Combining two large neodymium magnets including spacer

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  1. thanks for the suggestion about the pyramiwof little ball magnets. I love them they are fun to play with I like making sheets of the and then seeing what shapes i can create

  2. Have you ever made a mistake? Couple years ago I got the tips of my pinky and ring finger stuck between two rather large magnets while bulding an axial flux electric motor. it broke the bones and cause my fingernails to fall completely off. Getting the magnets off my fingers hurt more than getting them on.

  3. Ouch, ouch, ouch!
    Yes, I have made a small mistake myself. I broke one of my basic rules: never handle these when tired…
    I was going to bed and had to put two magnets together. The magnets were in two separate, small cardboard boxes filled with styrofoam around the magnets. One magnet flew out of the box and hit my fingers on the way to the other box with the other magnet. My fingers hurt for three days even though they never even were stuck between the magnets…

  4. Oh boy flying magnets are absolutely terrifying! About a year ago a series of capacitors accidentally dumped a massive amount of power into the 12 electromagnets in one of our motors. The strength of the magnetic pulse in turn resulted in the whole thing exploding while spinning at around 9000 rpms sending two 1.5 foot diameter disks (each disk contained 16 n45 magnets for a total of 32 pure magnets and 16 electromagnets ) flying at speeds well over 100mph. I have seen one too many accidents.

  5. Well that would only be if you just used two magnets to repel each other. If the magnet that was free to move was housed in a heavy copper pipe when it moved it would create it's own dampening/shock absorbing effect. Then affix a strong magnet/magnets around the outside of the pipe to where the the magnetic attraction would hold the suspension in a middle neutral position. I really want to try this now….

  6. My magnets are from (only European shipping) or eBay.
    magnet4less´com has a good selection at fair prices with international shipping (via slow sea freight though for big magnets – these magnets are difficult to send by airplane…).
    For the size and grade in this video you should expect around $60-70 + shipping for each magnet.

  7. Yes, but is it not obvious that neodymium magnets with large surfaces are very strong and people know they must not put them together without spacers??

  8. don't forget, NEVER put one magnet in each pocket, they will smash together faster than expected changing your life forever. Turning from a boy to… well it will smash apart sending shrapnal upwards inside you then quickly be drawn together again causing much damage then most of your gut will be dumped out loosing mush of the small intestant 

  9. Excellent video as i always say SAFETY FIRST IN ALL THINGS what purpose does it serve or is this an example of proper way to install a magnet into a project

  10. You could of used just vice open it up on both sides and stuck both mags on each side and slowly closed them together I tryed it it work great a lot less work then this

  11. And also, if the friction betwen the second magnet and wedge is to low it might be accelerated into your stomach 😀

  12. Instructions unclear got d… You know what, someone just call an ambulance… I can't reach my phone I'm pinned to the table… Oh god the pai…

  13. was there some sort of (disasterous) experiences that led to these safety steps? why don't way talk about those cool accidents?

  14. Did you manufacture these tools by yourself, I am looking for a guide and blueprints to make these wooden tools but no luck, very helpful video. 🙂

  15. I am so consistently disappointed with these Youtube videos that it just makes my day when I watch one that is so incredibly entertaining and informative as this, the biggest surprise is simply that I actually wrote a comment!! Thank you!

  16. I enjoyed this video very much. I have learned something new today about magnets I didn't know. I can understand you well with your Danish accent. Thank you. Blessings to all.

  17. How can wearing welding gloves make a difference to your safety? The two magnets will not wedge your hands, it will crush them. The force between the two magnets would be 2000 Kg more or less. 

  18. I got a small neodymium magnet from amazon and the por we is ridiculous. I think I will stick to my small magnet rather than risk epic hand breakage messing around with some of these big ones

    1) keep all credit cards and other like items (security badges for work or the pass for the gate at your apartment for instance) or risk losing the data on the MAGNETIC STRIP
    2) keep all computers, hard drives, monitors….really all electronic devices are good to keep a decent distance from these, or any magnets

  20. could you put links to some of the things in your videos if they are available to individual like the magnets/metals ect

  21. I can't believe there are people in the comments saying stuff like "Give me xx time of my life back." or "What is the point of this." They obvious have not handled large neodymium magnets before. I personally have a collection of neodymium magnets too with the biggest on having a diameter of 70mm and 60mm tall. I am extremely careful with that one and am nervous every time I use it. Having a 150mm magnet must be insane 🙂 This is such an informative video and is very well made. 

  22. Thank you very much for this video! I'm new to Nd and have had some issues…. and a couple smashed fingers. lol

  23. just bought my first 4 40mm long x 40mm wide x 10mm neodymium magnets. not sure what i was going to do with them yet,ha. have to build similar separation/combining tools like this for sure! Then I can think up some experiments.

  24. Very good video. Many people have no idea how dangerous these magnets are if not used properly. These are NOT toys. Thanks for helping all of to understand how to be safe with these very powerful magnets.

  25. Speaking of being unfit to handle large neodymium magnets… I'm never going close to a magnet that size! I have a small neodymium magnet in my finger, and I'd like it to stay there and not being ripped out o.o

  26. Why isn't it common for them to put a shock absorbent coating on the magnets? I have never seen that before but it seems pretty simple to put a "rubber-like" surface around the magnet. Thick enough to protect but easily thin enough to have all the magnetic effects.

  27. Great video, I'd like to direct your attention to a guy named theoria apophis here on YouTube, he's amazing and has published a book titled uncovering the hidden mysteries of magnetism. His real name is Ken wheeler,ninthinknyou would appreciate his work.

  28. Thanks for uploading this amazing videos, I haven't seen that many different elements in their pure state until I found your channel. Keep going!

  29. You europeans and your safety, you dutch in particular are almost as bad as those volvo making swiss. Just use a gun.

  30. It looks like you need to add a "handle" or "grip" (of proper material–of course) to the back of the wedge for pulling.

  31. Wow, having pinched myself a couple of times working with the little button-sized magnets, this video made me sweat even though it's about doing it right.

  32. Would you recommend putting a light coat of wax on the wedge to facilitate the magnet sliding over the wood? Or do you think it would be unnecessary?

  33. the strength of these magnets is terrifying. I hope I never need to handle one or go near one…. ever! (Still so cool to learn about and watch though)

  34. you should store them in a piece of PVC tubing so they don't slide apart if they happened to get dropped…just a thought…

  35. I'd love to get XX amount of time back, it's a nice jig, no complaints there. He just went wayyy to deep in explaining everything!!

  36. Try bolting two large magnets together at opposite polarity then compare dropping it with any other object. They supposedly will not drop at the same speed.

  37. Outstanding! You exercised the upmost care, preserving fingers and magnets. Magnets of that size are not to be taken lightly.

  38. I just got a set of n52 1" cubes, and they are very dangerous. I can't imagine messing with those monsters.

  39. Useful although not without risks (if you are not cautious video). The video gives you all necessary safety hints.

  40. what's going by with youtube theseday.. real and informational videos are taken down on a daily basis? Afterall google and youtube work for the big corps and they don't want certain secrets to be revealed to the public.

  41. I use these type of magnets, all these extra wood blockages is way over the top, unless youre an 80 lb. girl!

    Just hold the magnet from a reasonable height where theres no Push OR Pull than lower it slowly and just keep it aligned till it connects, E Z-P Z!!

    What is difficult, but possible is connecting same-polarities like North-to-North, but first epoxy gluing top of bottom magnet than having 4 6" -Clamps ready to clamp, 2 persons doing this part helps a lot, but I did it myself!!
    DONT expect a perfect flush alignment tho cause that is some SERIOUS POWERFUL FORCE concentrated in such a limited-space area, NOT EVEN THE STRONGEST MAN OR KUNG-FU GRIP CAN KEEP IT FLUSHED!!

  42. Your thoughfullness is appreciated. I guess this explains long range attraction -short range repulsion? Saw this counter intuitive behaviour demonstrated with no explanation in a video by eric laithwaite.

  43. Hee hee…I bought two large’ish N52 one inch square by 3 inches long (approx) magnets, the biggest on Amazon. Within minutes of playing with them…BAM! Both locked together in the blink of an eye….and totally unmovable by hand. Sadly got a tiny chip out of each, spoiling the perfect look. I will need to make a wooden former and tool to separate them. Together they are wickedly powerful. Not cheap mind…two are like 100 bucks! Seriously keep electronic devices at least two feet away!

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