Dj XS Funk Mix – 100% Flame Grilled Funky Hip Hop, Reggae & DnB BBQ Beats Free Download

100 thoughts on “Dj XS Funk Mix – 100% Flame Grilled Funky Hip Hop, Reggae & DnB BBQ Beats Free Download

  1. Speaking from the mouth of a Sound Guy, this GUY is FREAKING AWESOME!! his sound and music selection are far better than the "so-called Street DJ" who is where he is because of his Street Cred." The guy even threw in a few hip-hop classics and remade them with his own beats and mixing! I forgot about the  "Nod Factor" (Madd Skillz) and "Represent" (Grand Daddy IU) until now! If I even have have a BBQ party in my backyard—I would rock this mix. Great Stuff that is worth saving on your mp3 player!

  2. Where is that comment where someone writes exact timing when each song begins when you need it? 🙁

  3. Dude, you killed it with the funkiness! Huge thanks, man. Gonna drop this beat at my next gymnastics session 😀

  4. Dude , you kild me with a good mixes i dont know how you maked but you are probebly the best in the world , in my country has bean a war , this is the first best mix ever i lisened and the ather vol. 2 i relax bro like never before , i like even bean my friend , i like to i knowet you , i dont have a word , bro you are …… so fucking good , etscusme but i must say it that way because this is the one of good thing you maket of the war

  5. So gonna be bumpin' your mixes on the pontoon this summer!!!!! LOUD, so everyone on the lake hears it 🙂 Might even have to upgrade the wake boarding boat system too!

  6. djxs connait mes pensées musicales les plus "secrètes", le bonheur d'être comprise…. j'adore… merci

  7. Hello man.. thanks for this nice mix.., but what did you do with that nice quality 1:04:50 and what about that all 1 minute pause at 1:05:05 ? ..Its my best part and you are killing me about that! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Oh man. I tried to download this from soundcloud but it doesn't work 🙁 can I get it from anywhere else? Its so bad ass

  9. Any chance there is some devine being out there that can tell me where to find this picture at i need it… for reasons…

  10. Always great to listen to your mixes…especially working in the paddocks way down south in Aussie…high fives n thanks..

  11. nice miss, i can't tell if your remixing yourself or just doing a little bit of everything. But you got skills. You should produce. you got a good ear…

  12. Failsafe when there's a bizzy,boozy,room I'm buzzy takes all the responsabilty, no stress kick back its dj xs, stay on the good foot and fight the good fight€@$¥!

  13. Smoothwater says, crucially 🔥🔥🔥👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿! Keep the beats🔥, FUNKY ASS WHITEBOY👦-😘😀😀👍🏿!!!

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