Chimney Liner Installation for Fireplace Insert Stainless Steel

The liner is down in here now, and we’re going to attach this A connector to it, the liner slips in between, and allows the creosote to run back into the stove, anyway, I’ll just show you that. Now, we might have to use crimpers on the Z Flex to get it to fit in there, into the A connector. We were able to get that liner down without the use of the cone, but sometimes this is a, you screw this to the liner, and drop the ball down, then you can pull from the bottom as well if it presents a problem. So we’ve got that liner in the chimney, and the reason we’re allowed to put a bare liner in, is because this already has a good flue liner, that we’ve cleaned out, so it doesn’t have creosote in it, and if you don’t, if you’ve just got bare bricks, you’d need to have an insulated liner in here. Check with your local code office though, building department or somebody, because they’ll want to have the final say, I suppose. We’re going to adjust until we get this part attached on the bottom, and then we’ll trim the top of this, a couple or three feet off this liner, and put the caps on. So, I rebuilt this firebox that fell apart, and now we’re good to go, to throw the insert back in. We’ve got the liner hanging in here, ready to rock, it should be good. So, there we are, all put together, back in. Very nice. So this is our chimney, finished off here, We’ve got our crown flashing here, and a regular flashing up there for the liner. This is called a storm collar, we’ve got a second storm collar on here, just to shed the rain off again, and we’ve actually added an extra top to this cap, because it’s, the cap was so small, so we added a little bit up here to stop the rain, from going down it, in case there was some horizontal rain as is usual, everywhere. There, nice chimney then. We left the liner a bit longer, for a bit extra draft, and also for, in case of changing them to a different unit. It gives a little bit extra play. Wonderful job. Chimney top. There’s that chimney, all nicely filled up with elastomeric coating. Liner in for the insert, fireplace insert, and that’s a done deal. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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