DA2 MiniMilitia The All New “HUNTER MODE” Gameplay

DA2 MiniMilitia The All New “HUNTER MODE” Gameplay

What is going on guys, welcome back to another
minimilitia video. So as the title suggests, im here with a gameplay
of a new mode that I just made up but which can be enjoyed by everyone of you. Yes this is not an in-game mode but its just
like it is. All you gotta do is make some arrangements. So this mode is basically a dual but you may
need a couple of extra players. Even one or two would be alright. Here I got 3 extra players. The dual will be against assassin here. As you guys can see he got same rank as me
but with better skill points. So this maybe tougher for me. By the way these extra players arent supposed
to do anything.. they shouldnt move from their position. They arent even allowed to touch their phones. All they should do is join the lobby and do
nothing. So basically both of us should get into a
same team and start killing these extra players. So at the end of the match, one of us with
the maximum kills is gonna win this challenge. I know killing un-armed players is too cheap
but believe me guys.. this challenge is so much fun that I even prefer it more than PUBG
once I started playing it.. so lets see how this match is gonna go.. by the way I will
be uploading another match on my second channel Multiplayer Gameplays on this same challenge. So pls make sure to check that one as well.. I will be leaving the link in the description
once that is out..

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  5. What is Your recorder and also I love all your videos:)and also are u that Deadpool that played CTF with John Wick[DMC] and RBB_MINIMILITIA

  6. Bhaya mini militia me koi online pe ate nehi too mini militia jesa kuch or kijiena lekin pubg or free fair jesa nehin

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