DIY CNC Router on Certiflat Welding Table Part 9: Update Running Linux

DIY CNC Router on Certiflat Welding Table Part 9: Update Running Linux

hey YouTube so it’s been about a year
and a half since I did it in videos on the third flat CNC machine and frankly I
haven’t done anything with it since then it’s been kind of a workbench and
catch-all for storm throwing stuff on top of table I ran into a project the
other day that I wanted to use the machine to do some some scenes he worked
and I that system of g-code was going to be over 500 lines and I was running off
with a desktop PCs using the free demo of Mach 3 that limits you to 5 necklines
and so at that point I decided I was going to jump into linuxcnc I ended up
with this laptop that has a dock line with a parallel port on the back and the
dock hang straight to the bust and I wanted to try that see if it was going
to work for a true parallel port system and I earned the DB image of linuxcnc
and threw it in the laptop and I didn’t didn’t downloading installers or drivers
or anything like that is through the TV screen into the laptop and was able to
get this laptop running on Linux you can see when I have it on the dock it’ll go
into a you know a desktop based type based machine and running
with the external monitor it the latency the latency numbers are still the same
but it’s extremely lagging trying to actually go on machine so that wasn’t
gonna work out for me I can however run a wireless people work and I used the
machine and it doesn’t seem to lag the laptop at all so I’ve been really happy
with that I scratched using the craftsman toolbox
since I’m I ain’t well I found this media cart and it just seems to be a
better a better fit than the craftsman toolbox and having a laptop instead of
that ginormous old PC it just seemed to be a better system I’ve tried
after I got linuxcnc work on this I’ve tried but and letting CNC onto that
black ball every excuse me that desktop and it wasn’t gonna work out
so I played with it a little bit I cut some stuff I broke a few broke a few
router bits just crashing into the table and still learning process I’m not running
any lint switches on the machine it’s still just basically exactly how it was
in the end of the the other videos the wires are just wire left again
and it’s just just just just enough to get it running and that’s it so the next
video still will be again getting this this media cart into a permanent kind of
a permanent situation and then I’ll get to working on the machine and get the
wiring all squared away and then it switches in it
cable tracks and stuff like that so thanks for watching and subscribe

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  1. Vic, that's a really cool setup! I hadn't seen your CNC before. Never thought to do one around such a great workholding platform. Was that your own idea?

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