DIY Corner Clamp / Jig (Updated Version Available) Superseded

DIY Corner Clamp / Jig (Updated Version Available)  Superseded

I have already started on this project but thought other people might be interested I’m going to make a corner clamp Just a piece of metal. I can use regular C clamps like this Clamp stuff to it at 90 degrees which is useful This is 8 x 8 inch that I made a while back but I wanted a smaller one that will handier so I started out with something smaller like
this, 6 x 6 inch I also had a 4×4 inch that I cut in half and from there what I did was to weld the first piece on here. I start out with 2 tack welds, 1 here and a tack weld on the other side (still a little bit warm) then I checked for squareness Squared it if needed and then I put
these 2 braces here tack welded these 2 braces on here quickly to make sure it stays that way then the next step (get my hands out of the way) If I just weld along here it will warp (shrkink) badly So what I’m going to do is make a series of cuts through here this way about every 2 centimeters centimeters a little bit less than an
inch and then I will weld along those and then I
will go back and make cuts in between and then re-weld those until pretty much
what I have is a solid weld across here but the welds will be running perpendicular and I tried that with this one and it worked
very well; it did not warp so I will repeat that process. I won’t
show you all my welding I will just show you the steps in between but now I’m getting ready to mark and cut and then I’ll show you from there. As you can see I made 5 cuts through here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 roughly halfway through
this metal It is 6 millimeters thick and roughly
a 3 millimeter cut on each one of those and I will weld
along each one of these and then clean those up and I’ll come
back and recut in between and weld those I’ll go off and do the first set of weldings and come back when I’m done and here the first 5 welds Again I will go back, I’m going to cut these
next Cut in between each one and weld. By the way I to start at one end, I weld this one, then I jump back to this one then jump back to this one, then this one, then this one. so I don’t heat up one and two much again that technique worked last time so
I’m hoping it will work again this time now off to cutting and welding the next set Still too hot to handle but the there is
not perfect Could have carried my welds out a little bit farther but okay adequate so It’s been ground off and is ready for the next side so I will start that process Something to to consider before you start welding. Notice I have a point, I found the most 90 degree corner on this plate. They’re not all 90 degrees And I also picked the flatest side I ran straight edge along here check to see which side is the flatest Those 2 things are important The tack welds are in on the next piece, here and over there. I had to do a little bit of adjusting to be honest about it but It is now pretty square and I will put in the braces like I did before Put in 2 braces here. Make sure to leave room to check for squareness here and then I’ll
move on so next; braces I am about to repeat the same process on this side and I will cut, cut, cut… cut a and then weld each one of those and then re cut and grind it off. I will not show all that process
we’ve already been through that once I will just go ahead and do it. It will take about 10 cuts and welds It’s almost done. More grinding to do but I am out of grinding wheels. I got a little bit overly
enthusiastic when I cut off the supports Probably won’t bother with that but That’s what it looks like. Got a bit of grinding left to do on it Here’s the back side. Good idea to make the back nice and level so it lays flat when you’re working with it. This trick kept it from warping I measured it and it’s very square. It’s a good weekend project: a way to burn some welding rods have a little bit of fun. Anyway hope you enjoyed. Bye

13 thoughts on “DIY Corner Clamp / Jig (Updated Version Available) Superseded

  1. Jim, just fyi your note was flagged a spam. I don't know any myself. Next time I'm at Jutujak market I will ask the vendors, but to be honest it's probably a long shot since most are just resellers and protect their sources.

  2. James. Try googling "chaiwat brass". They have a website and show up near the top. They do big sculptures and have a showroom at JJ market. Not sure how interested they will be in OEMing or such, but it's worth a shot. Good luck.

  3. thankyou very much tsbrownie….
    I am returning in 2 weeks working to soi 64 studio for 2 months working on art[acryric on photographs and mixed media collage hopefully for a exhibit here in San Francisco.The info was for my artist friend Larry Bell that was interested in throwing a huge bronze sculpture here in Thailand..He could not find anyone in Bkk.So the work went to an Oklahoma foundry.The work is in Hong Kong a great piece..Thanks again ..jimcortesos

  4. Unfortunately not, wish I had a plan or an idea but as you said there are always something that is missing. I also don't get time to really sit and plan because of work, I want to "invent" a hobby for myself but tools are expensive these days. Thank you very much for replying.

  5. I am very interested in the 90 degrees to the joint method you have used here, thank you for sharing.  Do you have any other tips to reduce weld warpage?

  6. Why not just weld a couple 1/4" X 2 or 3 inch angle iron to some 90/45 degree gussets? Heck of a cot easier and less time consuming! Or even just get some 1/2" thick by 6" X 6" Angle and cut it into what ever length needed to clamp in the corners?

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