Well really the first thing you need to do Is to actually identify where your spot welds
are And I’m kind of lucky here I’ve got one that’s kind of showing up You can see the little divot Right there at the tip of my finger And really the best way to find them Is really to take the paint off Kind of sand them down a little bit But really what you need to do is run your
finger Along here and you’ll feel Any little divot is likely a spot weld So, first thing is you’ve got to identify
them And it’s real easy Just use your finger And get down in there And find a little divot And that way you know that’s where a spot
weld is So lets move on to the next step Alright, and here’s my little spot weld
cutter It’s got a little kind of a guide pin Right here on the end But you can see that it’s not It’s really not that sharp I mean it used to be kind of sharp But it’s kind of worn down And it’s kind of loose I got mine at Harbor Freight It was probably like 5 bucks So, for 5 bucks You have got to get one of these things But anyway, this little tip is actually spring
loaded So we push down on it And you can see that it’s spring loaded
in there But, what you’ve got to do to start with You can, I’ve done it To just put this little pin right there In that little divot of the spot weld But when you actually start drilling It can start to walk off like a lot It will walk across your work If you’ve ever used an actual hole saw bit So what you need to do Is come in here with an 1/8” drill bit Drill yourself a little pilot area For that little tip to rest into And then, you don’t have to drill all the
way through You just drill it down Just to get it started And then you can come in with your Spot weld cutter And that little pilot hole Will help keep it centered Alright, so now I’m going to show you Kind of how we’re going to do this And I’ve got one little spot weld Right in this area that needs to come out And I’ve already got the little 1/8” Drill bit chucked up in the drill So now we’re just going to get started Let me try and determine exactly where the
center is So you don’t need to drill much Just a little spot for the spot weld cutter The tip of the spot weld cutter to rest into Alright, so now I’ve got the spot weld cutter
installed So you just center the tip Right down in that little hole you just made And you start out pushing lightly Drill speed kind of slow And just a light pressure There you go You saw how that separated It’s just that easy Alright, and when you’re done drilling them
out This is all you are really left with You’ve just got these little discs right
here And some of them are actually pretty, pretty
weak This one just came off as I was wire brushing Just using the old wire brush here To get some of this crud off And this little piece just kind of Fell off on it’s own So that’s good But the rest of them are kind of on there But that’s no big deal You just kind of come in here with your grinder Grind those down And you’re done So, hope this was informative and helpful And if you haven’t subscribed Please subscribe

23 thoughts on “CUTTING AND DRILLING SPOT WELDS | How To Use a Spot Weld Cutter

  1. Really enjoy you're videos and harbor freight reviews! Just bought the hvlp gun after watching your c1500 paint job haha

  2. Ive got one of these too. they work well but instead of drilling the hole, first i just use an 8 inch centre punch and punch the spot. It also keeps track so you dont end up missing one. Having the ability to turn the cutter sleeve around is also a bonus. good video.

  3. One thing, often the spot-welds are hard to drill in, so a high quality drill bit is a good thing. A good spring loaded center-punch could also be good for this

  4. I'm out there doing it right now taking front end off a 1995 Chevy van thick medal I'm using air drill and one of the harbor freight spot weld cutters what I've realized is the high speed drill is very important and then get a hole punch and a heavy hammer and punch out the weld works perfect .I can do this…

  5. nice vid, thanks. I used similar one 20 years back, just now seeing if its still available.

    Tip i figured out. If you drill right through both panels it gives a perfect hole to weld new panel through.

  6. In the event that you're replacing a firewall, and you've used a spot weld cutter for the donor car as well as the repairing car, can you just align the holes to the spots and just re-weld the spots? Or you'd have to cut the spots?

  7. I didn't get many welds drilled out before breaking off all the teeth on the Princess Auto version of this cutter. I used the punch method to locate it but still a tooth seemed to catch and throw it off centre. Bent the pin and after that the teeth just kept gradually breaking off. Maybe a better quality cutter is the way to go.

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