CNC Plasma Table Build Day Six (Paint & Testing)

CNC Plasma Table Build Day Six (Paint & Testing)

Day six out here in the shop Ive got the bottom of the water bed welded out I went to lowe’s this mornin’ and picked up some paint I also got the stuff I need to install the little ball valve that I was talkin’ about so I can drain and fill up the table I got the cold rolled steel rails here masked up with some blue painter’s tape and I went ahead and wrapped the masking underneath here everything else as far as I can tell can be painted So I’m gonna go ahead and get that knocked out right now. Then we’ll get that water bed set back up here and start weldin’ out those little angles and support slats Let’s get rollin’… Let me know if I missed a spot in the comments 🙂 The south eats metal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to paint everything quick or it will all turn to rust. sometimes my daughter hangs out with me in the shop That’s one of my favorite parts of working from home until she starts messing with my tools! I’ve now got two coats of paint on the table and two coats of paint on the bottom of the water bed. So now its time to flip it back over and get it loaded back up on this table (sigh) this fuckin’ thing is heavy I am not lookin’ forward to this. Use a C-Clamp as a handle on awkward pieces, it can give you a great handle to grab onto. Sooo, should we go get the hose and see if it holds water? Alright this is the real moment of truth. We’re gonna see if the water bed is water tight. See what we got goin’ on here Alright guys this water table just got welded out and I filled it up with a little bit of water right here So i can check and see if there’s any leaks anywhere and I am really really happy because there is no leaks so I don’t have to go back and reweld anything at this point since the table’s layin’ down it’s a basically gonna be an overhead weld where I gotta crawl underneath to fix it. Everything’s nice and dry down here. We’re lookin’ good so Now. I gotta figure out how I’m gonna get the water outta here. crap. Alright, well I need to get the water outta here, and I need to drill a hole, so I might as well drill a hole the closest to the door as possible Cuz i think there’s about to be a whole lotta water in here. So, wish me luck! Fuck that always hurts! Whole lotta good that thing did. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get in here and… GALOOSH Oh thank goodness! The concrete pad is so sloped it’s automatically draining out the front of the shop. See why I needed all the wood shims to get this sucker level when I was welding it up. alright so not as big of a deal as I thought. Now, I gotta figure out how to get these pieces, somethin’ like soOo over on that side and that chingaso on the other side. If only I was a plumber. Nah, fuck that I’m not a plumber.

4 thoughts on “CNC Plasma Table Build Day Six (Paint & Testing)

  1. your not a plumber ? man yes you are if you really get down to it man after that build you can do ANYTHING .once you put you mind into it . remember you were once not a welder…. but look at you now.

  2. Great work documenting everything for us. Never was a great build video on YouTube until yours. Starting to think I can do this.

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