Combining two different animals to make a new animal (again)

Combining two different animals to make a new animal (again)

OHMYGOD! What’s this? It’s… Uh… …Combining animals! Again… Number 2… It’s like… That one sequel… That nobody asked for and… Where they- (BLEEP) Uhm… Anyway, so… I’m drawing with… Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 And… a…uh… Wacom Intuos… Uh, like… It’s called like “Pen” or something, I don’t remember… I’ll put it on the screen So don’t ask me… DON’T! So, this-s… this is the second part… But… Don’t watch the first part! not very good… (BLEEP) (sucpicious breathing in the microphone) (BLEEP) But in the first part… People said like “Yo, I wanna do this challenge too, it seems like fun But where is this… Elusive… Uh… Animal list that you used in the video. So, I solved every problem the world has ever had… With… My own list of animals, OK? And I’m gonna put it in the description, so you can use it too. If you want to… It’s got pictures and everything… Okay, so Not every single animal ever is on this list because I tried to keep it to Animals- like, I took out animals that were kinda similar Just to keep it interesting If you don’t like that, if you’re like “oh no my favourite animal is missing” go make your own list ’cause this took a long time (disgruntled noise) also if you’re wondering “oh, uh, what if, what if I get a bear uh, what kind of bear does that mean could be any bear like a polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, gummy bear” you can just pick whichever kind of bear you wanna draw or you can just base it off the picture that I included so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open up Mr. and we’re gonna type in uh minimum 1, maximum 79- wait actually it’s 71 I’m sorry (1 hundred and) 71 generate a number so we got number 159 and we’re gonna go back to this and we’re gonna press CTRL F on the keyboard or CMD F if you like fruit and we’re gonna type in 159 uh let’s see what we got we got- we got a Titi ok so that’s the first animal and now we generate again, let’s generate another number 135 – next animal is a a Racoon so now we’re gonna combine a Titi and a Racoon ok let’s go (BEEP) uh let’s see what we can do here um ooo let’s use like, how the racoon has like these really “bushy” arms let’s do that okay I’ve just created the most adorable robber in the universe I can imagine this guy coming up to you and being like “gimmie all your money or I’ll cut you!” and you’re just like “awww” “here’s my wallet here’s my entire life savings you ‘lil rascal awww” (BEEP) okay next animal is oh, yeah (gasp) a CAT A CAT and I have to combine it with uh, a uh- a- a lobster (BEEP) I don’t even know where to start oh no cat lobster cat lobster hey Chip how was your weekend? oh ya know ehm cat lobster should I draw uh lobster legs or cat legs? I wonder what’s gonna look more fun how about… both..? (chuckle) actually I thought of something a little… little bit more… interesting so here’s a cat and here’s a lobster cat see it’s like a centaur I went to college for 3 years and studied art I know my teachers would be really proud of me right now I’m not gonna lie I actually kind of love this design (chuckles) I-I love him this is um this is my first time drawing a lobster I know it’s crazy… right? (reflection laughter) this is the best idea I ever had he’s so pure (sigh) guys I don’t know I can go on after that last one ok ehhhh a bat ok a bat and we have to fuse a bat with 61 eh oh ooo ooooo a firefly a bat and a firefly I can never do the first circle it’s only a sketch too I dunno why it has to be so perfect stop laughing at me! do bats have feet? yeah that’s a f- those are feet right? ok I didn’t talk much through this one because someone started vacuuming but ‘ere he is I just wanted to make something cute ok? and he’s freaking ADORABLE ok time to see who the next combination’s gonna be ah-uh ca- a camel? a camel a camel and? ooo a lemur a lemur and a camel ooh ok I’m honestly not too sure what I can do for this one well… when I don’t know what to do all I have to do is make it really… stupid also never drawn a lemur before but I’m also not sure if this counts as my first time lemurs are cool though I should draw them more

100 thoughts on “Combining two different animals to make a new animal (again)

  1. first one: Looks like a lemur, like a LOT.
    second: "wheres the elmers glue? put dinner on the cat, it'll be hilarious!"
    4th: What? I mean……… wHAT, LIKE WHYYYY OHHHHH. He looks like he's in so much pain……
    5: crying in corner, waving lit torch around in fear

  2. Tbh…….I think the cat likes lobster is just like a normal cat??it’s pinchy, I can hurt you, it has a tail……and it’s hella cute???

  3. I dubbed it the “Fantastic Chimera Project”. It’s where we get some of this, and mix it with some of that!
    -Pigmask Journal, MOTHER 3

  4. 6:16 idk why, but to me that just makes it look french.
    also 11:45 I mean what would you expect when NIGHTMARE FUEL was one of the things you had to base it off of.

  5. I am seriously confused. I'm not trying to be mean but i really don't know if chip's a woman or a very feminine guy

  6. 11:51 imagine you are a fish, you’re swimming around casually. All of a sudden you see this… thing swiftly swimming toward you with an almost snake-like motion. Not gonna lie, seeing that in the dark depths wouldn’t be very nice.

  7. So, I decided to do this myself, the link for the list didn’t work so I made my own short one (20 animals) and I got a dog, off to a good start but then the second one was a centipede…

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