DIY lawn mower trailer / garden cart

DIY lawn mower trailer / garden cart

So we’re working on our lawn cart we’re making it about a 3 by 5. Sorry we didn’t have anything of the cutting, grinding, and prep but nobody wants to see that anyway it takes too long. So now we’re starting out with just the bottom frame got it all squared and tacked up. And now he’s just finishing up. Then we’ll put
the side rails and stuff and make it probably about a foot tall. Kind of like a utility
trailer but just a little thing for the lawn mower. Alright got our cross braces for the bottom. Fixin to put those on and then we’ll do the
tongue. Then we still got to cut the one more for the middle. We decided to do 3 instead of 2 just because of this scrap we had for the tongue wasn’t quite as long as we had
planned. So we had to scoot the one up front a little bit closer and then will be ready.
Next Step tack these on, and the third one, then we’ll flip him over. Okay last of the three braces going in. Got our little tongue there getting ready to put him on to. Now we’re going to get him measured up so it’s nice and centered. Centered and
straight like I said it’s just a lawn cart so I really don’t care that much but don’t
want it to pull crazy with the lawn mower. So good old Harbor Freight we got the dolly with one of their super coupons for $39 and will be the perfect wheel set for the bottom. The actual wheels themselves are like $14 each so with your coupon it’s almost the same. Then you still have to make up some kind of axle. Anyway that came with the five eighths inch rod already pre-drilled and everything cotter pins and you got your little A-frame
for the wheels and everything. So chop this up and it will become the wheel set for the cart. Sorry about that as you can see I’ve missed some videos since the last little clip. Alright so getting the side rails on. Didn’t have the phone a while ago so forgot to take some videos but basically the same thing we said yesterday we’re just finally getting the side rails on. And getting that
all tacked up. Got the actual welding going now. Then we have the 4… Four more to put
on the two in the middles there. And then just put the wheels on and the tongue and we’re done. All right there she goes. All we have left
now some deck boards for it and we’ve got us a little 3 by 5 lawn mower cart from a
Harbor Freight recycled dolly, wheels and stuff. Even got cool little fenders. So we’ll probably finish him up. We got the little tongue made just welded a little piece of quarter inch plate we had on a nut to give it separation. And put the deck boards in
ready to go. Not going to worry about a tailgate or anything like that because it’s just going to be for picking up wood and hauling stuff around the acreage here. Anyway… there you go. If you want some plans or anything like that we just kind of made
it from bed rails and scrap that we had sitting around. And you know some of it that’s why it’s pieced together. We’ve got two by two, half inch, and one by one and a half inch angle iron all over the
thing so anyway almost done. Alright lawn cart almost finished going to
put the sides on but can’t decide if I wanted to use treated plywood or something else so we’ll see. But for now usable, all done, painted, deck boards on. Used him a couple times already. Ready to go.

42 thoughts on “DIY lawn mower trailer / garden cart

  1. what did u do with the axle. I'm trying to build one and unsure how to do the axle between the two hangers for it

  2. Looks good.We need more people like you teaching kids how to fabricate,That is a great project for people to learn the trade.If you love what your doing-you'll never work a day of your life.

  3. Awesome job on the lawn cart. How far back did you put the axel from center of the wheel to the front of the cart?

  4. pues esta muy bonito tu remolque, pero le faltan unas muelles al eje, yo creo que ha de saltar como sapo.

  5. Thanks for sharing your ideas. . little blue trailer looks cool.. I'm going to make one to give the my nieces and nephews rides. . Hello from Texas USA. .

  6. that is also a great idea . And I know just where to buy some of the thick plastic ones. . thanks again. TEXAS PRIDE FOR EVER..

  7. something like that would be perfect for my power wheelchair for a car tow behind. and i could even latch it up to my chair and take the kids to the park.. now just coming up with it..sighs

  8. Thanks for the idea. I made a trailer last weekend. Used the hand truck wheels from harbor freight and the handle for the extension to the hitch. Perfect for the lawn more tow behind.

  9. Camera Man all TALKING :(((. Its the other guy that made this DANM thing, LMAO. Another note, You got plenty of steel and a welding Gun, why bother with the Dolly. WTF ???? Small bracket and a Rod would be cheaper. They sell the Wheel at Harbor Freight for 8 bucks each, LOL.  Always use treated wood, ply wood will ROT and 2 years later, you will have to do it again :((. 2nd Note: Grind or File all the Sides Sharp Corners so People or you don't get hurt :((((

  10. I made almost the same design. I used an old bike for wheels and welded handles from junk mowers on either side that work great as weed eater and blower racks.

  11. Nice little trailer!
    I know that this is an older video but I'm curious as to how much weight you think it can handle? I'm wanting to build a similar size trailer for yard work but also double as a trailer to pull my wife and 14 year old son around the yard for fun behind a Snapper RER mower. I might also try to pull it around with our off road go kart which has a torque converter. Of course not fast, just to mill around in. We both can't fit in the go kart at the same time so I'm trying to find a compromise so that we can still have some fun cruising around!

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  13. You have it wrong.. people love watching cutting and grinding and all that.. What people don't like is dark grainy videos with useless commentary..

  14. Nice simple design. I need to weld a little trailer for the property. Good opportunity to make one with my everlast welder this summer.

  15. Good one thank you. But one thing I have to tell you is please use gimbal atleast & what's the name of that vehicle (Red). Please mention. Thanks again……

  16. Do you have the specs for this, and a list of material, ie: steel angle iron, hardware, axle eyc??? This is a great build and would like use this idea. Also what your total cost in material to build this? I'm wanting to build one as the dump carts sold in box stores etc are a joke, thin metal, sub par axle eyc. Thanks

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