Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

Hi, we’re talking on copper foiling today
and we’re talking about our soldering iron. Specifically, right now I’d like to touch
on the different sizes of tips that you can use, because there are different tips for
different projects. For copper foiling you would use probably a smaller iron that you
would for your big leaded cane windows. And, your, the soldering iron you’re going to be
using for these projects is different than the soldering iron that you would use for
say, electrical projects, or even computer boards, so; you don’t want to get that confused
with one another. This is a brand new soldering iron in the package. This is how it would
come. This is the one that I would recommend; it’s about a hundred watts. That way you can
guarantee it’s not going to get really too hot, on you. Because they can get pretty hot.
There are different tips that are available, as you can see here. There are one-eighth,
three – sixteenths, a quarter, five-sixteenths, three- eighths, half and a pyramid tip. Your
smaller tips, will generally be used as I said for foiled projects or your lead panels
that are constructed with the smaller lead canes. And, then you will graduate up in your
soldering iron tip size as the size of your lead cane, is graduated up, in your project.
So, it depends really on your usage, Most of the tip sizes are interchangeable. You
can buy them separately as such. I have two different sizes here, this is a three-quarter,
or a three-eights inch and a smaller size here. So, they are interchangeable, you don’t
have to go out and buy a new iron every time you need a new tip. But, again a hundred watts
is pretty good to be starting out with, at this time, if you’re just now starting out
to work with stained glass.

3 thoughts on “Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

  1. Really?!!, glad this video was only 1:44 long. Should have known, this video is on expertvillage's channel. Not really sure what they are experts at. I guess it's making inane videos to waste peoples time.

    Why not actually recommend different tips for more specific applications, such as 7/32" foil vs another size?

    I'm just starting out at this and I have this iron with a 3/8" tip. This tip seems to large but I come from an electronics soldering background. I do like how the 3/8" tip holds a ball of solder and allows me to apply a bead to areas where it's difficult to get the iron and the solder wire together. I guess, with little help from this video that the 3/8" tip is the prefered size for the 7/32" foil I'm using.

    You could have gotten the point of this video across in about 4 seconds not 104.

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