CBD Oil for Joint Pain, Arthritis Pain, Rheumatic Arthritis – Mum’s experience

10 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Joint Pain, Arthritis Pain, Rheumatic Arthritis – Mum’s experience

  1. In Canada medical CBD oil is extremely expensive. $40 for 15 doses. You can grow cbd hemp strains and make thousands of doses in a few months time. It’s absolutely disgusting how the government has to take their “share” making companies drive up prices. It’s a plant, and should be free to all.

  2. What brand i also can recommend is "extract labs", they have really clean stuff, also fair produced (they buy hemp from local farmers) and they upload the lab results for every new made batch directly available on the page of the product

    Just sayin 😀 cuz i have really good experience with em, they also have a great customer service no matter where u write em, if email or directly on their Instagram they answer u everything u want to know

  3. My grandmother has recently had a stroke, leaving her blind in the one eye, and I want to get her on cbd oil to help with the pain and other symptoms but it's hard to find where I live because cannabis has just been legalize, so there isn't a big market at the moment, hopefully soon tho.

  4. If I want to make my own cbd oil, which grade of isopropyl should I use? The ones I’ve seen online are 99.9% alcohol, but I don’t know which grade. Hope you can help.

  5. So schade dass ich das meiner mom nicht zeigen kann. Für meine OMA ihre atritis.
    Meine mom spricht kein English.
    Kannst du das original nochmal hochladen ? Bitte??

  6. Another great subject !! I live in Nova Scotia,Canada and fortunately we are a legalized nation ( thanks Mr.Trudeau ) so I can access cbd in it's purest form ( cbd isolate ). I have been preparing my own tinctures since legalization. I want to tell you that cbd has quite literally changed many lives around me in a positive way !! My sister has been suffering with Sciatic nerve damage for a lot of years. I made her a tincture
    ( ratio….1000mg cbd and 100 mg thc ) Now it should be noted that my sister does not like the psychoactive effects of thc so with that in mind I was able to prepare a tincture that was tailored to her needs. I m NOTa doctor nor do make any medical claims about cbd but I can assure you that by watching and listening to her feedback it is very obvious that it works. I personally take a 1 to 1 tincture ( 1000mg cbd and 1000mg thc ) every day now and my overall well being is amazing. I use the tincture for different implications than that of my sister ( chronic pain and fatigue as well as ptsd ) and as I stated previously my life and well being is the best it has been in years. If anyone reading this is considering cbd as a treatment or as an addition to their daily regime then take it from someone that has had nothing but positive results from cbd…. IT WORKS !!

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