Crane implosion at Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans

15 thoughts on “Crane implosion at Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans

  1. This "plan" makes absolutely no sense….My career in construction management screams the total ignorance that went into this if it wasn't for some more nefarious purpose!

  2. going into any Kailas building is a gamble, they should look at ( all ) of Kailas prier construction and permits workmanship, Mohan Kailas tentacles reach a long way, a crime has been committed, there greed has coursed irreparable damage to the community

  3. It did not go as planned. I watched from a vantage point from across the river. The west crane not only lawn darted into the street so deep it ruptured a main city sewer line, it also whipped the boom over the street into other structures that also cut the street car lines.
    East crane is not down. It has been put into a state that the tower section could kick out into the theater. And the boom is hanging over canal street.

    Media has been told to put a positive spin on this. …. BULLSHIT!

    If " down" was the plan… they nailed it.
    Oh, dont worry about the sewer line, sewage and water board are on it. The same folks that could not find the fucking cars stuck in the sewage system after Katrina. It took the 12 years to figure that out.

  4. Stop talking about what you do not know. What you are looking at, is the part that is hook to the hotel. the top part fell to the street.

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