Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the First Flame [Part 1]

Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the First Flame [Part 1]

If there is one thing to remember, it’s this: Fire fades, and it’s inevitable and natural for the world to return to dark. The future is dark, but it was not always this way. Let’s go back to where there was a flame. The Hero has made it to the Kiln, where the First Flame was found, thrived, faded and was kindled again. The Hero descends to kill the god who kindled that flame. This god is a shell now, a husk. He’s lost his kingdom, his knights, his wife, children, and friends. But even with nothing left, he sacrificed himself to keep the Dark at bay. This is the story of a man who fought against the inevitable. In the beginning, there were two planes of existence: There was the Above, and the Below. Above was grey, with Dragons who had existed forever. Nothing changed, nothing progressed and nothing lived or died. I think of the below as dark, although it probably was nothing of the sort. How can darkness exist without light ? But that was about to change, because when the Flame came, it created Disparity. Now there was Light and Dark, and the Light illuminated the creatures who were hiding. These creatures emerged to inspect the Flame, and these were the ones who would become known as Giants. For within the Flame was great power, and four Giants claimed this power. They claimed it, and it shaped them. Nito came to embody Death, the Witch of Izalith represented Life, Lord Gwyn stood for the Light and the Pygmy kept his Dark Soul a secret. Gwyn decreed that the Flame was more powerful than the grey existence up above, and the Giants declared war on the Dragons to claim the surface. Alas, the Dragons were immortal and many knights of Gwyn fell, but there was one Dragon who betrayed his own. Seath the Scaleless, born without the stone scales of immortality, told the Dragons’ weakness to Gwyn. The stone scales were the secret to their immortality, and the lightning was their weakness. So Gwyn and his knights fashioned bolts of lightning to peel apart their stone scales, Nito unleashed disease on their exposed flesh, and the Witch of Izalith and her followers used fire sorceries to burn their homes, the arch-trees, to ash. And the Dragons were no more. And so, the Age of Fire was born, and the Giants began their own story. But since this is a story about Light, it is also a story about Dark. For it is inevitable that one day, the Flame will fade, and only Dark will remain. Seath was granted three rewards: He received a piece of Gwyn’s Lord Soul, a dukedom in Gwyn’s kingdom, and his own research facility to discover immortality, something he never would have had with the Dragons around. The Age of Fire had changed the shape of the world. Gwyn’s kingdom grew during the Age of Fire, and the lands outside assumedly looked to Lordran as their capital city. Anor Londo was built close to the sun, and eventually smaller towns and cities grew to surround it. The Giants became the royalty and the gods, and Humanity spread, worshiping those more powerful than them. Gwyn himself had a wife whose name is not known, and by her, he had three children. His firstborn was the God of War, who formed the Warriors of Sunlight. However, he lost the annals, which were historical records. Gwyn decreed that his son would share the same fate, and all record of the firstborn was stripped from the land. Gwyn’s secondborn, Gwynevere, was well-loved with her own statues and covenant: The Princess’s Guard. The third of birth was Gwyndolin, who was born frail and deformed. He was raised as a daughter since he was proficient at moonlight magic, which is considered a female trait. His existence was hidden, and his covenant, the Blade of the Darkmoons, hunt down sinners and protect the illusion of power in Anor Londo. For hundreds of years, the Lords prospered. But everything ends. Locked away in his archives, Seath is desperately searching for the secret to immortality. The six-eyed channelers read for him, and search the world for test subjects. These test subjects are locked away in crystal golems for transportation back to the archives, where they become the subject of his experiments. At the base of the prison there are Pisacas, twisted monsters created from captured maidens. If you listen carefully, you can hear them crying. At some point, the knowledge in the archives sends Seath mad. It’s impossible to know whether he was insane before or after his experiments on the maidens. But one way or another, Gwyn turns a blind eye to the happenings in the archives. Perhaps it was this that led to the rebellion against the Gods. In the war against the Dragons, Lord Gwyn had a friend and compatriot named Havel the Rock, who was the sworn enemy of magic and Seath the Scaleless. After the war, Gwyn granted Seath dukedom and a part of his own soul. Perhaps Havel was bitter at Gwyn’s preference for Seath since he started to collect items capable of killing the Gods. Hidden in his basement in Anor Londo, there is an Occult club. Items of the Occult can kill the Gods, and are rightly feared. Havel was also a bishop of the Church, who knew the whereabouts of the Dark Ember. Lastly, the Effigy Shield states that there was once an ill-fated plot to destroy the Gods. Ill-fated, because the attempt failed. Among the royalty, there are rumors of a hero locked away in a stern cell by a dear friend. They say he was locked away for his own good, which led many to believe that the man inside had gone Hollow. Havel helped Gwyn win his throne, but met with the fate of the Undead and was kept in a cell so he could not harm others. That’s what they would have you believe. But what if Gwyn learned of Havel’s plan to kill the Gods? Perhaps Havel was not Hollow when he was locked away. Perhaps he was locked away for the good of the realm, and left Hollow in the middle of an area overrun by Hollows. Gwyn would have locked his friend away for the greater good, but was it the right thing to do? This marks the peak of the Age of Fire, and the Darkness is looming. Soon, Gwyn will need all the friends he can get.

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  1. Wtf are you telling me that the lords are giants? The same giants as the blacksmith of anor londo, sens fortress, gough or the ones in Dark souls II?????

  2. actually there pretty good hints, that the dear friend who locked him away could be leto drom the ringed city dlc

  3. if nobody here has thought about it. there are videos and many lore to support the idea that the "nameless king" in dark souls 3 is Gwyn's untitled banished son. banished for he had made an alliance with the dragons as to appose his father. stripped of his deity status and left to rot in the hole he dug.

  4. Locked away in an empty cell with no furniture, or anything for that matter yet he insisted on keeping his 300 pound armor on at all times… the guy was clearly mad to begin with.

  5. Gwyndolin's story made me cry, everything about her"him" is tragic. Definitely a story I can relate to.

  6. Does anyone remember the quote that somehow went like "Even the brightest Flame will fade" some Woman said that in Dark Souls.

  7. Vatti I hope you read this the creator of dark souls takes ideas out of stuff in the real world I believe for Gwyn izalith and nito he got them from Greek mythology as Gwyn = Zeus izalith=posiden I'll explain why if you talk back and nito=hades and that this explains more of the lore in dark souls please read and if you don't agree please tell me why

  8. Vaati im not sure if you'll ever see this but do you happen to have made a video about gwyndolin? If you have i cant find it and if you havent, please do! After the release of dark souls 3 im sure you have much more youd be able to add than there was in only the first one

  9. There is something that i do not understand now that i have played all 3 games and all the dlcs and is this, why is Gwyn Hollow? I mean, humans go hollow because the curse that Gwyn puts on them, the fire ring that is fueled by humanity and all that, but why Gwyn goes hollow, he is not a human so he can not have dark within him , after all he is the lord of sunlight, he does not have any part of the dark soul within him, he is a god and we can see that no other deity in the dark souls series go hollow (well the first born is hollow to but let us focus on Gwyn), some my think that he goes hollow because he burns himself to link the fire but that does not explain why he do not just you know burn and die after all it was a sacrifice and he is a lord and as we learn in dark souls 1 Gwyn was put into a coffin after he sacrifice himself where his son leave him a gift (another option is that the coffin was just a memorial with no corpse in it but even though, why he goes hollow?), so Gwyn became undead even though he is a lord of sunlight with no dark in him, get out of his coffin from Anor londo and move to the first kiln to await the next lord? I known that dark souls is very cryptic but now that the series is completed i see that many of the questions have at least a partial answer except this one.I think that a possibility is that Gwyn has a human part and that he cursed himself at the same time he cursed the humanity, and another is that he is a lord but in some way got tainted by the dark with the purpose of surviving the fire sacrifice and became immortal (lord or gods are immortal but they can be killed, cursed undeads can get back no matter what happens to them) even if that means that he became cursed with the humans. So what do you think of this?

  10. ……Both slashed and collided but with the help of grit and a fleeting flame the First Lord died. But the light started to fade and the ash gave up his mortal self to delay the enevidible. And so the Heir of Fire and the First Lord departed the realm as equals

  11. My question is why does Havel think an occult club is more useful at smashing in a god compared to his fucking dragon tooth surely that should be enough

  12. I think a good "description" of Gwyn's point of view of the fight between us and Gwyn would be:

    "Standing here, I realize
    You are just like me trying to make history
    But who's to judge, the right from wrong
    When I guard is down I think we'll both agree…
    That violence breeds violence
    But in the end it has to be this way!

    I carved my own path
    You follow your wrath
    But maybe were both the same
    The world has turned
    And so many have burned
    But nobody is to blame

    Yet staring across this barren wasted land
    I feel new life will be born
    Beneath the blood stained sand!"

  13. It's really amazing that this game has such a deep story, but if you don't pay attention and think about it, you'll miss out on it completely.

  14. Dark Souls So emo story, that suprises me. No matter what you did it only bring you suffer for everyone and everything vanish in the dark. But there is one little thing what is unexplained, but change everything into bull$%t. There is a grey, but SOMEHOW OUT OF NOWHERE it comes flame. There is no explanation how it does that. So if the flame can come out of blue, it is highly chance, that even if the dark swallows everything, then light comes ones again claiming half of the dark teritory. Or everything turns back to grey. ,,Darkness cannot live without light". Light is an energy and in physics the first law of thermodynamics says that the overall energy cannot rise nor vanish, only can change their form.

  15. Does anyone else hear the music from Majora's Mask when there's only six hours left until the moon crashes?

  16. I mean, Gwyn disowned his son for going to the wrong circle of friends, turned a blind eye to Seath's experiments, exiled Havel for taking issue with Seath's experiments, took all the dragonslaying cred for himself, and singlehandedly fucked over all of Humanity.

  17. Where there Giants before they claimed the Souls,or did the Souls made them Giants?They look frail at 1.07 one of them can't even stand right…

  18. Imo scales were not the cause of immortality, here is the reason why I think so:
    If the scales were reason of immortality, then how did the scaleless seath survived long enough to to get in touch with lords. One possible thing for that is, the death was created after the arrival of flame, which is kinda reasonable from the opening cutscene. Also in the opening scene we could see the gwyn's lightning spear peeling the stone scales of dragons ( also how did the gwyn obtain the lightning spear, there is nothing mentioned of lightning in openings.). In the very opening scene the betrayal of seath was mentioned after the lightning spear peeling the stone scale scene that implies seath betrayed his kind for reasons unknown and also he did not revealed the secret of dragons immortality.

    On a sidenote I LOVE your videos, they make me think 😀 keeep up the good work ^_^

  19. "How can darkness exist without light?" That's a good question… one they probably should've thought about when they decided that the First Flame (the source of Disparity) dying would cause an Age of Dark.

  20. Wtf is it with this game? I beat it 6 times when it first came out and i just beat it again 30 years later. I cant stop playing. Help me

  21. "Seath, you betrayed so good here a Castle. Also, you a Duke now."

  22. I want to jump into DSIII, but this is almost too much abstract information for me to take it all in and to make sense of. I feel I should understand at least the basics of the series before playing.

  23. Outer Space would like to have a word with you about darkness without light. Something about the absence of light, rather.

  24. Well i finished darksoul 3 and 2 and my final destination is darksouls 1 where everything started in the beginning

  25. It’s been long confirmed that the “loss of the annals” was a translation error. in fact Gwyn’s first born was rather wiped from those annals for his foolishness in fraternizing with dragons.

  26. Gwyn: Well boys we did it the dragons are no more.
    Seath the scaleless: *Cough*.
    Gwyn: except you of course. BOI .

  27. "How can darkness exist without light?"
    Well… Darkness is the absence of light, so it's very much possible. The universe is darkness, this is not emo or philosophical talking, the universe is dark by nature, there is light because of the sun, the planets, and orbitals that reflect its light. When is night, what do you see when there is no light? Only darkness.

  28. Thinking about it now….why would he sacrifice himself to keep the age of fire going ? We know he sacrified humans so that he could stay in power so for who did he sacrifice himself since his childrens were all made for a purpose too

  29. I thought Gwynn’s son “The god of war” was named Faaram. Or is there two gods of war? Because the nameless king is also suspected to be Gwyns son.

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