Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

it’s pretty sad that I have to start a
video off like this but there are like three people out there that just try to
really for everybody else this tool was given me by Eastwood and if you’re not
capable of making your own decisions on whether you need these tools or not
regardless of what I have to tell you I suggest you watch this video that being
said let me show you what I got fine so for most of you who watch the channel
on a regular basis you are familiar with the business er this is my shop top Fox
buddy hot rod than a building I deem the modern-day hot rod and I’m getting ready
to split the top on this thing so basically I’ve narrowed this thing 8
inches so thumbprint what you got taking your picture yeah so what I’m basically
done on this thing is I’ve narrowed 8 inches and I have to make the top match
and I think I’m gonna do with plasma oh yeah it takes your pictures and your
wave wave said hey hey geez so I’ve got a new tool from Eastwood that I want to
show you guys I’ve been kind of holding this back these are some things that
they’ve sent me that I really wanted to bring to you guys and this particular
tool that I’m going to show you today is going to help with splitting the top on
that so I got Canyon helping me today my special guest you can help me open the
boxes and show this thing to you ready wait hey look what’s over the box this
one’s looking stupid a set Jules yes
you got to open it but these got one too okay take the Flex pick up like this
take off through Jules all right man I love tools
what you all right so I know what you’re thinking
what kind of tool is that that’s just a working stand you use in a body shop
body panel standard I think goodies would call that a heavy-duty work stands
right pulls up I thought that is why is that so cool we all have one of those
right but that’s why what I’m about to show you is cool because everybody has
one of these so each one is basically developed these tables that go on top of
these they call their Wells and cut stand or welded cut tables I believes
what they’re called and these tables will go on top of these stands that you
already have that will allow you to make a classmate able or a welding table out
of these stands so let’s open up these other boxes and see see what they look
like see how they work all right so I basically just spared you
the boring myths of assembly in this top plate but all it is really two brackets
on the bottom that just bolts to this upper plate now this goes up into the
fifth I have taken the padding off and what I did is so I can still use it as a
body panel work stand I’ve just basically slit the bottom of it and so
when I need to I can just pop it back on over this so this piece is your weld
table and like I said this is a cut and weld station that they basically develop
around these stands that you probably already have and the way that that works
is one side of these attaches to this piece
the other side this basically sits on it so it’s got these little pieces that go
on the bottom just like that and so when you need to weld you can use this is a
welding table when you don’t need it slide right down out of the way and if
I’m not mistaken the cut table can also mount on here and it can easily be swung
up and mounted in place so you can go from cut to weld very fast let’s get
that one out of the box and check it out just like the weld table the cut table
also has the u-shaped brackets on either side one side mount the other side just
hangs and basically by just briefly looking at the instructions grab a rate
anything it looks like you might one of them on this side you mount the other
one on this side and that way they can swing out of the way of each other so
let’s try that all right so there you go there is the
cut section for plasma cutting you put your material on here you can plasma cut
through all these sparks and pieces fall through great cutting table and if this
thing works with great in theory as I think it will you can basically just
lift the section swing it down lift up to well detection
fly it over there you go you’ve got a well table and if you have a shop like
mine where you don’t have that much space you can take this piece hold it
down and guess what you can pack it up so stick it away somewhere until you
need to use it again I must say this is a phenomenal idea that I would have
never thought about definitely give Eastwood a thumbs up for coming up with
this it’s a pretty pretty nice tool matter of fact it’s actually even cooler
now that I get to use it it really really makes sense once you get your
hands on it versus just seeing it in the catalogue alright guys there you go the
cut and weld table by Eastwood you know this works I’m going to put some links
in the description go check them out see if it’s something you think you might
want as always i’m going to try to get you guys to support useful as much as i
can because they support the channel i think this is a great tool what wouldn’t
bring it to you if I didn’t so go check it out and I’ve got another one that I
might do tomorrow or the next day but it’s coming soon so stay tuned for that
you also don’t want to forget that Eastwood the gracious enough to offer
you guys free shipping on any orders over 50 bucks just use the coupon code
forums it’s not just on this it’s on anywhere that you might make with them
think they’re going to do that through the end of the year but maybe we can get
them to extend it as always thanks for joining me
I’ll see you got some more this week go do work son

100 thoughts on “Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

  1. Man im so glad you did this video. I literally was just looking at buying this today so i can cut out the pieces for the front bumper im building

  2. Man see if you can get the versa cut 40 cause im thinking about upgrading from my lotus plasma cutter. There arent to many videos out there for the cut 40 except for eastwood and i would really like your opinion on it. I recently bought their mig 175 and love it so far.

  3. I love the fact it folds up, Would go nice with the Eastwood Digital tig 200 we just got, thanks for the videos, my garage is loving it

  4. Sorry people always have to shit on other people's good deal, but keep doing what you're doing. I look forward to your videos every Friday. Keep it up and forget about the haters. Like you said before-if you didn't do anything to them, then their hate is just jealousy.

  5. Actually Eastwood has this welding/cutter work table as the Daily Deal today with 10% off and free shipping. It won't be long and your son will be in there wrenching with you! Great vid.

  6. My oldest son (9) is a car nut just like I am and its awesome! When he was about 5 years old we were driving down the road and I heard him yell "dad Subaru!" one of the proudest moments with him. Now he breaks his neck in the car every time an old hot rod or all around nice car goes by and my younger two are starting to get there as well. All three of my kiddos love being in the garage wrenching with me when we have time to be out there! Couldn't agree more its amazing having your kids enjoy your passion as much as you do. I can't wait to finally pickup my next project!

  7. You know what say about a bad apple (or three), but it isn't true here. They won't spoil this bunch. Keep doin' your thing, Kyle!👊 BTW, when I get a bad apple, I just throw that bish out.😜
    Your son is too cute and he's already a great addition to the shop.👶
    About the new items. Personally, I think it's a very innovative design to make those tabletops fit a basic stand that most shop guys already have.👏 There are some concerns about the stability, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you put them to work. Thanks as always for the great videos.🙏 Have a good one, Kyle!✌

  8. Can someone explain what the hell the first bit of the video is about? I'm beyond confused and the comments offered nothing??

  9. Its almost like you got your hand around my throat forcing me to buy this work stand from Eastwood. LOL Just make a new series of video's titled "Eastwood product reviews" (or some shit) and keep on keeping on as normal…. the tools you don't need or want, just do a give away's (bet your ass those "3 people" will enter into it bahaha). Not sure how anyone bitches about product reviews anyways… Eastwood could send me a finely polished terd and Id be happy. lol I also don't pay shit to watch your channel so what the hell is there to gripe about…. "some peoples kids". Again, you do you man… don't let the sob's have you second guessing >your< (not their's) direction… Peace!

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  11. Your son stole the show for a min lol. I hate negative people,on a solid note that table is so cool and I love Eastwood products.i have the tig 200 and the plasma and there both really good

  12. If you can't appreciate this man showing tools of different traids- thats just you not wanting to learn a damn thing- or not wanting to see a different brand than you got…. there's always gonna be a better/ newer tool…why not see it!

  13. Love the kid. He gave me a huge smile today! And I totally dig Eastwood for supporting you!
    I guess we'll see how sturdy it is, once he starts using it!
    Remember; You can't always have it all. The magic is using what you have. And Kyle does that big time!

    If you're a FridayFool and it works, you aint no fool!

  14. Heck yeah I like it perfect for small shops an who cares if it was give to you love your videos keep up the good work brother

  15. Great tool video as always. I think i might be getting me those. I have 2 of the stands and always put a piece of plywood on them to work off of. I end up getting grease all over it or burning it this would make my life soooo much easier.

  16. Tools!!!! Lol😂 my little girls always comes in the shop and says what you working on daddy? Do work son !

  17. your boy is a good fella, likes hanging out with Dad. i'm an Aussie, I like the family part of your garage as well 🙂 oh, and your pup was standing guard too,…awesome ! 🙂

  18. Dammit Eastwood. How am i ever supposed to get started on my f100 if i keep saving up for your products haha. Thanks for the video now i have something else i want to buy..

  19. HAHA awesome video – screw the haters…Free stuff, awesome kids and pups, cars, guns…dude your doing it!!! Keep it up!

  20. Congrats on breaking 150K !!
    Gonna be trolls and haters in a number that big. Shine 'em on, Boss !
    Your dedicated followers are who count any way in this venue.
    Really enjoy the inclusion of your family once in a while, makes you more human !!
    Keep on KEEPIN' ON, KYLE !!

  21. That is cool af. Another tool to add to the NEED list!!! Small shop problems. The struggle is real. @thefabforums

  22. Love your videos man. Although I'm tired of you showing me shit I need. LOL. Since you seem to have a connection at Eastwood. Why don't you get a hold of them and see what's holding up their new scroll air compressor? 😉 Maybe you can spur them into sending you one to review… 😉

  23. Ant tool you can use is a good tool. I put heavy stuff on my stand with no worries. Great helper, send him over I need all the help I can get.

  24. AMEN, Dumbasses ALWAYS show their stupid shit and try and make it bad for all. You couldn't make them all happy if you pumped sunshine up their asses. Love what you do Keep it coming and fuck the window licking fucktards

  25. Great video, even BETTER with the kiddo in it!
    I was that kid ,ALWAYS in the garage/shop with Pop… big smiles bro.
    As far as the table… i think it's a great idea, also think that with a little "fab" work … you can add some cross bracing to stabilize it if needed 😉😎

  26. The only real problem I see with it is I would use it a a work surface and eventually pile the top up with a bunch of crap. Then changing between the two would be a lesson in organization 😎.

  27. Another great video and valuable tool. Great to see you have someone you can truly be proud of to help you in the shop. Loved seeing your face light up. Please don't get disheartened by the "3". Your videos are always valuable and entertaining. Those 3 aren't worth you second guessing what you do. They aren't worth you wasting your time, energy and losing yor rhythm because of them. That's exactly what they want from their negative comments. You have more important things to focus on (especially your little helper). You have always been real and honest. If they choose not to see the value you bring, then it's their problem, please don't make it yours. It must have been years of hard work and sacrifice to get to where you are now and most of us are happy for you. Keep doing what you have been doing, it's real and from the heart. You really care about the people who watch you, and it shows through all your hard work. Really happy for you that a great company like Eastwood is supporting you and us. Hope more companies get on board. Thank you for sharing and hope the videos keep on coming.

  28. Love the idea for this on a mobile rig but not so much in a shop. Definitely good for easy storage and great vid.

  29. Probably make the table steadier by replacing the chains with rods or flats if needed, either table can be used elsewhere as well, weldtable looks as though stronghand tools will work on it.
    As for freebies, I'd rather watch a homeshop user demo a tool(s) than a company promo video and if they were not donated we would not get a homeuser lowdown on them.
    Keep doin wot ya doin.

  30. I hope im not too late. Cut the center sheetmetal of the roof out. Leaving the outer roof structure. Narrow. Then cut to fit roof. So you dont have a seam in the middle of the roof

  31. Cute kid, I LOLed more watching him.. your going to have your hands full in a few years!! (Between cars and girls). Believe me I know from experience.

  32. It is always a trade between building it portable or solid. I would rather have a big heavy weld table/cut table to work on. But it would still be nice to be able to get a car in my shop now and then as it seems to get smaller daily. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good to get something you can actually use. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your opinions and I don't have to agree with them for them to be helpful. You have enough fans that you can ignore a few hatters!

  33. The only reason I starting view is because the its friday fool was funny. After watching one full video I want to thank you for videos some of these tools I never know they made them.

  34. Can you ground your welder to this table? getting into tig after just doing mig for awhile and enjoying your vids

  35. This stand is so simple, clever and handy it's amazing that more companies haven't got one. Yes, it's a bit light duty but easy enough to beef up if you want to make it a bit more robust. I'll keep the design in mind.

  36. Hi Kyle, I'm not sure what happened, but THANK YOU for all of your help over the years. People like you have made it possible for disabled people to learn and be able to build things. I worked 40 hours a week and owned two internet businesses, but a car wreck gave me brain damage and I have not worked since 10/4/11. In the last two years I have built a shop and started tooling up to become a fabricator. I am building custom BBQs and sculptures and able to contribute a little to our home income now.
    When you lose your ability to work, it effects your manhood inside. I have been able to regain my dignity and feel good about myself again.
    Thank you.

  37. Wow! I’ve watched a ton of your vids and this one by far is the absolute COOLEST vid! Hey lil man!!! Please keep em coming bro. I’ve picked up a few tools suggested and I’m very happy with the purchases. Thanks for sharing brother! 🏁🏁

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  39. Man, at 48 I miss those days with my son, he's 18 now. Cherish every moment because they grow up fast. Thanks for the videos, love my Eastwood stuff as well.

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