Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Fuse Kit and Wire Harness (Whirlpool Part # 8193762)

Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Fuse Kit and Wire Harness (Whirlpool Part # 8193762)

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today
we are going to show you how to change the fuse kit and wire harness on your dish washer.
It’s a pretty easy job, all we are going to need number fifteen torx driver, small
flat blade screw driver and a pair of wire strippers. Let me show you how we do it. Now
the first step in this repair will be to disconnect the power supply to the dish washer as we
will be working near some live circuits. Next we’ll open the door remove four screws
across the top and the next two down. So six screws in total, with a number fifteen torx.
Next we’ll tilt the control panel forward that gives us the access to the component.
Now our next step will be to remove the control board and its housing you can see where the
thermal cut off is mounted to the side of the control board housing so we’ll need
to remove the control board housing to get a better access to it. So to do that simply undo the connected to
the membrane switch, just tuck that a little away. Next with our flat blade screw driver
I’m going to disengage the locking tabs at the front of the control board and then
we’ll lift the control board and housing out. You can see there is a couple of locking
tabs that hold the thermal cut off to the control board housing, with our flat blade
we’ll disengage those. Now our next step will be to cut these two
wires the black and the black with a white stripe, oh, no more than an inch back from
the end of the terminals and we can discard the old thermal cut off. Now with our wire
strippers, use the number sixteen gauge cutter we’ll strip back a quarter of an inch on
each of these two wires and we’ll twist the copper conductors together till nice and
tight then we’ll insert these into the terminal block on our new thermal cut out. And then
tighten the screw down till the screw is snug. It doesn’t matter, which of these two wires
go into, which terminal. Now with this kit they send you a piece of
a mile or a film that we’ll insert right underneath the tabs before we mount it on
the side of the control panel housing, then we are just simply going to snap that into
place. Now we are ready to mount the control board housing back into the control housing,
make sure we bring that connector for the membrane switch out and engage the two tabs
in the end of the control board housing and snap it into place. And the we’ll reconnect the membrane switch
and also send us a couple of wire ties zip ties that we can locate this harness away
from any electrical components, just snug that up, and we’ve got the wires tugged
out of the way. We are ready to reinstall the control panel to main door panel, next
we’ll reinstall the control panel in its proper position just hold it in place and
put a couple of screws in at the top first, next we’ll reconnect the power and then
test for operation and our repair is complete, told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching
and good luck with your repair.

8 thoughts on “Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Fuse Kit and Wire Harness (Whirlpool Part # 8193762)

  1. So why not just unplug the old thermal fuse and plug in the new one using the old connectors? Are they not just spade connectors?

  2. I have no lights, no response on the dishwasher as though the breaker is open, but I have power passing through the door closing latch interlock (don't know official terminology) when manually engaged. Is this fuse kit, wiring harness a possible cause? Than you.

  3. Ordered my part yesterday afternoon & got it this morning. I was able to do the repair myself using this video. Watching how to do everything took away my worries and made it easy. I saved time and money not having to call a repairman, thank you!

  4. My dishwasher had the start and cancel lights blinking for a while. I had to reset the power in order to get it to work. Sometimes this would not work, sometimes I had to leave the power (breaker) off for a while. No it wont do nothing at all. Does this sound related to a fuse problem?

  5. Thank you so much! We were able to diagnose the problem using the PartSelect website, the part arrived next day, and we were able to install it easily with this video. The dishwasher works again with no issues. 🙂

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