Direct current inverter-type “robot mounted seam welder” – NASTOA WELDING TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.

Hello, It is NASTOA WELDING TECHNOLOGIES Co.,Ltd. It is a model seam welder mounted with a robot that we exhibited this time. It is the product which concentrated our inverter technologies. I attach two small transformers to a seam head. It operates simultaneously with one inverter control unit. Furthermore, we develop the control unit newly […]

*NEW* GEL Rust Remover: Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL

People are always excited to tell us how they’ve used Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath. They tell us about the parts they’ve soaked and how Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath has saved them time, money and effort on their rebuilds. Some ask the question, Can I wipe it on? Can I paint it on? Or […]

The Big Arctic Melt…

DR. JAMES OVERLAND>>…here at PMEL and those online. I thought I’d give my annual update on the Arctic, And the big takeaway this time is that we have quite a few observations that are outside the envelope of previous experience. And that’s a real science quandary. Is it an extreme, existing set of events and […]

Creating 360 panoramas for Facebook by merging multiple photos

So these are the images being used for the creation of 360 Panorama Now lets use the Photomerge feature of Photoshop Click browse and select all the pictures you’ve taken for this panoramic image Make sure to select the option “Blend Images Together” and Auto Layout will work with most images Wait for a while, […]

How to merge two videos using Quick time player in mac

Open the first video using quick time player After having started the first video .Click on edit>Add clip to end select the second video to merge with Click Done to finish Merging Now just have a look at merged videos.In the same way you can merge multiple videos by appending at the end Thank you

LIVE! Shiny Shadow Quilava on Colosseum after 3,562 SR’s!!! Unique GREEN flame!

Hello guys! What’s up? It’s the Underdog2020 here, and I’m bringing you an all-time new hunt, one-of-a-kind kind of thing for my 10k Subscriber special. As you can see here I’ve got Pokemon Colosseum on in the background and I am determined to get myself a shiny in this game. There’s a lot of rumors […]

Boolean Operators / Combining Terms

In this video, we’re going to discuss Boolean operators. What a Boolean operator is, is a fancy term for the way in which you combine terms together to build relationships. There are only three Boolean operators: And, Or, and Not. For the purposes of this video, we’re only going to concentrate on two, and that […]

【那些韓劇學不到的 EP4】ASTRO 아스트로|用 Blue Flame 學韓語表達 !|愛思美 에스미 aisimei

Hello Everyone, I’m Aisimei Welcome back to those you cannot learn from Korean dramas Did you guys like Blue Flame? I am going to talk about Astro’s new song today Before that, if you want to watch more of my videos, Please subscribe and like the videos And follow my Instagram! Let’s start with the […]