Diy Spot Welder Timer for 18650 batteries | Off Topic Ep 8

Diy Spot Welder Timer for 18650 batteries | Off Topic Ep 8

so today we’re going to make a DIY circuit to control a spot welder stick around if you saw in my last video I put together a DIY spot welder using lithium polymer cells also a DIY circuit board that I designed and today we’re gonna take that same board that you saw in the last video and we’re gonna put it in a permanent circuit like this this is something that I’m gonna do to live it here then battery hook-up and then we’re gonna start doing the design for more detail and permanent circuit board that we’re gonna order and hopefully you get to use that for your DIY projects now this whole idea comes from the need that it’s out there for you to build better and faster battery packs so with that in mind we were trying to build a spot welder that could use to be used to do nickel and fusing and most of the time it’s not possible especially with the different materials that you have in your house so this video is only to build a circuit board and it’s not gonna be based on building the battery because you know I’m just putting together two lithium polymer batteries together in parallel and then using that to output probably 400 up to 900 amps in just a glint of a second so it’s gonna be a long one but hopefully you’re gonna like it stick around so for this DIY circuit we’re gonna use a relay this is just in 12-volt really and I actually salvaged this from a or that town from battery hooked up as laying around we’re gonna use a typical protoboard this is used to do more permanent circuits so we’re gonna use two push buttons like this one I’m also going to use three 10 micro farad capacitors this is another piece that we’re going to use it is not a must have but it’s a nicely 1/2 it’s just you so this is how my set up those I got faucet it I will go through solenoid over here and I got a negative I will go to my negative over your bad buddy but also it’s right now this circuit it’s open over here and when I triggered the relay it’s gonna allow the full 12 volts go to the siRNA which allows the whole voltage annapolis go from the Bible that basically it’s all connected together well use this switch right here the push button to charge the little cap and this wants to discharge those low camp and trigger the whole system what we’re looking for for this test is to hear a loud click just like that basically means that when I’m making the connections over here I’m also connecting this and you can hear that sound it’s basically the solenoid that’s connecting together so there you go DIY circuit to trigger a spot welder and have a specific amount of time to not burn the cells and stuff like that we are still testing this but it is possible I know I talked to some of you and said that these batteries are quite too large for something like this we already tested this with a tree s1p using lithium polymer batteries and believe me they are way too powerful for something like that but are using two cells in parallel it’s more than enough to spot well a battery like this so now you have a better idea on how to create a circuit board and in the future videos I would go step by step on how to sign it and also I will teach you what software I use to make my diagram in the meantime just remember this video is sponsored by battery hookup and hope you guys like it there’s gonna be links below if you want to visit the store of battery hook-up on anyway and you’re still there you know there’s a website coming just pay attention to the video if you haven’t subscribed please do so and also like and share because that’s what helps me god bless you all and I’ll see you in the next one

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    LiPo Batteries used for the Spot Welder:


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  2. Don't use the relay like that, it will rip the pads off the board.
    A footswitch is much more comfortable. It's better to use both hands to weld.
    You don't need a controller to trigger the timing. A cheap timer ic will do.
    Now you always have to push two buttons. That would drive me nuts.

    You are missing a Diode over both of the relay coils.

    May I send you a picture?

  3. Simple Spot Welder! How many amps can the solinoid handle?wondering how long it will last with the high amp blasts. Time will tell after testing and using for a while. I have a crazy mercury solinoid I got from my recycler, ill have to see what it can handle???

  4. Hey Javier, been kinda sick for the past 5-6 week, been having allot of the health issues that plague me for the past 8 years catch up, hoping to be back in the saddle soon. Not sure if you've ever had a chance to watch my videos, but I have done DIY Spot Welders just about any way you can think of, without using crazy circuitry. Testing and fine-tuning them all, till they tab a 18650 perfectly. I have probably 9 total welders(2 of them Capacitor welders), 1 car battery welder, 1 made from 2 x 7.5ah UPS batteries and 5 made from MOTs. I have used all kinds of simple tricks to control the power with one of my Favorites using a dimmer and Snubbers to control the amperage. I've been building these types for the past 1year. I plan to show my newest Capacitor welder once I get back to the videoing. That one I can actually tab a few batteries with one charge. I also designed a circuit board to use with the caps. I made a single cap board and a, 12v that can be stacked. Here is my channel if your ever just chilling and looking for some quick ideas. Just drop me a line anytime-


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