Combine multiple USB Flash drives into a single partition – How to Merge two USB drives

Combine multiple USB Flash drives into a single partition – How to Merge two USB drives

Dear Friends let’s suppose you have 2 USB Flash drives one is 8Gb and the other one is 16GB And you wanna copy a 20GB movie or game file from your friend So in That Situation How can we copy a file more than a USB Capacity ? So in today’s video we will show you How To Combine Multiple USB or Hard drives into one and not only increase there capacity but also increase there speed Hi Friends ! My Name is Masood Zafar You are watching Mz Learning So let’s get started For this Trick you can use any type (and size) of USB but for demonstrating we are using Two SanDisk ultra Flair USB 3.0 Both have same capacity 32 GB Company Claims this USB has 150Mb/S Read Speed So let’s put these two USB into the Mac Pro USB port After that Go to your Utilities Folder and Double Click on Disk Utility here below external you can see my both 32 , 32 GB USBs is Shown So let’s combine them Go to your file menu and click Raid Assistant make sure your Striped Raid 0 is selected here & Click Next Click (check Mark) both radio button in front of your USB & Click Next if you want Here you can give any name to your USB From Format Drop Down Menu if you want you can select Apple New file System APFS otherwise leave as it is & Click Next Button This Process will erase all of you existing data in USB so make sure have a back up No Problem my both USB Drives are empty so i click Create Button This process will take a bit of time, Depend on your USB speed after completion press done button Let’s close this Disk Utility windows Now you can see the New Combine USB Drive on your desktop is Ready to Use Let’s Check the Capacity Right click and press get info So you can see that its Capacity is 60.82GB now you can transfer any 60 GB file ( or Data) in this USB very easily So let’s check his speed now To check the speed we chose very popular software Blackmagic Disk Speed Test It’s available on your App Store and it’s free Click this gear Icon and Choose Your USB as a target Disk and Press this Speed Test Button You can see my USB read speed increased up to 328 Mb/S Before Combine its Speed was 150Mb/S if you like this video please support me by like this video and share this video with your friends and please don’t forget to subscribe my channel Thank you so much for watching

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  1. Salam brother , thanks for ur English translation great efforts.
    is that applicable for MAC products only or can do it on windows as well ?

  2. most indians have english title with the whole video in hindi, but this time theres a subtitle, thank you man for being a good indian

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