David’s Experience with TWS Graduates at Ingalls Shipbuilding – TWS Employer Testimonials

David’s Experience with TWS Graduates at Ingalls Shipbuilding – TWS Employer Testimonials

TWS prepares their students in a way that the industry works every day meaning the employees must be at work every day they must be dedicated to doing the job right and a good job doing right every time so you don’t have rework and the staff of TWS instills that their students and when students graduate they understand what the industry requires and and those students perform to that standard then that means a lot to industry because when we come to TWS we know what they’ve been trained in how they’ve been trained the thing attracts us to TWS graduates is their ability to meet the certification process is required for military work they’re trained to the level that can pass our requirements and they do it very successful the dedication staff to training individuals to meet the industry needs particular needs maritime industry criterias is pretty tough and the staff at TWS dedicated to training goes individuals to meet those needs and they do an excellent job and doing that today our need for employees or will call ship fitters that’s the people that fits the steel and welders which is welded steel and we’re heavily recruiting both of those out of Tulsa welding school here in Jacksonville and they’re they’re doing outstanding job they will have ship fitter graduating later in the year and we’re intending to hire many of those the relationship between Ingalls and TWS is the school staff as a whole all away from the president down to the instructors and administration people is very close we communicate on a weekly basis as far as our need and what their graduation looks like and request the students want Testament I serve on the advisory committee with TWS and I have input and other industries have input as well as to what their need is in the requirements of the welders to meet their need and I believe that TWS graduates are prepared when they graduate to go into any area of manufacturing that they would like to go in and and be successful today there’s approximately 300,000 welders short across the united states and as TWS trains these students they will have an opportunity to go and get a good job anywhere they would like to go in the US because the demand is growing every day with the departure of of the older generation and we’re needing the younger people to back fill those positions and baby boomers are retiring and the need is there for these this caliber welders and TWS fulfilling that need and I’m very proud of that and i’m proud to be associated partner with TWS in that effort

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