Day in the Life of a Tulsa Welding School Graduate: Matt K. Feeling Cool Welding For a Career

Day in the Life of a Tulsa Welding School Graduate: Matt K. Feeling Cool Welding For a Career

I think I decided to go into welding just because of how interesting it is how many different things you can do with it from building cars to you know roller coasters or ships tanks you know a bunch of that stuff and just interested me the whole hands-on part of the trade rather than sitting there reading out of a book you can actually sit there and read off of a blueprint and create something out of it before graduating high school leading up to graduating high school we we had that there’s always that sense of being lost kind of what do we do there probably were some questions about what Matt’s future would look like just because he he always needed something that was different than conventional I have no idea what I’m going to do you know about to be 18 technically an adult he was always really good at wanting to do things and make things with his hands I hate sitting in a classroom i was very excited when he stumbled on an interest in welding and I don’t think that I realized how much always going to like welding but it it just seemed like a good decision just seemed like it kind of the whole idea of it fell into place such a good time it was hard to pass up on it even if I wasn’t a welder for a living I could still have a great time building things and doing things that I could only do if i knew how to weld get myself a piece of land having a truck and having solid work is probably one of the main goals right now like that some room to do things you shoot guns and have dogs and the goal is definitely reachable you just got to put in hard work right now I’m working for a small shop all welding shop welding fabrication I was all new to what they were doing I had no idea how that shop ran Matt early in his career is doing very well for his age he was willing to give me a chance and kept me around he’s got a lot of energy he stays with it and tries to get every time weld he tries to get better and better and that’s what you need and that’s what you want and a lot of people think I’m crazy for hiring young people but I’m not that’s what I I’m gonna do I’ll hire another Tulsa graduated if I get a chance and grow cool to finally find something that I was actually decent at and felt like I could work to get better at it and just had that that interested in you know and going through welding school we got tired sweaty burnt and to come in there and kind of get graded and pushed your limits and then someone tell you ya like you did a pretty good job you’re like all that work i just put it feels good and it doesn’t change in the workplace either it’s cool there’s a really cool factor to it you know you most people can’t deny they feel a little cooler when they got their hood on and their welding and people walk by and look at them you know I’m Matt K and I’m a Tulsa Welding School graduate

7 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Tulsa Welding School Graduate: Matt K. Feeling Cool Welding For a Career

  1. If you have any desire for working with you hands, You should really consider #TWS

  2. This is a day in your life? Blah blah blah, and advertise your school. Dang. I wanted to see some real welding, not that coupon crap.

  3. This was a boring video and didn’t inspire me to join the school or pursue welding. I’m now thinking of a different career choice. Working in a shop doesn’t pay anything , barely a couple more dollars than minimum wage. I’d like to know how many people get out of this school and actually get out there on the pipeline making good money . Not so bored and broke that you’re here making a advertisement commercial for a trade school that doesn’t offer any transferable credits.

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