Cut metal easily! – DIY Power hacksaw

Cut metal easily! – DIY Power hacksaw

Hi I’m Emiel, The Practical Engineer, and today I’m making this drill powered metal hacksaw To power the saw with my drill I need to convert rotary motion into linear motion. And I’m doing that by making an axle that fits onto my drill That has a point ,off-center, that moves like this. And when you connect an arm to it the saw will move with it like that. I’ll show you later Let’s start with the axle! These plates are going to be the frame of the whole mechanism. So the axle is going to be in here and the hinge for the saw arm is going in here as well I’ve screwed them together so when I drill these holes I know they are all similar in both plates. So the first thing I want to do is connect this to the base Than I can make the big arm for the saw, where it’s mounted on. And the drive arm for the saw So I have the parts for the saw arm made: There is this tube This is going to be the saw arm itself Then I have this bearing, that I printed, that will wil over here. To hold the saw like this. Then it will move forward and backwards to saw. Now I know it fits I’m going to take it apart shortly so I can paint the base of it. Make it look a bit nicer. So, now we have this all mounted I need to make the arm that connects the driving arm to the saw. And I’m going to make that from plywood. I also need to make a bushing for over here. where it can connect to. As you can see: it’s almost done. The only thing I need to do left is The clamp for it. And I have only one clamp so I want it to be removable. I’ve printed these small holders that fit in here. I think that when I screw it in really tight I can plan it on it will stay in place and when I’m not using it here I can take it off. It’s not super fast, but it’s faster than I can do It by hand. So that’s a win. Let’s try some other materials I’m really happy with how it turned out. It cuts faster than I can do by hand And also it cuts really straight. So if you are happy with this video as well let me know in the comments. Hit the subscribe button before you leave. And don’t forget:Dare to experiment and have fun creating! See you in the next video!

100 thoughts on “Cut metal easily! – DIY Power hacksaw

  1. I like this tool, and think that I must have in my workshop. Do you think make this for cutting in 45 degrees?

    greetings from Argentina

  2. Зачем эта дурь у меня в рекомендациях? Самая худщая идея из всех что я видел.

  3. 電動切断機、、、、普通に売ってるよ!、、、メリットが分からない?

  4. Случайно не русский? Поделка отличная 👍 , в хозяйстве нужная штука! Можно из привода дворников авто такой станочек сделать 🤔😉

  5. OK how Rube Goldberg of you!!!! You invented a device that has already been invented…….the reciprocating saw (Sawzall) will DO the SAME FLIPPIN' Job!!!! Next made you can "invent" a power file machine……ignoring they already make grinders!!!

  6. You are only using a third of the length of the hacksaw blade. Do you simply turn the blade around when one end gets too blunt?

  7. Станок должен пилить всем полотном, а не краем!!! The machine should saw the whole blade, not the edge!!!

  8. What is important here is the clever power hacksaw design, and the video to show us how it can be done, how you will do it is your problem.

  9. This is not totally honest, the pressure on the blade is off centre, which means it is going to make a banana shape cut. You also have problems with a longer stroke in that the blade "judders" and that at the furthest point there is much less weight on the blade than at the closest point. Why only show the final part of the cut? is it because it jumps all over the place when you start a new cut? The rocking motion of the saw indicates that this is not a practical design. Rather build a band saw, that will be much better.

  10. New sub because of this video! Loved it, building mine next week! I also have a diy fret press i made for making cigar box guitars. I love good old ingenuity! Nice bro!

  11. А есть какой ни будь забугорский доктор Дью? Если нет, прошу милости к нашему!

  12. Para realizar tu idea sale muy caro tengo que comprar un torno, una cierra, un taladro varia herramienta mejor lo compro ya hecho y de patente

  13. I would rather see how you built the time machine you used to go back to 1973 to record the elevator music you have playing.

  14. The Practical Engineer your channel is amazing with great content and this video is genius thanks for creating this you Rock…You have a great talent thanks for sharing it with the world and inspiring millions of people….I hope my talent show channel can reach nearly as many people one day like your channel does every day….Keep up the great work you do…..A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+

  15. The key benefit here is the clean STRAIGHT cuts you get vs sawing by hand,… the speed is also very nice, …

    Well done, very impressive…

  16. Guy I like this and you are good,I wish you more achievement so that you can make it more perfect and trust me I like all these type of technology and I will be the first set of your customers.

  17. That´s pretty cool. I will build my own hacksaw after watching your video. But much bigger and powered by electric engine. Greetings from Austria.

  18. Making use of a hacksaw enjoyable to use. This is a clever build/design and is fun to see how well it works. Maybe get a patent on it or watch as someone else does and robs you of your cool invention. Nice work!!!

  19. You are obviously a very clever and skilled engineer. This was a simple weekend project for you but I think with your ability and the excellent selection of power tools you own you could make a far superior powered hacksaw than the basic tool you have made. … if you wanted to, of course.

  20. Very great .. But I want to ask you something .. What if you made it with magnetic propulsion without using energy … ❤ I follow you from Egypt .. A young man like you

  21. All that tools and trouble just to make a more primitive tool. Just an opinion.

  22. Did you print the bearing sliding along the tube in nylon? I wonder if it won't melt/get deformed by friction. Great videos you have! Thanks

  23. Nice, I thik it could be faster by incrasing the race of cut, it could take adbentage of all the saw, by incrasing the lenght of the balck crank.

    and also a you could add two gears to incrase the torque this will allow it to cut bigger pieces and suport the load when you pill dow with your arm. And also protect your drill motor.

    . It would be necessary to place the part in the final part of the saw, otherway it will crash, just rotate it.

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