DIY Welding Helmet Integrated Neck Protector (Update Available) Superseded

DIY Welding Helmet Integrated Neck Protector (Update Available)  Superseded

I was doing overhead welding and getting a lot of sparks down my neck and also I was working near some white wall and getting sunburn and welding burn from reflection in order to keep sparks from going down my neck but I made this thing which I attach to my helmet. I will show you how I did it and it keeps the sparks from going down my neck going down my neck and I can
also wrap around the front to protect my throat Here is the cloth part. 64 centimeter this way and 44 cms that way which is roughly 25 inches and this way 17 inches Will vary with different masks I cut this curve based on the helmet
I literally wrapped it inside my helmet where I wanted it to go and marked it with soapstone. and cut it. On this side is the hook side of the velcro On the helmet side are the loops The dark side is towards my hair To keep light from reflecting around inside
the helmet, so this helps This is on the outside, which helps reflect light / heat away Inside the helmet it’s hard to see black-on-black but this is the loop side of the velcro. I did this to all
around and inside the rim. It’s easier to see on the outside because you can see the stitching. I started down here below and just about every every 5 millimeters drilled a hole I used a Dremel with a small drill bit but any kind of drill works. I pre-marked it and then I drilled it and the width is that of the velcro all the way around; stitch it in there. Then use white glue to protect the stitches from light and abrasion The thread must be cotton, do not
use polyester or synthetics The heat and light from welding will cause synthetics to fail quickly That’s all there is to this piece, the drilling and the stitching here it is reinstalled just put the velcro in contact with each other easy to peel out, protects you neck from sunlight from welding or grinding sparks people working overhead Built-in head and neck protection
for a welding helmet Hope you found it interesting

5 thoughts on “DIY Welding Helmet Integrated Neck Protector (Update Available) Superseded

  1. Great job. Big thumbs up. I have welded in some tight places before,that sure would have came in handy. Thank you for sharing.
    All the best.

  2. I'm looking for this exact fix for light coming in the back of my shield. I'm curious how the threading held up over time. was it worth it to thread it or maybe just super glue the Velcro?

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