Flames of War Plastic Panther / Jagdpanther.

Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and today I’m going to assemble these flames of war panthers and Jagdpanthers. This box of 15mm scale plastic models has enough parts to allow for both to be built. Kind of. On the back of the box we can see assembly instructions in the form of an exploded diagram […]

Painting a Flames of War Stuka [15mm]

Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and today I am going to be showing you how I painted this 15mm scale Flames of War junkers JU87 G better known as a stuka which, In my opinion one of the coolest looking and most iconic planes of world war 2. So I did start this video a […]

How to Repair Chevy Cruze Bumper Tabs

This is a polypropylene Chevy Sonic bumper, which features a mounting flange that is very common on today’s bumpers. The attachment is very thin and has a deep channel along the edge where it mates with the bumper. These flanges often rip when the bumper is being removed from the car. We’ll show you how […]

How To Merge PS3 PKG Files (For RPCS3)

1 7 Merge Sort Analysis 9 min

In this video, we’ll be giving a running time analysis of the merge sort algorithm. In particular, we’ll be substantiating the claim that the recursive divide and conquer merge sort algorithm is better, has better performance than simpler sorting algorithms that you might know, like insertion sort, selection sort, and bubble sort. So, in particular, […]

Rowan climate scientist leads research into Greenland ice melt

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet is off the charts today. What we found with our ice cores is that it’s melting today more than at any time within at least the last three and a half centuries, and probably, melting more today than any time in the last seven to eight thousand years. […]

Merge Sort in Python Programming | Program | Detailed Explanation

Hello guys and welcome to python programming tutorials by Amuls Academy. so in the previous tutorial we discussed about how we can sort list of numbers using merge sort algorithm. So today we will see the merge sort algorithm as well as we will write the program using this algorithm. so first we will see […]

SAS Tutorial | Merging Data Sets in SAS using SQL

Hey, everyone. My name’s Anna. I’m a technical trainer here at SAS, and today I’m going to be talking about merging data sets in SAS. So there’s a couple of ways to do this. You can use the DATA step merge, or you can use a PROC SQL join. Now, in this video we’re going […]

LibreOffice-Writer (87) Mail Merge Part1 – Create a data connection

the mail merge feature of LibreOffice is an easy way to create letters and envelopes to be mailed out to people that are on a calc spreadsheet database list there are three things we need to do a mail merge they are: 1) The Database in our case will be a list of names and […]

Merge Plane Gameplay #1 – NEW IDLE GAME! – Walkthrough Android – GPV247

hello everyone and welcome to the first part of my merge planes gameplay walkthrough series for the Android I’m of course gameplayvids 24/7 thank you very much for tuning in to today’s brand new series on the channel merge planes it’s gonna be interesting I cannot wait to give merge planes try I do your […]