Combining Multiple YouTube Channels under one Account [Video News]

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  1. Nice vid. Got any tips for people who don't have a home studio or a place they can record their videos regularly?

  2. It will be! I'm curious to see what the limitations of combining your channels together might be, though. Like, if one channel got a copyright strike, would that affect all the other ones that are linked to the same account? What about stuff like that?

  3. Broken for you too, eh? You just have to copy and paste in your full subscription link instead of typing in your channel under the "subscribe" drop-down like before. If you need the full subscription link URL, it's in the description text of this video. Just replace my channel name with yours in the URL.

  4. Sweet! I really hope it's helpful for you! Been crankin' on the sucker like crazy. (And by crazy I mean when I have time when I'm not working, with the family, or trying to tend to a newborn… which doesn't leave a lot of extra time right now.)

  5. Subscriptions mean nothing if the the viewers aren't coming back. The new YouTube redesign has ensured that they aren't. Views are dropping everywhere.

  6. Hi Tim, I saw the new channel design earlier this week and I like all the customisation features. It's a step in the right direction for me. With regard to having channels under one Google a/c I cant wait as I have them under separate accounts and its pain having to log into different accounts here and there. Looking forward to the ebook and Ill share with my "group" when it comes out.

  7. Sorry to disappoint you! Hopefully the video was clear that this feature is currently unavailable (thus I cannot show you how to do it), but that this feature is coming soon.

  8. Sorry if you felt misled. How would you suggest I better title it? I feel like if I said, "How to combine multiple channels…" that would easily be misleading, but just stating the subject matter of what I'm addressing, it doesn't seem misleading to me, unless someone comes to this video looking for the "how to" type of solution. Hmm… I'd appreciate hearing what you suggest. Thanks!

  9. I think I need a few more details to really get what's going on, but ultimately, yes, it appears that soon multiple YouTube accounts will be managed by a single Google account. When that will be, I don't know.

    That said, there might be some other solutions you could explore, too, but we'd have to sit down and talk through what you're doing, how your channels are connected, and all that kind of stuff.

  10. Since publishing this video, you can now connect your YouTube channel with a Google+ Page, which will disassociate your channel from your Google account and tie it to your G+ Page instead. It just gives your Google account admin rights over your channel along with anyone else who is set to be a manager of your G+ Page. This is a step toward combining multiple channels together and easy switching, although it's not fully here yet.

  11. How does this pertain to having an online alias and a personal alias and the security thereof?

    I would absolutely love to start my multi-channel plans asap, especially if they're all able to be managed from my personal account – but not at the risk of the alias becoming violated or at risk of personal securities being threatened.

  12. Hey Tim, Is there anyway of creating multiple youtube channels through one google account yet? I want to create a new channel mainly because I would like to use another username, but i don't want to lose my current account.. ideally i would just change the channel name if I was able to.. any suggestions?

  13. No, the only solution is to create a new Google account and use that to create a new YouTube account. The alternative is to link your current YouTube account to a G+ Page (if you have one established for your channel's "fans"), which will disconnect it from your current Google account, freeing it up for you to create another YouTube channel.

  14. This is effing infuriatingly stupid. Not your video, just this whole process. I created a google PAGE – for myself – and then switched my YouTube account to that PAGE. I *THOUGHT* the point was that I could then create numerous google PAGEs under the same GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT, and then link those pages to individual YouTube channels. But clearly NOT. *PULLING HAIR OUT*

  15. I think you're pretty close. You can create a YouTube channel under your Google account (NOT Google+ account… confusing, I know) and transfer it to a Google+ Page. At that point your Google account (NOT Google+ account) is freed up to create another YouTube channel. You can do that up to 3 times, if I'm not mistaken. That still doesn't really put all your channels under one account, though, because when it connects to a G+ Page it becomes it's own account that you have admin access to.

  16. Much respect for what you do BUT:
    I'm searching for a tutorial on How to Combine Multiple You Tube Channels (current title of this video. What I just watched was "Quick Synopsis of Recent YouTube Upgrades" (would've been a more appropriate title).

    YouTube accounts are connected to Google accounts. So as I shift to a new e-mail address, I want my old YouTube account, with it's videos and views, to come with me. Any tips?

  17. Thanks for the feedback, Lindsay. I titled it this way because "quick synopsis of recent Youtube upgrades" would apply to every Tuesday video I do. 🙂 Plus, I think I answered the question you're searching for by sharing how combining YouTube accounts is not yet possible to do. *shrugs*

    However, I think what you're asking is simply to change the email address associated with your YouTube account. If so, maybe this helps:

    Good luck!

  18. Tim, a little confused about multiple channels. I have 2 Gmail accounts and a YT account for each one of them. One is for personal use and the other is going to be for my online "stuff". My question is – how can I control both channels from my main Gmail account. Also, I have one Google+ account that is attached to my main or personal Gmail account. Ideally I would like my hangouts for my online stuff to show on my main Google+ plus page. Sorry for the long message but I'm so confused.

  19. The only way to do that is to connect your 2nd YouTube account to a G+ Page, which detaches is from your 2nd gmail account. Then make your main G+ account a manager of that G+ Page. At that point, you can use the "switch account" feature YouTube provides.

  20. Probably. See the video linked up in the description text of this video. It's a walkthrough video I created that will show you the step-by-step process of how YouTube accounts and Google+ works. You can now create multiple YouTube channels under one Google account.

  21. Tim, thanks for video as always. Learning stuff here 🙂
    I usually put a still picture at the beginning of my videos. I do notice that when it starts to play it is pix-elated. Do you know if this is something new from YT or am I doing something wrong? They show good on the computer after rendering 🙂

  22. Login to the channel you want to close and go here Click "Close channel" at the bottom.

  23. I just made a new youtube channel from my old youtube and I'm confused cause even though I have an icon, on my channel it shows a blue box thingy as the icon. I dont know how to get rid of it.

  24. Hi there,
    I was wondering, I would like to transfer my videos from one of my channels on to a new one without having to upload them all over again. Can that be done? Thanks

  25. Here too. Now I have two accounts – one me and the other a box icon. Channel subs are on the box one and not me … my normal account has been here since 2007 .. where the hack did the additional channel come from? Seems to be same email address … so I'm not getting it at all. Really bummed and too much work. May seek alternative video upload and sharing channel.

  26. Sometimes additional channels come when you setup a Google+ account under an email address that differs from the address that's linked to your YouTube account. Often you can just ignore the channel that's connected to your other address. Chances are you haven't actually set it up nor moved in with a channel URL and everything yet.

  27. Yes, that's what I do anyway. You only get one Adsense account per social security number, but can have multiple YouTube channels.

  28. When I log in, it asks me whether I want to log in under "Dude Panel" or under my Google email address. If I click the email address option, it sends me to a blank channel with no videos. If I click "Dude Panel" it sends me to my usual channel. I have two YouTube accounts under the same email address! How do I delete the blank one?

  29. Dude Panel is connected to a G+ Page that is owned by your gmail account. You can just ignore the "blank channel" under your gmail address now, or create a new one there if you'd like. There's no way to get rid of that "blank" one.

  30. I just made a new account for the same email, but when I try to upload to my new one from live movie maker, it uploads to my old channel, not my new one. PLZ HELP ME

  31. I've never used Windows Movie Maker, but it sounds like you need to update your YouTube login credentials inside Movie Maker somewhere.

  32. Can I delete one of these channels? I have two channels under this address and I'm only ever going to use one. How the hell do I delete the other?

  33. I just subbed. Great channel. I have a feeling I will be watching alot of your vids. Q? I have 2 channels now. 1 is kind of big and profitable and the other is new and totally different and small. Should I sign up for adsense and monitize my new channel and combine it with my big channel? Or am I risking possibly screwing up my big channel?(financially).

  34. There's no risk of connecting multiple channels to your Adsense account unless there's a higher chance that one of your channels will be flagged for copyright infringement. If that's the case, then yeah, I wouldn't connect it because a channel that's shut down for copyright issues will also shut down your Adsense account.

  35. Hi, just wondering if you would know anything about Adobe Premiere Elements and uploading to YouTube since the Google/YouTube merger. I've uploaded (through PE) a video but it's not appearing in my YT Video Manager list. I'm thinking that as my google & YouTube accounts are separate (I only upload to one username & keep my Google separate as much as possible) it may have gone to my "google" YT? HELP-it takes so long to upload nowadays. Thanks

  36. It sounds like you just need to verify you have the correct YouTube credentials saved in PE. If your YouTube account is connected to a G+ page instead of to your gmail account, then you may have to login as your page by using the "address" and a password you setup for the page under the page's settings.

  37. Thanks for the quick response! The problem is that my YT username is "ozegran" and my Google account name is my real name, BUT both have the same email address. So when I set my PE settings it has my email address for which both YT and Google are used. See my dilemma? I don't know how to merge the two accounts (if at all possible) without losing my 300+ videos 🙁 Wondering if I change my YouTube email address to a totally different one, would that help?
    Thanks again for your help

  38. Hi, thanks so much for your help. I logged out of my account within PE10, then authorized, and it came up with an option to choose which account I wanted to upload to – it worked! THANK YOU 🙂

  39. Just wondering.. I have two youtube channels.. one of which I don't use. I'm trying to delete one but am scared that the other will be deleted as well. What do I do?

  40. Dude, I've just started posting videos and I wanted to make a separate channel for some and another for others. At least I know it'c coming at some point. Although, do you know how to make someone a manager if you don't have the option? I've watched loads of videos and they all have the manager option but I go to the section where it should be and it's not. 

    Thanks anyways dude

  41. I had accidentally made two accounts and didn't even know it until after the fact. YouTube kept asking to make a screen name, in order to comment and when I finally did I ended up with two accounts. That was years back when I got my first Android phone. I wasn't all the videos I have on my other account to be on the one I use now. Anyway to do that?

  42. I am so confused. I have two youtube channels Yalonda24 and Yalondabraun. My primary is Yalonda24. They share the same email [email protected] My question is I am logged in Yalonda24 but when I log out to log into Yalondabraun which has the same email i cant log in. It thinks I am changing the password when I log into yalonda24. So how do I log into my Yalondabraun account? I am so frustrated! Please and thank you!!!!! Break down barney style!

  43. I just uploaded new video and got a big supprise.  YouTube took part of my gmail address and created another channel for me.  Now I have videos on two channels instead one.  Its very frustrating.   Does anybody know how to move video from one channel to another or how to go back to one channel?

  44. hi Tim
    my english is not that good so plz forgive it. I want to ask how could i merge my two channels into one from same account. The one am using contains videos and subscibers but the url is not good and the second one is empty but its url is useful. please help me out.

  45. Am trying to combine my main channel and vlogging channel in one account and thought this video was going to explain it .but nope

  46. You addressed everything except what your title described your video was about—-your video tells nothing about how you can combine YouTube channels under one account. Very misleading.

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