Dicas de Soldagem – Como Remover Metal com Eletrodo Revestido (trincas, chanfros e goivagem)

Dicas de Soldagem – Como Remover Metal com Eletrodo Revestido (trincas, chanfros e goivagem)

Hélio Welding Tips How to remove metal with coated electrode Hello guys, today we will present another welding tip. In maintenance and repair it is common to find situations Where we have to cut, pierce, chamfer and gyrate. To repair or recover a part We should remove the fatigued material with ChamferTrode 03. For example, to eliminate cracks we should identify the crack, through penetrating liquid test, Search the ends of the crack to prevent it from spreading, and then remove the crack completely with ChamferTrode 03 Next, We’ll take a step-by-step look at how to do this. Step by Step Crack Removal Procedure used for cast iron and tool steel. Identify the ends of the crack and drill to prevent the spread Initiate Clearing with ChamferTrode
03 If necessary, make passes until removal complete crack Then fill in Apply passes until complete crack completion Well, The advantages of ChamferTrode 03 are No special equipment required Only conventional welding equipment. We have these electrodes in the 3.2mm (1/18 “) gauges. Which uses current from 250 to 320 amps And 4.0mm (5/32 “) that uses 300 to 370 amps. Unlike graphite electrodes, The ChamferTrode 03 does not require the use of a special torch And compressor, Besides causing little distortion in the base metal, Any welder will be very easy To work with ChamferTrode 03. Next, we’ll see coach França Perform material removal And also drilling with ChamferTrode 03, Metal Removal with ChamferTrode 03 It does not produce hard areas like graphite. Metal Drilling with ChamferTrode 03 Ideal for Cast Iron Well As we can see in the video the electrode forms an acute angle with the part. The chamfering operation is initiated by blowing the molten metal Pushing the electrode forward Maintaining permanent contact with the part Well, I hope you liked the video Questions or suggestions leave in the comments area Do not forget to give a LIKE Subscribe to the channel To receive more welding tips. E-mail:[email protected] Fone: +55 11 3113-2800 Visit our website: www.eutectic.com.br

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  1. Olá amigo, esse eletrodo serve para fazer esse tipo de trabalho em cabeçote de motores de ferro fundido? Com esse eletrodo não precisa aquecer em forno de carvão a 800graus? Fiquei interessado em saber.

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