Commercial Retail Metal Building Testimonial, Retail Steel Building

Yeah, the the name of the store here in Restoule is Jerry’s General Store. It was established in 1951 as a general store.
Before that it was a it was a lodge. As the years went on obviously the store
expanded, and now has gas, propane, a liquor agency. We sell groceries, camping
supplies to feed the Restoule provincial park, which gets about 50,000
visitors per summer. The building that we, that allied supplied us, is used for the
bottle return on one side and then we have a quite a bit of storage for the
hardware part of the store, as well as personal use. I guess we get the most
compliments on the fact that it’s clean. It’s got straight lines, it sort of
suits the property, it’s not cluttered. I love the building, I mean you’d have had
the seen the old building, to first of all understand why first of all, we
needed one, but it’s everything I wanted, it’s insulated, the price was good, it
looks good, we get lots of compliments from people that are coming here, so my
experience with Allied Steel was good. I still can’t believe how much
difference the price was compared to some of the competition. I was in
disbelief that the price could be as good as it was, and that I would be
getting really what I wanted, so in talking to a fella, last name Rodriquez
down there, got him to send me more information on the building and within
an hour and a half, committed to committed to the building because
he had sent me everything I needed and everything I wanted was there. The building came all in pieces, all holes are in the right place it was like putting the
Lego set together. Would I recommend Allied? yes I definitely, the biggest reason
for me is still always going to be price, but in looking back, the satisfaction
I got from the people that were at the other end of the phone, helping me
make the decision, and after we bought the building, in getting it here and the
whole package was good. There wasn’t the day that I didn’t call down there that I didn’t get a call back within 10-15 minutes if there was any
issues. No hesitation on their part at all to construct it the way we needed it. So I chose allied steel based on that. I still have a, I still can’t believe how much
difference the price was compared to some of the competition

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