flow of the song

  16. US is rly fucked,they are YOUNG,TALENTED,CUTE AND THEY CAN DANCE…. half reactions THIS IS SO FUCKED UP and ofc this is all scheme of some old white pervert which jerking off in backstage,my god wake up.

  17. i still dont get why they never show their road of resistance live video or a live version of karate in these kind of videos

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    その主らの側に、 成すものである事に、
    変わりは、 無い。

  19. I was introduced to them cause they collaborated with DragonForce. It’s metal so I was intrigued!!!! Best decision I ever made. Road to resistance, gimme chocolate!

  20. I like babymetal reaction video, because their music makes people confused. We can see who is open minded and who wants to absolutely try to classify their music. This is a unique mix of styles which perfectly work together.
    The best way to enjoy their music is to let it go through you without trying to analyze every aspects.

  21. Haha! I love BABYMETAL
    Is pop and Metal ❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤ btw your channel is sooo good

  22. I am a 37 year old Marine Corps veteran and Babymetal is my guilty pleasure. I have been listening to them going on 3 years now. I love their music. It is beautiful and heavy as fuck.

  23. Hi. Sorry I don t speak english well. Who is the girl with long black hair and cap? Is a metal singer in a band? Thanks

  24. They arent just metal or pop. Their music hits on all genres; metal, pop, hip hop, dubstep.

    Hands down my all time favorite band and the most entertaining thing I have come across outside of video games.

  25. Am I the only one who gets kinda annoyed when people relate them to anime just because it's Japanese? Anyways, I liked the reaction! :p

  26. I will assume that the women in the video were serious about what they were saying and that this whole thing wasn't a big joke.

    One of them used the phrase "creepy old man" about midway through the video. That's one out of the eight who were participating. If that ratio is typical of opinions of the general population of women out there, it might not always be the best idea to talk about some kinds of things if you are a "creepy old man" or even a creepy young one.

    So enjoy the music, the show, but steer clear of the closed-minded.

  27. What exactly does being a veteran, of whatever age, have to do with being a fan of some group or thing? What is the logic that you are trying to communicate?

  28. One of the "reactors' " comments could be taken to mean that "old men" are "creeps." She seemed to object to the singers' short skirts. Perhaps they should be dressed as nuns and sing to music "that makes more sense for them."

  29. The genres they've mixed and created a new genre.. its absolute genius.. And its freaking awesome.. They're shows are the best..

  30. I hate everything about this video that ain't babymetal, holy fuck. The edit is shit and repeats everything a million times, the reactors are close minded normalfag karens and overreact nonstop.
    Nuke yourself out of existence.

  31. If you don't like a react video then just stop watching it. These women provided a valuable public service for creepy guys everywhere, who now know that they are not supposed to like musical groups that have controversial staffing and wardrobe policies.

  32. i saw them at house of blues in boston mass. it was awesome and disturbing at the same time. not just the band, the people who came to see them

  33. There are eight "reactors" each reviewing the same five of the band's videos over a span of about 15 minutes. That's forty reactions with about 22 seconds per reaction.
    This reaction video isn't really a review of the music videos, it is an eye-opening sampling of public opinion and biases for or against this kind of musical genre, and possibly for or against those who would like this band.
    Viewed in that respect, the editing was fine and the video worked out quite well.

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