CYBORG überraschen dänische Metal-Szene!

*bleagh* Hello! Hello!! Well… we are currently on our way to Aalborg. Awesome! Becaue “Aalborg Rock & Metal” are over there celebrating there 2nd birthday. – Exactly, and we are planning a devious surprising visit. Because of that we organized an overnight accommodation. We hope she doesn’t give us away. So we catch these nice guys unawares. – We got along very well last time. Now we are crusing the autobahn. Just started the journey. Where are we? Somewhere A7, roadworks obviously. -What do you mean “where are we”? We are already in Schleswig-Holstein. – Terrific. From Hamburg the the north, to Schleswig-Holstein. Do you want to walk the distance? Takes a while. Well, we are prattling around again. You will definitly get to see a lot. A lot of autobahn. Some of us. And some beer. *Cybermacht intensifies* “Erotic Shop Video Cabin”… – Yep. – Here we go, I’d say. -Did you actually think, I’d drive to denmark now or what? We wanted to go to the “Scandinavian Park” organizing some tasty snacks to exchange some Euros into danish Krones elegantly. But they don’t do that! – In fact! – They got Euros, the got Krones. But pay with Euros they aren’t allowed to give the change in Krones. So we have to go on now – And simply pray for finding someplace for exchanging the currencies. – Maybe there will be someone more generous in Denmark. Let’s ride. Monetas! Whoa man! – The hell was that? -That was the biggest pothole of Denmark. Bro! – Gotta have it’s own name. We finnaly have Krones. Just passed the danish border. No exchange in Germany. But here… – people are more obliging. – Yes, cool folks. And now we are finally armed to pay for our beers and on goes the travel. See you around. Yo guys! Project “#ninja” goes to phase 2 We arrived in Aalborg and now we shall stroll to the party. See what’s going on. – Are you with us? Fuck, it’s cold! – Miserably cold. We boldly parked the car at “Platform 4”, because that we know. We will find that again. – At least we believe that. – German attitude: “It has always been this way. Don’t try to change our mind!” *chuckles* We will have to walk for 15min now. But we thought parking there is less stressfull than finding a parking lot you have to pay for. – No hussle. That’s always good. Instead we pay with low temperatures. I think we cannot judge the brightness of this idea until we take our way back. Hey, I’m getting used to it. Or I’ve just… died deep inside. – Yes, when you get used to it, you die inside. – Sports are murder, guys. – That’s our mentality. – When Peer hears about that, he snaps our knecks. Yo Micha, there is a T-crossroads! – Boy! – Oh boy, you were right! Boy! We are getting closer to the trusted location. For now we are just derping around and stroll along without a plan. See if we can find it. Sexy preparrrations! Well, let’s go. Actually pretty cozy place here. Ey, Cyborg People! *Danish excitement* Waddup, waddup! I like this place! We are back again. Ah,,, Meanwhile on german ground It’s still fucking cold. But yeah, it was one hell of a party. – Yes man. It was huuuge fun. – Seeing all those boys and girls again with whome we partied last year. Well. – It was awesome. – What else can we say? Hospitality to the max. Gave us a roof over the head. And this is how we were partying until 6 in the morning. – We went pretty late. Beforehand we had a really nice breaktfast, thanks a lot for that. Yes, thank you. It was pretty delicious. So by some time we started our way home. Late in the afternoon. We took a quick break at Mattis’ place. Our light technician in Flensburg. And now we are slowly crusing in the direction of Hamburg. Well, all that’s left to say is: It was an awesome evening. Thanks for that. – Yes, it was absolutely worth the surprise – The party was a blast We would love to come again. – Yes, indeed. You can leave it that way. – I can agree with that. – I think that’s it with our report. Project “#ninja” -It definitely worked out. For today we log out. And the moment we arrive at home, yeah, we make up for our sleep. – Yes. – So long! – Ciao.

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