China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

100 thoughts on “China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

  1. 1st world war no problem we still lived 2nd world war no problem we still lived but 3rd world war 3000 years later the new civilization will be talking about a mass nuclear war that was the cause of this civilization to be banished god bless humanity

  2. I though we were against stupid wars in the Middle East? It is awful that political calculations and stupid bravado leads our children to again die in the Middle East. This is the administration that turns a blind eye to the country that provide 9 of the terrorists who took down the twin towers.

  3. Trump want to go down in history he trying to be some big president Obama never do nothing like this peace is everything plus US want to advantage,thief and rule this country Truth is America won't like if another country watching what they do all the time America would want to fight so why they doing Iran this Trump out of timing

  4. I had a weird dream in 2018 that the eastern nations destroyed the west with WMD… weird how all of this tension awoke my dormant memory of that dream. I hope they chill out. Innocence lives are at stake.

  5. 1million bangka
    500 tikbalang
    200 mangkukulam
    600 aswang
    Etc. Will join in the battle if world war 3, start in the world
    Team Philippines.

  6. Puppet.haha.America please understand before it gets out of hands.the reason of ww1,ww2 was USA, I doubt USA might be the reason for ww3.

  7. Whenever i see girls and boys selling lanterns on the street ,
    I remember the child in a manger as he sleeps ,

  8. The USA has created a coalition of enemies and they are many. The EU is trying to keep the balance because they know inside of them are spark plugs. And it’s a ticking time bomb. So much conflict people can’t put aside their differences.

  9. It's been said that the road to hell is paved what's good intentions, I guess all roads do really lead to Damascus!
    The only thing I'm really sure of is the old adage, That who ever sters the pot usually ends up licking the spoon!!;)

  10. Us vs Iran china and russia, us will become dust, hope so iraq then syria and now iran, the warmongering us must be stoped

  11. omg why russia is go and join the war omg the fight just bieng so big …😤😤😤😤😖😖😖im filipino but i care what happend in us cuasse they are super cool and the iran do to war in them and theres a lot of filipini help on us

  12. News is never more out of context than now.

    Just a couple months ago, the US worked with Russia to have Russia agree to not sell advance missile defense systems to Iran.

  13. this is bad very bad. humans want peace we all feel pain and love. our president needs support and wisdom in this troubled times.

  14. Lol why should we worry we have the draft dodger in the WH that knows everything he's in love with putting and Kim Lol the joker in the WH

  15. For anything or anyone…i dont want any war or wars!! Let the world be peaceful plz. Or if u start it, end it yo side minus africa. Plz!!

  16. Australia PM , just made it clear of not entering the dangerous war , goodluck to trumphy the dumb bumb lol . From Asia alone Japan ,China,Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia ,South Korea and North Korea all not interested in Trump , is like pointing fingers like ; YOU !

  17. I sometimes wonder if Iran is not the Poland of modern times. But if it is, I know, our world could only emerge better than before. God speed.

  18. Lol, Americans Making Memes When They're Just Started A War Which They're Unlikely To Win 😅
    What Mentally Messed Up People They Are 😂

  19. this IS NOT SMART for iran to do LLMAO . Iran is ALMOST AT WAR with America and it starts " war games ' with 2 other countries ? WHY would 2 countries WANT "play" with country ALMOST AT WAR ? just , not SMART THING TO DO .

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