Remove a broken bolt using a left handed drill bit

when you come across a broken ball lies you’ve got a few options for getting it out but one of the best ones if it works is to use a left-handed drill bit now normally you drilled in a clockwise direction and the problem with that is you’ve actually tie it in the ball top […]

Flute Moonshine Distiller from Mile Hi Distilling

Hey this is Mike at Mile Hi Distilling. I still want to show you my flute tower compared to my competitors tower right. Now I can’t say anything negative about my competitors so let’s you be the judge. Okay their both six play columns right here. Mine is sectional. You can run one section up […]

TR6 thermostatic expansion valve installations

[NARRATOR[ Installing the TR6 is quick and easy. [music] [music] Let’s take a look at a typical installation of a TR6 on an indoor A coil. First, pump down the refrigerant charge in the unit into the condenser or recovery cylinder. Next, disconnect the liquid line from the metering device and remove it from the […]

Precious Plastic – create things from plastic

Welcome to a new Precious Plastic video In the previous video, we learnt all about plastic, we built our own machines and we collected the material and now it’s time to create new things. So, first we are going to talk a little about different melting temperatures of the plastic. Then, we are gonna talk […]


Hey guys on this episode of Make It Real we’re building the resistance crossbow from half-life that’s right it shoots red-hot rebar this video is sponsored by next games which allowed us to build this awesome weapon for hunting the undead now obviously we’re gonna need quite a bit of steel for this project so […]

How to Paint the Wheels on your Car

Hey guys Chrisfix here and today. I’m going to show you how to paint your wheels in this video I’m going to be painting these steel wheels to make them look Amazing and to transform the look of this car because personally I don’t like the look of hubcaps Especially these hubcaps and under those […]

How To Apply Body Filler – Mixing, Spreading, Sanding & Tips – Part 2 of 3 – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

if I get on it too soon it’s going to load my paper I don’t necessarily want that but I want to find that magic window – I can I can really go to town and I can get this level and shape quickly and efficiently now it is going to continue to shrink somewhat […]

Remove Complexity With EZ-Set Technology

Setting parameters on welding equipment is a challenge today, because we have welders of different skill levels and a lot of advanced features that makes it a lot harder to set equipment up. EZ-Set on the new Deltweld helps with that, because if you don’t know where to set your wire feed speed or your […]

How to Replace The Flash Lamp And Air Filter On Your Rofin Laser

The flash lamp will be replaced every three to five years. Once you start to notice you have to increase the voltage to get the same results, this means the flash lamp is getting near the end of its usefulness. Take off the top panel with the provided allen wrench set. Be aware of the […]