Cooking With an IRON: BREAKFAST SANDWICH – Will It Work?

Hello my beautiful lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m going to be cooking with an iron. This is episode two. If you missed the first episode where I cooked a quesadilla I shall direct you to there and there and you can find the link to that video. So, today I’m going to attempt to make a breakfast sandwich using an iron and a bit of aluminum foil. So, theoretically you could do this in a dorm room, or in a hotel if you’re traveling, as long as, you know, you pack your foil and have the correct ingredients. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve thought it through and I don’t see why there could be any reason why this wouldn’t work — except the fact that it wouldn’t work — but let’s go ahead and try it. So I have my iron here heated up on high, and there’s no water in it, so there’s no steam setting. Okay, next I’m going to cook the bacon which I believe is going to take the longest. I highly recommend using heavy-duty foil — I love heavy-duty foil — it’s just stronger and you’re less likely to have leaks. One, two, and three. I’m going to try to avoid leaks by making a little….a seam here. So now I’ve made a little bacon pocket. And now we’re gonna apply the heat. This is on high. I’m just gonna set that… right on top. Can you hear that sizzle? 🎶 Gonna be bacon time! It’s gonna be bacon time! 🎶 All right. That sounds very promising. So I’m gonna let that sit on there for about three minutes, and then I’ll flip it, and then do the other side. So while that’s cooking, let’s prepare our egg. So again, we’re going to use our heavy-duty foil. Nice big sheet of foil there… To prevent sticking, I’m going to use a bit of butter. I’m just gonna use my fingers to kind of smear it around. I really don’t want to puncture this pocket at all, so I’m not going to use my knife. Okay, let me think how I’m going to do this. Um hmm…. Fold it in half first. Ooh, nice greasy marks. Okay, then I’m gonna fold this seam over. (*Singing*) Once, twice…. Maybe three times…. (*singing*) Three times a maybe…. (*still singing*) and I — Okay. Right! So now I’ve got a long strip — I’m gonna fold it several times on this side. All right, I’m gonna move my (ow!) iron to the other part of the bacon. (*Singing*) Hook that up like that! Ooh, I’m really smelling my bacon. It’s smelling good. All right. Let’s go back to the bacon real quick. I’m hearing lots of sizzling. I’m gonna flip it. Give some heat the other side. Whoa! I probably want to vent this a little. Press…. Back to the egg pocket: now here’s my egg. I think to make things easier I’m gonna crack it into a dish. I’m gonna scramble it up — just a little bit — break up the yolk. I’ve got my egg envelope — and now I’m gonna pour the scrambled egg mixture into here. Vwoop! Trying to keep the egg in one section. So there’s my little egg…packet. So I cooked both sides of the bacon about two minutes each; and I flipped it; and I did the other side two minutes; and I flipped it; and did another side two minutes. So probably a total cooking time of maybe about eight minutes or so? There it is. Lovely! Look at that bacon! That is some beautifully cooked bacon! Now I’m going to cook my egg packet. Because the two ends here are rolled up, it’s gonna elevate the iron a little bit, so it won’t squish out the egg. That’s a theory at least…. Let’s see how well it works. All right. Cook, egg, cook! This is very thin, so I’m thinking it’s gonna take maybe about three minutes or so. I really should have a timer on this, but… I don’t know. I’m sort of — I shouldn’t say I’m morally opposed to timers because I’m not — I’m just… lazy, I guess, ultimately. I’m starting to smell eggs, so I’m gonna call that done. And let’s take a peek. Oh, oh, oh! Wow! Look at that! That looks pretty stinkin’ good actually! There’s some actual carmelization there. Thanks butter! Now let’s make the actual sandwich. Two slices of bread. Again, we’re gonna use some butter. Flip these over. Now, if you have it, add some cheese. I don’t like too much cheese, but just enough to kind of ooze and get everything stuck together. Next I’m gonna add our egg. Oh yes, be-a-u-ti-ful! Okay. Bacon! Put this right on top. Press. This is still on? Okay. All right, be back in a couple of minutes, and then we’ll turn her over. All right. Next side. Let’s check on the sandwich. Can’t wait to eat this! All right, set that aside. Now I’m going to turn off the heat. Ohhh, yesss! Oh! Nope! Don’t stick to in my bread now! That is lovely! Oh, yeah…. So here is my beautiful bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Can’t wait to tuck in this thing. I love breakfast! Love it! It’s one of my favorite meals —
especially this kind of breakfast. I love ketchup with my potatoes and my eggs. I know some of you find this very repulsive and revolting, but I don’t, so I’m going to put some ketchup in my sandwich. The cheese is nice and melty. This is still nice and toasty. It’s a bit much… I’m gonna remove some of that. My other favorite breakfast condiment is Tabasco. (*Whipering*) Oh my goodness! YEs! Alright, let’s give that a go! Itadakimasu! Mm-hm. And this is scrumptious — especially since I made it using an iron. And feasibly this would be done in my hotel room. The bacon is crisp. My egg is cooked. I personally like my eggs a little less cooked, but I cook this in my hotel room so, whatever…. The cheese is melty. I do have to say one thing: because we wrap this up and we press the sandwich, the bread is a little bit soggy because it steamed all together. It did caramelize and get toasty, but it doesn’t have that nice crunch that I associate with toast because It’s all steamed together. Let’s taste the Tabasco version. Mmm, so good. This is my lunch — it’s delicious. Mm-hm. And that’s an absolute success — you can definitely cook a beautiful breakfast sandwich using an iron. Let me know in the comments if there are other things you’d like to see me cook with an iron, or if there other unconventional means of cooking that you’d like to see — let me know! And yeah, be sure to share this video with your friends and follow me on social media. And yeah, I’ll see you in my next one! Toodle-oo! Take care! Byeee! I think I might have TMJ. Is my jaw clicking? Or am I just a hypochondriac? No it’s definitely clicking. Alas…

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