This is a combine. It is used to harvest crops. The head is mounted on the front of the combine
and is used to gather the crops. The combine combines several processes to
separate the grain from the crop material. There are different types of heads used for
different crops. Most common around here are corn heads for
corn. These separate the ear from the stalk. And grain tables or draper heads are used
for wheat and soybeans. Combines are probably one of the most important
and most expensive pieces of equipment on a grain farm. New combines can cost more than $500,000 but
used ones can vary a lot in price- from new price down to less then $50,000. This is all determined by age and hours of
use. Thank you for watching. Catch up with your favorite farmer during
harvest time and you might get a chance to ride along with them and see one in action
for yourself.

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