Combine Moisture Calibration – Harvest Checklist 6

The moisture calibration is done while harvesting
grain. We’ve already loaded our combine configuration, so the next step is to select an event and
load the run screen. Press Select Event. The Management Selection screen will appear.
Select the current growing season and grower and verify that the correct farm and field
are shown for where you’ll be harvesting. Then press the next arrow to continue. On the Product Select screen select what you
will be harvesting. In the example we are harvesting corn, so press the next arrow to
continue. If desired you can set up regions or variety
tracking, then press the check mark to continue. Now that we have selected an event we can load the run screen by pressing the run screen icon. To do the moisture calibration you only need
to harvest one load of grain. Use a handheld sampler to test 3 to 4 spots in the load and average
the moisture readings. For this example the load’s average moisture was 17.6%. Press the moisture button to enter this calibration.
The display moisture is currently showing 14.1%. Pressing the up arrow will increase
the moisture offset. Press the up arrow until the display matches your average moisture,
in this case 17.6%. You’ve now finished the moisture calibration.
Press the check mark to return to the run screen.

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